Anonymous Art Show Artists 2020


Meet the artists who contributed to this year’s Anonymous Art Show

Arts Whistler is especially grateful to all the artists and creatives who donated their talents. We’re excited to see so many people creating art, especially art that helps us create more art! Their generous participation will help Arts Whistler offer diverse, accessible community programs and new equipment for the theatre.

Everyone who participates in the show gets a complimentary Arts Whistler Membership. We are pleased to welcome so many new members – check out our local artist profiles from our members in Whistler and the Sea to Sky. New members please be sure to submit your artist profile, so we can help promote your work throughout the year!


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(If you’re looking for your favourite artist, they are listed alphabetically by first name:

Adela S, @allthegoodthingsfrombc2019,
Akiko Takeuchi Akiko Takeuchi is a long time Whistler local who loves to create art no matter the medium. She has worked with stained glass, pottery, wood carving, knitting, sewing, and painting.
Alice Lambert Alice is a Graphic Designer who has been passionate about art since an early age. She likes creating abstract and mixed media paintings as well as drawing mandalas. Her inspiration comes from everyday objects – their shapes or patterns and the beautiful surroundings of the Sea to Sky. 
Alli van Gruen Alli van Gruen received her fine arts diploma from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Ontario. Colour and texture figure quite prominently in her paintings. Alli has lived in Whistler for more than 25 years with her husband and two adult children. Her days are filled with spending time with her family and friends, exploring the outdoors and looking for creative inspiration. Alli works from her studio in Whistler, BC. Her works can be found at Art Junction Gallery, Whistler and in many private collections across Canada., @allivangruenart
Allison Kehoe  
Alvand Mohtashami  
Alyssa Bruijns Alyssa Bruijns is a Canadian adventurer who brings stunning natural landscapes to the world of pen and ink through her work under the name Snowline Art. Clean lines, dotwork, and delicate details bring her passions to paper, focusing on themes such as environmental preservation, Canadian landscapes, wildlife, mountain sports, and mountain culture. Her home in Whistler inspires every inked creation, and she enjoys bringing her experiences living in this mountain town into the world of ink drawing using contrast, shading, geometric forms, and silhouettes.,
Amanda Storwick Amanda Storwick is a Squamish-based artist known for her work in mediums such as acrylics, pastels, charcoal, knitted yarn, and embroidery. Her art is a visual representation of her inner struggle between her perfectionism and her need to pour her unbridled creativity from the heart onto canvas. Her creations are a blend of careful planning and free execution. Amanda is drawn to create images that are visually dazzling, eye-catching, and meaningful. @amanda_storwick
Amanda Piche @suburbanbombshell
Anastasia Nicholas  
Andrea Mueller Andrea Mueller is a contemporary Canadian artist, painter and art instructor located in Whistler, British Columbia. She was voted Whistler’s favourite artist for 2018 and 2019, and 2018/2019 Whistler Blackcomb feature artist of the year. Her artwork has been collected by people around the world. Her paintings and mixed media work can be found in collections in Canada, the United States of America, Germany, Austria, Sweden, England, Australia, Russia and Japan., @andreamuellerart,
Anette Effe Effe has been living in the Pemberton/Whistler area for more than 20 years. She mostly uses acrylic on canvas but loves to experiment with different mediums. Effe attended the Victoria College of Art and Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She hopes to bring joy with her artwork to others. She can be reached at
Angela Marte Angela Marte is a flamboyant soul who’s inspired by light. She always sleep with a night light on.
Anna Lynch “British. Craft. Nerd. That’s right. Originally from the UK, born-again Canadian, I have had the pleasure to call Whistler home since 2010. Since moving across the pond I’ve explored many textile paths, from organising knit nights to selling knitwear at the local farmers market, and selling supplies and patterns online.”,
Anna Farrell Annie seemingly likes to crawl in bushes. If you ever find her in one please return to 3 Singing Birds.
Annabelle Gunner  
Anne-Cecile Boulais Anne-Cecile has been living in Vancouver for 10 years. When she’s not busy working in the film industry, you can find her on the road, on a hiking trail or on a lake paddle boarding. Her camera is never too far away. @ace4van
Annika Tse “I am a young Vancouver-based artist who enjoys experimenting with various mediums and painting styles. I believe that all artwork should either evoke an emotion or tell a story.”
Anona Mouse “Born in Hong Kong, I left for Whistler at the age of one and a half. I had my first Art Showing at the age of 5 at Millennium Place and again at age 7. I have been producing art in some form or another ever since. And now work as a full time artist in Vancouver and Whistler.”
Anonymous Air Just a couple gals tying knots and losing the plots. Here’s a poem we wrote: “Art is what we seek to make/ No rhyme or reason nor for our sake/ Odd, peculiar, that’s our way/ Normal never, we hope you say/ Year 2020 come at maaee!
Move over b****, I got something to say/ Our art is sweet , so buy it today/ Uze all lose if you walk away/ So sing it sistas, don’t hate, create, and please don’t ever procrastinate. Yo.”
Arne Gutmann Funny guy.
Audrey Lundie “I’m thankful to call Whistler my home and be part of the creative community here. I enjoy the inspiration of observing and painting the changing seasons in watercolour. The colours in nature—water, mountains, trees and snow—inspire me. Painting has given me the gift of truly observing my surroundings.”
Aurora Moore “I am an artist based in Pemberton. I create with a variety of mediums, but I nearly always come back to good old pen and ink! My art reflects my passion for nature and exploration. I’ve always been drawn to highly detailed botanical and research sketches that were popular among adventurers of old. I try to bring that same level of detail to my observations of life in the mountains. In this show, I’ve submitted two unusual pieces, born out of technical difficulties that forced me to expand my creative horizons, loosen up and experiment!”
Barrett Ritz “I am 7 years old and I like to draw and paint. I like to mix colours and make different designs.”
Bea Searle “I like to paint to be challenged, excited, focused, exasperated, frustrated—but never to relax!”
Bea Gonzalez Bea’s subject matter ranges from landscapes to portraits. The local mountains and lakes of the BC Sea to Sky country are a constant source of inspiration. She loves to hike and travel and is never without her camera, ready to capture the appeal of light, landscape and culture.
Ben Poechman Benjamin Jacob Poechman grew up in a family of eight on an organic egg farm in the foothills of southern Ontario. With big mountain dreams and a passion for snowboarding, he headed straight to Whistler, BC. After five years of working seasonally to fund his adventurous winter pursuits, he began to search for a better balance. His first discovery was a stone carving studio right here in Whistler. Ben started creating inukshuks for an art gallery over the summer, which led to full-time employment and eventually the skills he needed to create art harvested from his imagination., @peakplane
Bethany Palmer “As I draw on my immersive experiences for inspiration in daily life, the outdoors industry plays a huge part in my life pursuits, forging my direction in life and career. My forward momentum in the creative industries is in expanding my e-commerce and design abilities, lending my unique and dynamic vision to emerging and established platforms, and fostering talents through engagement with like-minded individuals and teams.”, @iamsnowblind
Bianca Duval  
Borgi Rayen  
Brad Broughton “Brad Broughton aka Garbage Bear. Check me out. Big ideas from little brains.”
