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Vancouver Theatre Sports League Presents: Pants on Fire

February 16, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
The Arts Centre
4335 Blackcomb Way
Arts Whistler


February 16 | 8pm | 19+ 



Q: What do you get when you take a hilarious improv comedy troupe, a game of truth or lies, and add infamous Whistler royalty, Princess Stephanie? A: Side-splitting comedy that’s sure to go sideways…fast.

Vancouver TheatreSports League is going to have their work cut out for them at Pants on Fire, February 16.

Pants on Fire is a uproarious, fast-paced improvised comedy show featuring special guests ready to get caught in a lie. The show features a host, a panel of TheatreSports players, and a special guest ‘Liar’. For the Whistler show, the ‘liar’ is played by notorious over-sharer, Princess Stephanie, herself. Each round, Princess Stephanie will present a fact about herself and the players must decide whether the fact is the truth or a lie. Along with the help of the show host and the lie-detecting senses of the audience, Vancouver TheatreSports League mainstage players will sleuth their way to the truth and see if they can outwit their guest. Once the players have separated the truth from the lies, they’ll improvise a series of sketches based on Princess Stephanie’s assuredly outrageous stories.

With the Vancouver TheatreSports team taking a magnifying glass to her life stories, how are Princess Stephanie’s fibbing skills you may ask? “I’m a Gemini, so I can go both ways. My pants are definitely on fire. Sometimes even I don’t know if I’m telling the truth or not. Everything gets a little blown out of proportion as you reach legend status in Whistler. Truth is sometimes exaggerated – you’re not really sure what’s true and what’s false.”

“What’s exciting about the show is that the audience is playing along just as much as the players,” says Brian Anderson with Vancouver TheatreSports. “The key to a good improv show is inspiration – true things that have happened to people are always the most entertaining, but we have a lot of fun with the lies as well.”

Founded in 1980 Vancouver TheatreSports League is Vancouver’s #1 improv comedy company, recognized for producing some of the most daring and innovative improv comedy anywhere. With a theatrical fusion of the dramatic elements of comedy and tragedy coupled with the enthusiasm and edge-of-your-seat excitement of professional sport, Vancouver TheatreSports performance of Pants on Fire will have you laughing so hard you’ll shoot beer out your nose. Boasting six International Improv Comedy Awards and starring in several television specials, Vancouver TheatreSports is a must see.

With Princess Stephanie on the mic, this is definitely a 19+ show. So kick the night off with drinks in the Gallery (you’re gonna need ‘em!), get the party started with live music from Poor Dirty Sylvia, and saddle up for an outrageous night of improv comedy. With a character larger than life, this night will be the stuff of Whistler legend. Don’t miss it.

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Princess Stephanie’s Bio:

Princess Stephanie (Reesor) is a real live mountain princess – the kind of mountain princess you see whooshing down the hill in a tutu and kitty ears, dancing in her ski boots on the bar at Merlin’s, and rocking out to She Stole My Beer at the GLC.

Originally from Quebec, Princess Stephanie seems to have lived a thousand lives before she landed in Whistler. She’s always had a big personality and was looking to turn that personality into a career by majoring in theatre at Brock University in St. Catherine’s, Ontario. Turns out she wasn’t a great actress. Go figure. Instead, she flitted off to Switzerland where she spent four years working in the music industry in production and lighting. Her love affair with the mountains brought her to Whistler in 1991.

Princess Stephanie knows she’s got it good. She wishes everyone could have her life. She’s been working with Whistler Blackcomb for 25 years, though admits she’s probably failed more instructor certification courses than just about anyone else in the country. But that doesn’t stop her from being one of the most requested instructors at Whistler Blackcomb. She knows it’s gotta be more about the fun of sliding down a mountain on a pair of sticks than the perfect turn.

These days you’ll likely run into her at Nester’s new juice bar, or at the Green Moustache sipping a “wheatgrass anything”. But when the sun goes down and She Stole My Beer hits the stage, all bets are off.

Princess Stephanie has a huge love for our little mountain town and hopes to be Citizen of the Year one day… though first, she has some parking tickets that likely need to be wiped clean.

In the meantime, she plans to travel somewhere sunny every fall, treasures her 20-year old son who lives in Vancouver, and is always the life of the party.

BONUS: Hey boys aged 25 to 40! She’s single. Age-appropriate men need not apply.

Poor Dirty Sylvia Bio:

Poor Dirty Sylvia founders Sean Rose and Susan Holden are joined by Art Barrientos for this special set. The group selected the songs to feature 3 part harmonies and creative guitar work. Art will be changing it up throughout the show from bass guitar to acoustic to compliment Sean’s leads and slide guitar work. The group is presenting a set mostly of original pieces in a variety of styles from folk, rock, jazz and country. To round out the set a few covers are included from the spiritual, soul and country genres.






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