Bridget Duckworth “I paint with friends once a week with a bottle of wine to encourage us to paint loosely. Fun times!”
bronwyn preece bronwyn preece is a multi-disciplinary eARThist, boundary-defying poetic pirate, author, and community-engaged, site-sensitive, improvisational performance artist living as a guest on the unceded, traditional territories of the Lil̓wat7úl and Skwxwúl7mesh Nations. she holds a phd in performance, is a mother, an avid hiker, has a bunch of tattoos and appreciates the unexpected!
Bryony Barnes-Tulk “I’m a British-born artist with a love of various media! I think Whistler inspires every artist, best in an art show like this that brings together so many of us. As a relative newcomer to Whistler, I’m super excited to be a part of the arts community!”, @bbtillustration,
Caillie Kania Callie Kania is a local, BC Canadian who loves the diversity of art.
Caitlin Anderson “I am just entering my journey of painting and excited to be a part of the Sea to Sky arts scene.”
Camila Castellon “I first started making art as family gifts. And now that I’ve woken my creative bug, I can’t stop experimenting with creative methods to make my pieces.”
Cara Burrow Cara Burrow was raised in Tsawwassen, BC and has lived in Whistler for eight years. She loves the outdoors and finds inspiration in the mountains and wildlife of the sea to sky corridor. She works mainly with ink and acrylic on canvas, wood, and paper.
Cara Yuill “Dabbling in painting, drawing, and crafting is an outlet for my creative side, which often gets left behind in the busy world of adulting these days. My art often depicts everyday objects with a touch of whimsy.”
Carol English “Born in England, I emigrated to Canada with my family in 2014. I work full-time in the massage and aesthetics industry. Having a passion for art, and being creative is a love of mine. My paintings express emotions with the use of colour and mixed media. I enjoy lots of activities available here in Canada and especially Whistler.”
Carolyn Jones “My art is a creative way to decorate and embellish any enhancement.”, @nailswithcarolyn,
Cary Campbell Lopes Born in Montreal, Cary grew up in Hong Kong and practiced as a Professional Graphic Designer. She met her Portuguese man and bought and moved to a windmill in Portugal working under the name of ‘Windmill Graphics’, then eventually came to Whistler. Now you can find Cary working with mixed media and costuming, wigs, makeup and bodyart for the event industry under the name of “Paintertainment”. @Crazy_hummingbird_lady, @paintertainment ,,
Cathy Jewett “I flunked travel sketching, but I’m hoping you like what I do for the Anonymous Art Show!”
Chanel Greenlaw Whistler local. Newbie painter. Just out here having fun playing and experimenting with the arts.
Chantelle Pellerin Chantelle Pellerin is a Whistler-based artist. Her love for animals and being in the wilderness are the main influences in her artwork. Pellerin derives much of her inspiration from animals and feels a definite need to protect them in any way she can. She aims to cultivate an interest in animals within her audience to spawn a sense of conservation and protection. @chantellepellerin_artist
Chantelle Matthews Sea to Sky-based snack enthusiast Chantelle has been honouring her indecisiveness for a lifetime. Originally a sportswear designer, she blends her enthusiasm for travel and creative learning with her recurring dependence on collecting art supplies. You will never see two of her artworks the same as she’s inept at committing to one discipline long enough to hone her skills, and her curiosity lends towards a collection of materials that are anxiety-inducing.
Charlotte Burford “I like the mountains because they make me feel small. They help me sort out what’s important in life.”
Charmaine Carpenter Charmaine in not afraid of colour.
Chelsea Constable “Hi artists and art lovers! I love fashion. I love design. I love the planet. I love recycling. I love being a mom.”
Cheryl Thomasson “Sadly, I abandoned art years ago after I was told, by people close to me, that it was a waste of time and money. I believed those people and lived with a missing part of myself for years. I’ve just begun to explore my artistic side again, and am thrilled to present this piece to the Anonymous show. The piece starts where I left off; it represents the completed version of a canvas I abandoned mid-project. Please join me to see what my future paintings reveal!”
Cheryl Roller Since moving to BC in 1981, the beauty of the mountains and water has left Cheryl a tourist forever, always searching for new scenes to paint. A passion for creating gives her a sense of inner peace, which balances the demands of today’s lifestyle. The expression of light and patterns capture her interest in painting local scenes, travel and leisure activities. Cheryl has been a member of the Richmond Artist Guild since 1985. Her works have been shown at FCA, Richmond Artist Guild, Gallery 1710, Purely Pastel, Artists Among Us, Doors Open, Finn Slough, Wellbrook Winery, Mikelson Festival and more.
Chris Bennett “I have been a painter since I was a child. I am also an experienced hiker and have explored trails all over the world with my wife Jenny, enjoying the unique landscapes of the countries we visited. Jenny and I moved to Squamish (BC, Canada) in 2016 to be near our children and grandchildren. We go out hiking in the magnificent local mountains. I paint from my home studio, working in oils and watercolours. My work is available for sale, exhibition and commission. Please contact me to visit my art studio, Climate for Change awareness through ART.”, @artbycob
Chrissy Sovak “Painting is a way for me to imitate the extravagant beauty that God has created for us to enjoy. I like to paint from photographs from places that I have been so blessed to travel to. When I paint, I am pulled deep into the place where I originally took the photograph. I can breathe in the fresh mountain air, feel the sun on my face, and hear the wind ins untamed dance. In that instance, it is a time of reflection and solace, peace and tranquillity, a moment with my Creator.”
Christina McColeman Endless inspiration living amongst the mountains!
Christine Bilodeau  
Christine Hruszycky “I had a crafts day with a friend 🙂 Now, can you keep this memory in a safe place.”
Christine Timm “My early experiences in drawing and painting were positive thanks to a great school teacher, but it was not something I took time to pursue after entering the workforce. I was turning 70 before I picked up a brush or pencil again. When Gretchen Frith started up Pemberton’s Shades of Grey Painting Group, she encouraged me to try my hand at drawing and painting. With her guidance and help I continue to enjoy the hours I am now able to spend painting and drawing both here in Pemberton and when travelling.”
Claire Buchar “Born and raised on this wild west coast, I live for the mountains, forests, freshwater, the ocean and all animals that I share this space with. Drawing from my surroundings is like drawing from my heart.”
Cléa Thomas “Hi all! I’m a 29-year-old French girl who loves art and science (well…rocks actually!). I studied film-making (in Sydney, OZ and Auckland, NZ) and film animation in Montreal. Then I took the dark path of science and got a master’s degree in geology. I’m now the mother of two adorable children (when they are asleep!) and loving the Pemberton lifestyle.”,
Coral Rose, @coralrosemusic,
Curtis Collins Curtis loves art, skiing, guacamole, curating, spaghetti and paddle boarding.
Dalton Crawford “Born and raised in Kitchener, ON, I moved to the Whistler three-and-a-half years ago. I’ve never had to do a bio, but I really enjoyed making these pieces and hope you enjoy them, too.”
Danielle Ortega The artist tells a story by using spiritual undertones and a dreamy atmosphere to capture the viewers’ eyes into imagination and wonder.
Darlene Miller “I am a local Squamish resident, love the people and the incredibly beautiful Sea to Sky area! We recently built a She Shed in our backyard, which has become my place to escape into the world of creativity using paint, canvas, colour, brushes and wood. I have always had a love relationship with colour, abstract and nature. For me creating art is an expression of one’s spirit, playfulness and beauty!”
Darryl Bowie Local artist, holds three jobs, not three houses.
Dave Petko Dave has been making art for a very long time and there appears to be no end in sight., @skull_boy
David Mahaler Landscape scenery from Lake Superior to the Pacific Coast. Remote and historical content.
Davin Peterson Evolution is inevitable; it’s like a black hole sun. Open global communications are good for everyone. Life evolves for millions of years, plants and plankton thrived in sunlight, animals ate plants, and larger animals ate these smaller creatures creating a food chain based around the sun. An old hive needs a new queen to survive. Plants produce flowers, bees make honey, and the cycle continues. Now earth hosts a new species of life that feeds off of electricity and sucks oil from the ground, spreading across planet cells pumped concrete recycled dust and steel. Whimsical reflection of evolution.,
Dawna Werbeski “For five years, my heart has been wrapped around Pebeo’s Fantasy selection of reactive resins. I can’t seem to step away from the instant gratification I feel through the unexpected outcomes. As I gain more control over paint, I see my art style begin to loosen. Only now, after many years and various experiments with how I want to express myself, do I see my fluent signature, rather than a tight restriction to detail. There is a distant call to go back to traditional canvas and acrylic, but what you see is what is actually happening in my studio.”,
Dayley Lim “I am inspired by nature. I love how art allows me to express my feelings without having to speak them or write them. I am a self-taught artist and have had my art shown at the Vancouver Public Library as part of the Coast Mental Health Art Project Roadshow, Vancouver’s Grunt Art Gallery and at The Arts Factory, as part of its post-it note show.”
Deirdre McNeill Deirdre is known for her “Shadow Paths.” These paintings reflect her deep love of colour and the natural environment. These paintings are held in collections locally and internationally. Shadow Paths have become her signature work. The deep contrast of light through the natural structure of the forest create deep contrast, colour and graphic design that catches and holds her eye. “A path is a place to wander, reflect and move forward to the light.” Deirdre lives and paints in Lions Bay, BC.
Devon Bosada  
Diane Hanna This award-winning Whistler photographer loves many aspects of photography, from headshots, portraits and landscapes to fantasy Avante-Garde collaborations.,
Diane Matheson “Life is too short not to paint. Art has always been part of my life. I like my paintings to take myself and viewers to someplace. I paint to be part of a painting. My work is strong in colour and texture. An impressionistic style influences me. I work mostly in oil but have worked in watercolour, acrylic and mix media. I paint based on my surroundings but manipulate my paintings into a feeling of somewhere I hope my viewers feel part of.”
Doerte Barker “I create washable paintings hand-drawn on personal clothing everywhere I go. Many of my friends are professional outdoor adventurers who are sponsored by clothing companies. Often, I will provide a custom graphic for a piece in exchange for up to five pieces of clothing, which I can then enhance with a custom design and sell. This is one way in which I can make my art sustainable and gain promotion through social media. Other clients pay me a commission fee in exchange for me creating unique WEARABLE ART. I live and create in Pemberton, BC. @doertebarker
Dorell Carlson “I paint for the joy it brings me and those for whom I do paintings.”
Doria Moodie Doria Moodie is a full-time artist based in Whistler, represented by Mountain Galleries in the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Banff, and Jasper. She specializes in large, intimate portraits of bears, particularly grizzlies, and she supports them by donating a percentage of sales to the Grizzly Bear Foundation and sitting on the foundation’s board. Doria also paints landscapes and people, especially groups of little children on the slopes., @doriamoodieartist,
Dylan DeGraff Whistler resident and photographer.
Dylan Pickersgill Whistler local. Avid art appreciator. Super fun to create. Abstract landscapes are what he’s most interested in.
Dylan Wolsky “I enjoy photographing the beauty of nature in its most breathtaking form.”
Edna Laffey “Harrah for the Anonymous Art Show! It’s a great way to participate quietly in the Whistler art scene.”
Eleanor Mitchell  
Elena Markelova “My artist’s journey began when my mom signed me up for art school when I was 10 years old. It was then that I realized that I had an unconditional love for watercolour. There is magic in the unique ability of the medium to produce exciting, interesting and sometimes unexpected, random ways to blend and mix colour. I find my inspiration in the beauty of city and nature, the power of the ocean and the enchanted life of the creatures that inhabit Canada. Enjoy my artwork, knowing I make it with all my love and soul!”, @elenamarkelova_art
Elena Whitman Elena moved to Squamish, BC, from Moscow, Russia, in November 2014. She has always been enchanted by local sceneries and started painting landscapes and beautiful nature scenes she encountered during her adventures. Recently, Elena started exploring the work of abstract painting, diving into the colourful world of subconscious expressions.
Ellen Heale “I am a mixed media artist living on the Sunshine Coast of BC. Architectural lines and the beauty of nature inspire me. Working with vibrant colours and textures, woven with collage elements, fuels my creativity and gives my art dimension. I paint by intuition, often using transfer techniques and found materials to create original, one-of-a-kind artworks. Under different light conditions, the paintings glimmer and shine to evoke feelings of movement and light, contrasted with depth of colour. Look for a hint of the unexpected to surprise and delight. I want you to feel inspired.” @elheale
Elzbieta Nowosielska “Originally I’m from Poland. I retired to Squamish from Ontario two years ago. I always loved to draw and paint. Now when I have time for it, I enjoy painting. Squamish, with its beautiful views close to gorgeous Whistler with its skiing, is the place be.”
Emily Karr Emily grew up in the natural scape of the Blue Mountains, Australia. In 2017, she completed her Honours (First Class) in Fine Arts at UNSW’s College of Art and Design. Emily works primarily in detailed pencil drawings, sculptural works and large outdoor installation pieces. She majored in SPI (sculpture, performance and installation). Emily works in response to personal experiences and is heavily influenced by changes in nature, demonstrating change and growth. She is inspired by tensions between the botanical and man-made worlds, with a strong interest in the intertwined fate of damaged botanical ecologies and humanity.
Emily Wood An accomplished 3rd flutist, Emily has dabbled in art for most of her life. As a young artist, she painted and painted until she had ruined all of her clothes. A pack of washable markers and recycled paper became her medium. This is her first painting since her youth, and none of her clothes were harmed. However, she will have to refinish the coffee table.
Francois Goris Born in L’isle-Adam near Paris, France, Frankie Goris studied culinary art, music (percussions) and beekeeping. He escaped city life 13 years ago to live in the peaceful mountains of BC’s coastal range—a radical change of lifestyle. Frankie’s first introduction to art was in Paris, Giverny and Auvers where impressionism took place in the 19th century. Influenced by Monet, Rothko, Kandinsky and Van Gogh, Frankie’s technique is self–taught. Using products from his beehives, he creates pieces that convey a feeling of warmth with a dramatic sense of motion by drawing simple curves, textured backgrounds and doodles.
Gail McKellar “Living in the Sea to Sky Corridor certainly provides inspiration to paint and photograph the beauty surrounding us. When you paint and photograph, you see the colours, shapes and beauty in the sweeping vistas and the tiniest details. The more I paint, the more I love it!”
Gavin Orpen Enjoying and discovering all that is art. Letting it happen. Being patient. Waiting for the feeling to come, and the circles to widen.
Grace Kerr “I’ve always been creative and loved art, but the beauty and lifestyle of Whistler have really encouraged me to dedicate time to creating art. I think I’m actually addicted to drawing! I love drawing figures while bringing some element of nature into my work.”
Graham Watts Graham Watts is a contemporary artist specializing in local cityscapes and the natural beauty of the Sea to Sky. The endless beauty of our natural environment provides countless possibilities for inspiration beyond the city. Being in the outdoors allows him to connect with himself, eliminating the distractions and noise of the city and helping in his creative process. Watts’ goal is to capture the spirit and emotion of a spectacular scene and enable the viewer to experience the artist’s journey. His paintings are created in vivid colour and display the energy he experiences., @grahamwatts.fineart,
Greg Cutten “I make art sometimes.”
Greg Thorup “YouTube taught me.”
Heather Lynskey  
Heidi Denessen Heidi is a full-time artist living with her artist husband and two sons in Pemberton, BC. She believes that this precious earth we collectively call home deserves our reverence, care and protection and her paintings strive to bring attention to the wonder and mystery of the natural places we all belong to. Heidi graduated with her BFA from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2000 and received her Teaching Certificate from SFU in 2003. She has worked as a high school art teacher and a professional artist and designer since then., @heiditheartist,
Helen Wojcik “My name is Helen. I am an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and using different mediums. I am currently creating what makes me happy. I hope you enjoy it as well!”,
Helen Moore Art is for everyone to enjoy.
Ignacia Munoz  
Imogen Osborne Imogen always has an idea for the next creative project floating around in her head. She enjoys incorporating mixed media elements into her art pieces and experimenting with different materials and mediums to create texture. Often diving in with a concept not knowing how the finished product will turn out, no two pieces are ever the same!
Irma Watt Irma Watt has been a member of Pemberton’s Shades of Grey Painting Group for the past five years, for the fun of the art and socializing.
Jalena Beaman Jalena Beaman is a young aspiring artist who enjoys crafting, creating and working with all types of art mediums. At the moment she really enjoys spray paint art and acrylic pours., @awesomejlynnscrafts
Jane MacPhail Jane was born in Denmark, raised in Vancouver and moved to Whistler in the mid-’70s. She has had a lifelong passion for the arts. In her first painting workshop, she discovered acrylics. Her creative experiences as a floral designer, retail buyer and merchandiser with interests in interior design and gardening, provide a good foundation for her artistic skills. Her inspiration comes from her travels throughout Scandinavia and Europe. Jane’s paintings are humble, simplified forms and suggest abstraction. She loves living in the mountains (Denmark has none!) and stays active riding her bike, skiing and hiking.
Janet Nietvelt “I started painting in July 2018, primarily indulging in my love of portraiture (although I have been branching out into some landscapes, cityscapes, and pet portraiture). This is the second year I have submitted a piece to this awesome show, and it is a wonderful way to get my work into the public sphere.”
Janet Ouchterlony “I enjoy creating. Every so often I share what I’ve created with an audience beyond those who are close to me.”
Jazmine Andrew “I am 13 years old and I love art! I enjoy drawing, painting, photography and also videography. I am inspired by the beautiful scenery of the Sea to Sky!”
Jennifer Barr “I am an illustrator and artist based in the mountains of British Columbia. I find inspiration through my daily life and how and we all interact with the world around us. I mainly use traditional materials such as acrylic, gouache and pastels.”, @frecklesandscribbles
Jenny Baker “Over the course of my life, art has emerged in different forms through simple crafts, a desire for comfortable and beautiful spaces, and, most recently, through mixed media. A concussion in 2014 forced my athletic side to take a break and provoked me to start taking art classes. Since then, I continue to flex my artistic muscles and am increasingly motivated to share my work with others.”
Jess Harrison “Using any and all items as tools to create what lies within your creative brain and your senses—this is how I portray life in the creative form.”
Jessica Baynton “I like birds. I like to paint. I wish I had more time to paint.”
Jessica Armstrong  
Justin LeRose Justin LeRose is a 20-year-old business student currently living in North Vancouver, attending Capilano University. He originally found his passion for art in a graphic design course while attending Whistler Secondary School. While living in Vancouver, Justin has also completed his bartending certification and has transferred some of his artistic abilities into crafting cocktails.
Kahlan Whitt Young artist striving to become well known and get into an art school.
Karen Love “My inspiration is the richness and beauty of nature at every scale and perspective. I paint the echoes of how we remember our time spent in nature. As a young girl, I first learned to draw from A.Y. Jackson, and later studied at Art Sake in Toronto, a studio/school run by 10 of Canada’s foremost contemporary painters of the ’80s. I continued my studies in glass and metal design at Sheridan College’s School of Craft and Design, later studying at Emily Carr and CapU. My entire working career has been in the visual arts and will continue.”
Karen Unger “My love for art started with photography at the age of 15, which saw me into college at the UCFV fine arts program, where I learned to work with other mediums. While photography is still my main form of visual expression, I paint something every now and then to see what comes out.”
Karen Yaremkewich Textile artist Karen Yaremkewich creates contemporary one-of-a-kind, handmade wearable art and eco-friendly home decor. Karen’s mixed media paper collage work is created with reclaimed materials and found objects. Born and raised in Squamish, Karen comes from generations of makers who raised their families in the ’30s and ’40s in Europe. Upcycling wasn’t a coined term then, but it would accurately describe their way of life. Yaremkewich is a full-time artist, seamstress and on-line store owner of Endure Upcycled Designs (on Etsy), where she shares her creative costumes and fanciful creations around the world., @enduredesigns,
Kasey Baynton Kasey Baynton is an archaeologist in the summer, a snowboard instructor at Whistler in the winter and an amateur artist in her free time. She enjoys painting old things in new colours. @kc.b_art
Kassandra Turmel Kassandra Turmel is an artist based in British Columbia, Canada. She works primarily with ink, watercolour, and resin to create abstract art pieces that are greatly inspired by Canadian landscapes. She is driven to create art as a homage to her family, and to submerge herself into the freedom of artistic expression. Her bright and playful abstract landscape pieces reflect the joy she feels to be connected to nature, art, and her family always., @kassandraturmelart,
Kate Entwistle Kate loves to create! She spends her time playing with form, colour and emotion. Kate spent four years at The University of Melbourne studying photography, creative writing and film. She is self-taught in sketching, pastels, watercolour and acrylic. Kate also loves telling stories and is working on her first novel.
Kate Heskett Kate loves to create! She spends her time playing with form, colour and emotion. Kate spent four years at The University of Melbourne studying photography, creative writing and film. She is self-taught in sketching, pastels, watercolour and acrylic. Kate also loves telling stories and is working on her first novel.
Katherine Devlin Katherine Devlin is fasinated by working with water, on water and in water.
Kathleen Tennock “Life is in the experiences we share with each other—living the dream!”, @kathleentennock
Kathryn Tidey “I was originally a member of Mountain Object Makers in Function Junction. After the studio was sold, I moved my studio to the South Cariboo at Watch Lake. My medium is clay, and I experiment with acrylics for fun.”
Katie Doe “I love bringing to life the magic and wonder of the earth through many cultures and colours—the unknown brought to my own interpretive visions.”
Katy Cameron Katy grew up in the BC mountains surrounded by nature, which continues to inspire her creative endeavors.
Kaylen McConnell “I like to binge-watch new series when inspiration is lacking. It is a great way to unwind after a day at work and immerse myself in new stories. The second season of HBO’s Little Big Lies inspires my artwork. Sand, surf and many unspeakable secrets take place in Monterey, California. I hope to continue this process of creating pieces from watching new programs or reading new novels that speak to me.”
Kelly Cosgrove “I’m constantly inspired by the amazing valleys and mountains we call home. Sometimes I wander on “photo safaris” (with good tunes on and a coffee at hand), and other times I’m lucky to have my camera on me when nature throws a little surprise with the weather, revealing yet another facet of itself.”
Kierstin Higgins When Kierstin Higgins was in Grade 7 at Myrtle Philip Community School in Whistler, BC, her teacher introduced the class to the graphic design program Photoshop. Kierstin made a few designs, showed them to some people, and everyone said, “Those are really good, you should try to sell them.” So she took her designs to a print shop, had them printed onto wood and began selling them at the Whistler Farmers Market. Today her collection has expanded and focuses on capturing the Whistler lifestyle, with an emphasis on nature and sport.
Kim Fournel Kim Fournel is a local who loves the beauty of the outdoors. Ski instructor, mother and wife are a few hats she likes to wears; the latest is artist (or at least someone playing with her creativity).
Kim Smith  
Kylie T Millar Kylie T Millar is an encaustic artist living in Pemberton, BC. The landscape surrounding her is a continuous source of inspiration. Working in encaustic has been an exciting challenge that has captivated her practice since discovering the medium in university. Kylie loves to teach and share her knowledge with others., @kylietmillar
Laura Kraut “Mom, it does not look like you did this. It looks like an artist did!” exclaimed my daughter. As a local, I was very much inspired by last year’s Anonymous Art Show. Professional artist, that I am not, though I knew entering this year would be a way to get creative, connect, and of course, support Arts Whistler. My true creativity lies in getting my hands dirty in my garden.
Laura Antonelli Laura is a graphic designer with a degree from the University of Buenos Aires. She discovered her passion for calligraphy during her early years of study. Her works have been featured in books and museums in Argentina, and she has won an international award in design. Besides being a calligraphy instructor, she creates calligraphic art, experimenting with letters as an art form, and it is then when the different strokes become the expression beyond the written word. @lauraantonelli,
Laura Rudderforth Art imitating life imitating art.
Laura Scarr Laura Scarr is a contemporary landscape painter. She is fascinated with the moments in photographs that have failed to capture reality—specifically where the excess of light distorts the colours and forms within an image to the point where reality is suggested but unclear. In these moments, beautiful colours blur and distort to create a veil over reality. Using the language of these distortions in her paintings allows her to create landscapes which, although visible, maintain their mysteries. Laura’s sense of true beauty lies in the quiet moments that allow us to contemplate and embrace the unknown.,
Lauren Perkins “Creating art with resin is a mindful practice, and it feels like a form of therapy. I use music to inspire the colours and shapes that appear on the canvas. Fluid art allows only partial control over the outcome, as the paint tends to do what it wants to. I love that you can never fully plan the final result; it’s always exciting to see what happens.”
Leanne Williams Whistler local who loves animals and paint.
Lee Schwartz Lee is a busy Mom of two in Whistler. She enjoys moving and loves the outdoors. Lee is exploring her creative side and searches out artistic opportunities for her family. She loves setting a plethora of art supplies on the dining table so her family can create masterpieces!
Lee James Abbott British multi-disciplined artist Lee James Abbott is best known for his abstract graphic art and work within the film industry. He has created a variety of movie posters, including the artwork for the film Alien Ore, a short celebrating the 40th anniversary of Ridley Scott’s iconic Alien. Lee’s love of poster art also extends to the music industry. After spending his youth creating gig posters, Lee was introduced to the medium of screenprinting, studying the print technique in London. He has been experimenting ever since, and recently created a bespoke print to celebrate the 11th Basscoast Electronic Music and Art Festival. @leejamesabbott
Leilah Sherback “I’ve pursued my interest in visual art by obtaining a BFA in art education and studio art from Concordia University in Montreal many years ago. This enabled me to create and facilitate children’s creative workshops in both Montreal and Whistler. Presently, I’m involved in “Urban Sketcher” gatherings, where people meet either in cafes, homes, or outside and sketch together. I also pursue both visual journaling using mixed media and calligraphy using pen and ink. I am a member of Whistler Quilting Guild and create and sew small items such as bags, clutches, and pouches.”
Leslie Oman Based in Vancouver, Leslie Oman, a busy corporate executive, brings joy into her life through figure skating, gardening, painting, and her beloved dog, Beanie. This artist has learned from, and been inspired by, some of BC and Canada’s best artists and is an avid collector. Toller Cranston, Michael Den Hertog, and Gordon Harrison have all influenced her painting. Leslie’s passion for painting has been reignited recently, and she has turned her focus to nature-inspired impressionist art in acrylic finished with resin.
Lila Wiseman Painting since 2019 on the west coast.
Lily Diamond “All of my work is inspired by the natural world mixed with a bit of the fantastical. I have been painting since I was 12 years old, and see my art as an extension of myself. My hope for my art is to share the spirit and beauty of the nature I grew up around, and in doing so, inspire others to protect this beauty.”
Linda Olmstead “I’ve been creating with fluid acrylics in my home studio in Squamish for two years and just recently had a private home gallery opening with 22 pieces in various sizes sold. So far, I have donated a portion of all sales to two organizations—BC Cancer Ride Share and U of C Lung Cancer Research. There is nothing more satisfying to me than watching paint dry!”
Lisa Severn In 2018, Lisa printed her first image for an entry in the Anonymous Art Show. In the show program, she made promises to print more of her work. Sadly, Lisa has printed just a few images since that time. No one is sure about what she’s waiting for. Although the tides could turn, she seems convinced of her status as a limited edition Anonymous Art Show artist. @tucanny
Lucilla Hargreaves Lucilla Hargreaves is an artist based in Vancouver and Whistler. She works in many different mediums, including painting, photography and fibre arts. She is currently working to develop her skills in acrylics, watercolours and sketching. Lucilla is very academic and would love to go to an amazing university ideally to study the way creative writing, art and photography mingle together. Lucilla is happy to be apart of the anonymous art show and can’t wait to participate in more art shows. She currently lives in Vancouver with her mom, cat and a cup of Earl Grey tea on the table.
Lydia Schwartz Lydia lives in Whistler with her family and pets. She is inspired by critters and nature. In 2018, she won the Arts Whistler Grade 7 Art Award. She has sold pieces at the Anonymous Art Show and the Teeny Tiny Art Show in Whistler and the Show Us Your Art Show on Granville Island. Lydia works with many mediums, including watercolour, acrylic, oil pastels, and clay, but her current favourite is painting with hot wax or encaustic art. Lydia took an encaustic workshop through Arts Whistler and has been experimenting with it ever since!
Madeleine Daviault “I’m Mady—Madeleine Daviault. I’m 10 years old and I live in Whistler. I like painting and drawing. It makes me feel relaxed and comfortable when I’m painting.”
Maeve O’Connell “Art is an ongoing, deep and personal exploration of myself. A visual diary of the journey I am on, capturing the feelings and experiences in that moment within the confinements of the canvas. Breathe In Creativity, Breathe Out Negativity.”, @merrymaeve,
Magdalena Saito
Marcelle Armatage Marcelle is a Whistler artist. Since her return to paintings and ceramics, her artwork continues to evolve consciously and unconsciously. Each idea, colour, line, form and pattern happens in its own time. She is fascinated with shapes, textures and contrasts. Her paintings consist of abstract geometric landscapes. She works with many layers of acrylic paint and mixed media, all adding to a textures surface.
Maria Andrew “I used to draw a lot as a kid, but in recent years have only been drawings for work using digital software for technical interior design elevations. I recently picked up some paint supplies to paint with my kids and discovered an occasional hobby, playing with lights, textures and balance. I love our local wildlife and the vibrant colours of our sky.”
Marie Leduc “After retiring from nursing and moving to Whistler, I developed an interest in art and started to paint. At first, I did watercolours then moved on to acrylics. Surprising myself with my new found creativity, I have enjoyed the last few years painting with the Shades of Grey Painting Group.”
Marilyn Angell Nomad the cat is/ Never old it gets / Walking in a magic forest / The golden dreams it lives in – Nomadic Cat
Marlowe Ritz Marlowe is 10 years old and lives in Whistler with her friends and family. She loves drawing and painting, especially cats and dogs. She loves the Anonymous Art Show and all the different art. She is creative and talented and has been drawing since she was born.
Martha Brain “I am just starting to make art again, and I thought this show would be a good opportunity to work within a set time frame. I am originally from Ontario, but I am in BC for a work term, and I am greatly enjoying my time here.”
Martin Bell “I was born in Yorkshire, England. After graduating from university as a sports technologist, I decided to travel the world. My passions include all things sport, cultural, outdoor life, and photography. I have photographed many places around the world, including Mount Everest, Ayers Rock and the Taj Mahal. I love capturing unique moments in time that are rare and true.”, @belly1504,
Mary Ann Collishaw Doing everything with love and humour. Hoping to make the world a better place through actions of all sizes.
Mary Louise Poirier Mary Magnolia has a passion for magic and fairytales. Her creative style is made up of sunshine, rainbows and sparkles. The way she expresses her emotions in paint is with vibrant colours and imagination. Born and raised among the mountains in British Columbia, she spends most of her time daydreaming. Mary lives for adventure and love. She enjoys painting, singing, playing guitar, skiing and travelling. Landscapes with a twist are her current flavour/subject, a mix of reality and fantasy.
Matty Richard International sensation Ricky Richardo. @mattyrichardo
Meagan Daley “I am Meagan. I draw. I create. I strive to create conceptual pieces that will continue to ask questions and draw the eye. Creativity is my key to happiness.”
Meg Browning Kiwi artist.
Michaela Ivancova (Machi Mela) Michaela Ivancova, also called Machi Mela, is a passionate artist that finds inspiration in nature and her own experiences. She focuses on depicting events from her personal life and her states of mind. Michaela is a graduate of Presov University in Slovakia, where she majored in fine arts. As part of her studies, she also attended Shenzhen University and Rzeszow University to get broader views of art scenes around the world. Coming to Whistler opened up many possibilities for her artistic visions. Mountains and animals became her new inspirations, which she depicts in various media., @machi_mela_art
Michelle Alexander “BC born and raised, it’s where I spend most of my days. Workin’ out maxin’, relaxin’ in pools. And creating some art outside cause it’s cool.”
Michelle Derrick “I am inspired to create textures that flow and ignite imagination. I seek to emulate emotions I experience in communing with nature, or similarly, reactions I have to certain senses such as sound and touch. As a rule, I use very few colours in my work so that the textural expressions created can speak for themselves.”
Michelle Headley “I’m a winter baby, so I’m drawn to snowy winter scenes.”
Michelle Ratcliffe “I’m a Whistler-raised local business and arts advocate. I get pretty jazzed about connecting people to nature through commercial and creative endeavours celebrating the great outdoors. I’m honoured to be your Chair of the Arts Whistler Board of Directors, General Manager at the Whistler Chamber of Commerce, and founder of Alpenglow Strategy. When it comes to artistic endeavours, my tool of choice is the written word, but thanks to the tutelage (and patience) of two talented Whistler painters, I had a marvellous time creating my anonymous piece. Hope you like it.”
Michiko Splinter “I was born and raised in Japan and moved to Canada in late 2004. I have liked painting since I was a small child. Inspired by our beautiful natural surroundings, I started painting landscapes here. Art is very important to me, and it is a passion I feel blessed to be able to pursue.”,
Mieke Prummel “I am a tree hugger and forest bather. I love playing with colours and textures.”
Mika Livingston Mika relishes the colour, beauty, and the wonder of nature. She strives to communicate this in her art. Mika is based in the Lower Mainland but enjoys spending time in the Gulf Islands, the mountains, and travelling the world seeking new landscapes.
Mike Beacham “No, I’m not 5, I’m 37, and this is my first painting ever.”
Miranda Mantle “I’m a graphic designer, artist and photographer living in Squamish, BC. I’ve been working full-time as a designer for the past 12 years, and when I’m not creating logos and marketing campaigns for small businesses, you can find me with a paintbrush or a camera in my hand. I’ve always had a love for art from the Impressionist era. I aspire to breathe new life into some of these more unknown works from the past.”
Nancy Routley “I have painted sporadically, probably two days a year, for 40 years. Very much an amateur.”
Natasha Plumridge Natasha Plumridge is a Canadian artist and art instructor currently located in Pemberton, BC. She grew up surrounded by animals and nature on a farm in Prince George, BC, where she discovered her love for painting several years ago. She is a self-taught artist creating colourful, vibrant paintings inspired by Canadian landscapes. Painting for her has become a journey of healing and self-discovery and a possibility to share art with others., @artbynatashalouise,
Neil Foster Neil Foster is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and toymaker with a true passion for the creative process. While Neil’s talent for corporate branding and design communication ensures he can create for the client needs, he’s also an avid artist and spends a great deal of time creating his artwork. His expertise includes building resin toys, painting, sculpting and ink illustrations., @fosterparenttoys
Nick Bainas “I love the feeling of getting outside, photographing a scene and reliving that experience every time you look at the images. It’s motivation to get out and explore new places, hang out with friends and make incredible memories.”
Nick Jung A little sarcasm has never killed anyone… Who is that exceptionally talented artist called Nick? Well, that is a good— no wait—it is a GREAT question! Do you really need to ask? Have you never heard of Nick? Part human, part god. He is a bit of the Hercules of modern times! Part Outdoor enthusiast, part nerd. The truth then? You will never really know who he is… Soooo: WATCH OUT! 😉
Nicola Church Nicola studied art for more than five years and graduated with a bachelor’s in Fine Art from Loughborough University. After changing careers, Nicola has begun to step back into artistic ventures and experiment with watercolours and Sharpie pens.
Nicole Pead  
Nicole Koshure Nicole’s pieces are inspired by finding art in nature and represent her time spent in the mountains and on the sea in coastal BC. Nicole grew up in Vancouver, where she was fortunate to have a passionate art teacher who fostered her creativity. While her love for the outdoors eventually led her to focus on the field of environmental science, art remains a creative outlet. After completing university, Nicole relocated to Whistler, where she currently works as a ski patroller, spending as much time as she can pursuing her other passion, exploring the coast mountains on skis., @nicolekoshure_art
Nikki Best A local hobby artist who loves re-purposing old to new, finding the light in the room, whether it is beautiful things, passionate people, or powerful places. Fresh perspectives through work, art, and growth.
Nina Moore Nina is an artist, teacher and mom living in Whistler since 2010. Nina “paints on people” as a professional face and body paint artist since 2007, but she also paints on canvas, paper, wood, and whatever else she can get her hands on. Using acrylics, watercolours, and her mixes of handmade, organic inks from berries, barks and natural materials, she heads up to her little art-cabin-studio in the woods on the far side of Nita Lake and creates to stay sane., @makesmoore
Nina Duval  
Olwen Kuiper Olwen Kuiper is a veteran Whistler ex-taxi driver who bought paint one day and worked in a mini sketchbook journal between trips. Now retired, he is currently painting in acrylics with a first love of water-colour and pen and ink. Images are a creation of daily daydreams and capturing a moment in time. @olwenkuiper
Ondrea Ross Local amateur artist experimenting with putting nature on canvas and seeing the world through different eyes.
Pat Garrow  
Paul Dorland  
Paul Johnson Not unfamiliar with painting being a decorator for 50 years, Paul is a self-taught artist from England. His first canvas was in oils in 1971, he has experimented with watercolours and acrylics and most recently loving the results with fluid art.
Paulo Lopes “I was born and grew up in Hong Kong and studied art in Australia before returning to HK. I met my wife Cary, had two daughters, and in 1999 moved to Whistler, wanting to get out of the rat race of HK and a better quality of life for our girls. For several years, I commuted between HK and Whistler, working as a graphic designer for the hotel industry in Asia. Twelve years ago, Cary and I started Paintertainment, the fusion of body art and costuming for special events.”
Petr Hanousek “I am just a guy that loves nature and photography. I like to take different angles to the beautiful world around us.”
Polek Rybczynski Polek enjoys seeing the complexity in simple things. His photography inspires one to live a meaningful life.
Polly Payne Polly’s art is distinctive and raw, with this being her first-ever attempt.
Poppy Attwell “I am currently living in Whistler, and am constantly inspired by beautiful British Columbia. My grandmother’s easel brings a smile to my face and has done so since I can remember. The look of serenity on her face is something I now understand to be complete fulfillment from doing something she loved. As far as I can recollect, art has had a large impact on my life and the development of my personality. My work often represents intimacy and vulnerability. I work in a transdisciplinary practice and tend not to specify any particular method.”
Rebecca MacKay Art is a cathartic hobby for Rebecca. She mostly sketches random and weird drawings but loves to experiment with various mediums. Finishing a piece is always exciting.
Rebecca Ritz Rebecca Ritz is a Whistler photographer who likes to shoot photos of peoples, places, and things. @rebeccaritzphoto
Rhianna Russell “I hope my art finds a way to make you smile.”
Roberta Horn “I have a love of the gestural abstraction energy of mark-making, tools and experimentation work in mixed media, acrylic, and oil.”
Robyn Forsyth On every surface of her home, there is an unfinished art piece of some medium or another, and the walls have managed to score a finished piece or two. Perpetually creating brings this artist as much joy as it does mess. Sometimes she even sings about it.
Ron Denessen Ron Denessen was born in Venlo, The Netherlands, and now resides in Pemberton, BC, with his wife and two sons. He is a fine art painter and carver and provides services in art installation and restoration. For more than 25 years, Ron has been creating artwork as well as providing art services for others. His work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions since graduating with a BFA from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC.
Ruby Bryan After graduating with a diploma in Fine Art and Photography in the UK, I set off to explore the beauty of the world. I travelled to different countries capturing moments in time as I went. In 2012, I found myself at home in Whistler, a place that provides a perfect environment for me to indulge in my passion for photography and art alongside my enthusiasm for outdoor adventure. My current media choice is photo-transfer, using my photography and an acrylic medium. The alluring imperfection of the transfer process, along with the complementing wood grain, makes each piece unique. @R.B.Photo_art
Ruth Barrow Ruth is a graphic designer and artist. From an early age, Ruth has had interest and passion for art and design. Since moving to Whistler from England in 2007, she has been inspired by the beauty of her local surroundings. She spends her free time drawing, painting, and experimenting with different mediums. Ruth has a degree in visual communication, specializing in graphic design and a background in fine art. In 2008, she founded Whistler Creative, a successful graphic and website design agency here in Whistler, and works for all local clients., @whiscreative
S J Whistler-based artist, SJ, reworks images she has photographed in the Sea to Sky using mixed media on panels to evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth in her work. She loves a good walk in the woods and making images that exude the colorful spirit innate in nature. She received her BFA for ECIAD in 2005.
Sally Childs “#*%! I just like to make things… and make people laugh.”,
Sally Binns Exploring beauty within imperfections. Inspired from nature using mixed media, painting and embroidery techniques.
Samuel Germain Newfound artist inspired by the seasonal life of living and working in Whistler.
Sarah M Sutton “I was inspired to paint by having sat as a model for an art group in Ontario. Being impressed with their work, I decided to teach myself oil painting. Since, I have painted in watercolour and have sold a few framed paintings at a local charity art show. Now, having joined the Shades of Grey Painting Group in Pemberton, I paint in acrylics. My ideas come from the beautiful countryside we live in.”
Scott LeBoldus Local artist living his dream life and bringing art into peoples lives.
Seamus Russell “I’m 5 years old. My art is never over thought, it’s exactly how I want it to be.”
Sebastian Munoz Originally from South America, Sebastian arrived in Whistler in 2018, drawn by his interest in outdoor activities such as backcountry skiing/spliboarding and mountain biking. This is Sebastian’s second year in a row participating in the Anonymous Art Show.,
Sharon Audley “I love getting outside and capturing where we live, then having a little fun with the photos.”
Shayleen Bain “The natural beauty of Whistler always inspires me. Born and raised in BC, I have always found joy in both nature and art. Painting is my small way of celebrating this wonderful place I get to call home.”
Sherry Klassen Sherry Violette Klassen is an emerging artist who paints in acrylic. She is inspired by all things West Coast, in particular birds and animals. She chooses to paint images that bring a bit of happiness or humour to add a little joy to the world. She has had several pieces that have exhibited and sold at different events and galleries including Art Vancouver, For the Love of Art & Animal Love, Roam Gallery, Art Party (Seymour Art Gallery), Art World Expo (Vancouver), Anonymous Art Show (North Van) Art Scene Uncovered, and The Anonymous Art Show (Arts Whistler).
Siobhan Allen “Living my life vicariously through my lens.”
Stacey Bodnaruk Stacey Bodnaruk is a Whistler-based artist and photographer who has combined a passion for the Pacific Coast with her artwork. Her fine art photography pieces expertly blend multiple layers of original photos, which are harmoniously intertwined to create a dream-like story. Her approach—which she terms “artography”—layers and fuses anywhere from three to 10 photos to create vibrant, one-of-a-kind artworks that would never be achieved from one photo alone. Her work can be seen at various locations throughout BC. Although she has a strong local following, her artwork is also sold and collected internationally., @artography27,
Stacey Murl “I’ve had an interest painting since I was a teenager. Over the years, I tried various art forms but came back to painting with my first Art on the Lake Workshop in watercolours. I took some more workshops and then changed to acrylics. I paint at least once a week with the Shades of Grey Painting Group. I am always keen to try new techniques and new subjects. Painting, for me, is an ongoing learning experience that I hope to be able to do for years to come.”
Stella Schwartz Stella Schwartz resides in Whistler with her family. Stella loves the colours of nature around Whistler, but she is truly inspired by a fresh palette, like a new box of crayons! Stella has painted all of her life. She started with baby food and progressed to finger paints before moving onto tempera, watercolours, acrylic, and encaustic. She has sold pieces in the Anonymous Art Show and Teeny Tiny Art Show in Whistler, and the Show Us Your Art Show on Granville Island. Stella is a member of Arts Whistler.
Stephanie Martin Local Whistler Artist who enjoys using vibrant colours to bring an element of excitement and life to the paintings.
Stephanie Taylor “I grew up in BC and studied Fine Arts at the University of Victoria. I have been focused on painting since 2018 and am currently doing mainly large scale oil paintings inspired by my love of the outdoors. I try to merge abstract impressionism with realism to convey the emotion of a place and anchor the viewer in a specific environment. I spend my spare time hiking, camping, kayaking and skiing on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada and beyond. I am represented by the Art Junction Gallery in Whistler, BC.”,
Suzanne Gibson Creator and attempter of all things artsy, not one specific medium but a joy for all. The West Coast, with the ocean and the mountains, that’s whereshe has lived, loved and been inspired all her life.
Suzanne Johnston Suzanne Johnston is truly an uninhibited and prolific artist. She has learned a lot from trial and error, and has combined techniques from all the workshops she has taken to form her own unique imaginative style.
Tanya De Leeuw “I first got serious about my photography about 10 years ago, “later in life” than most. I’d always been interested in it, but the bug really bit me when digital went mainstream. At first, I tried the obvious route, weddings, grads, couples, and families. I spent a couple of seasons assisting a talented and generous master photographer, Kyla Brown, in Invermere. I learned a great deal from that experience, most importantly, that weddings are not for me! My passions are pet photography and equestrian events. I also enjoy photographing other outdoor sports, travel, nature, wildlife and landscape photography.”, @tanyadeleeuwphoto,
Tara Ryan Tara has been living in Whistler since 2003. Her inspirations include the beautiful scenery around Whistler and the various places she has travelled. Vibrant, unblended colours, with bold, unexpected outlines, are her signature. @taracrylics,
Tara Bowland Whistler local of almost 20 years. Mostly a theatre performer, but also screenprinting, painting and charcoal drawing.
Theresa Yu Based in Whistler with her dog and cat.
Toby Jaxon West Coast adventure artist Toby Jaxon affirms nature is alive with vibrating colour and animating spirit; this observation is confirmed in the views he enjoys from his backyard and informs many of his canvasses. Easily accessible high mountain trails provide an abundance of stunning views of the Howe Sound region. For this passionate artist, it translates into new artful compositions derived from the vastness and mystery of nature, where the unconscious speaks in ways beyond words! Toby’s acrylic creations feature vivid contrasting colour and multiple perspectives with the under-painting sporadically popping through to persuade the unification of the entire piece.,
Tonnja Kopp Tonnja Kopp’s passion lies in the act of creation. She was born in Canada but raised in Switzerland, where her experiences cultivated her love for art. Nature is Tonnja’s motif. Being surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and deep lush forests, makes her feel alive! This is what truly inspires her. Natural objects in unique compositions, or astonishing light conditions, are some of her favourite subjects. Bears have been her favourite animal since childhood and often appear in her work. She’s particularly drawn to their raw strength, sheer size and power, which is in direct contrast to their playful and tranquil demeanour., @tonnjavisualart,
Tracy Sutherland “I have been an animal lover since the day I was born. It took me a little longer (and a lot of different creative activities) before I figured out that photography is where I belong. My preferred photography is simple and uncluttered, usually pet portraits or still life, and occasionally includes a generous dose of whimsy.”, @tdsuth
Valerie Butters Canadian arist known for expressive and free florals. Collected worldwide. Residing in Pemberton BC. Spends all her money on paint and plants., @valeriebutters
Vanessa Stark Vanessa “Nes” Stark was born during a mid-winter snowstorm on Canada’s West Coast. She followed her passion for snowboarding and moved to Whistler, BC, many moons ago at the age of 17. Her life has been shaped by her love for fun in the mountains and nature with family and friends. Nes’s bold and unique “Mountain Contemporary” style organically reflects her life’s passions. Her work is driven from a subconscious realm, influenced by love and magic and often speaks of the universal connection between all things and beings in nature., @vanessastarkart,
Wayne Conarroe “I moved to Whistler in 1991 after finishing high school. I have always done some kind of art throughout my life, but have never been inspired to make art a career. I get my inspiration from the energy I feel from the people around me. I love all arts and hope I can give the viewer a positive and enjoyable experience.”
Wendy Hargreaves Wendy Hargreaves is a local artist who enjoys working at the Fairmont, spending time on the mountain and being with her family and friends. She has an honour’s degree in visual arts specializing in sculpture and major degree in art history both from the University of Victoria. She has exhibited in a number of shows, including the Helen Pitt Exhibition at the Surrey Art Gallery, Look Juried Art show in Victoria and a solo exhibition at the UVIC Fine Arts Gallery. Presently, Wendy spends most of her time making art with her granddaughter and focusing on their Mountain Macramé business.
Will Ahrens “I have been drawing since I was very young. I’ve always enjoyed drawing. I can draw in major forms, from nature drawings to abstract. Drawing sets me free. I feel good about myself when I am drawing.”
William Westwood WWDC // Disappointing you since 1987. @westwood_design_co
Yasmin Haufschild Yasmin Haufschild is a polymer clay artist from Squamish that also enjoys playing with acrylics. Her work ranges from tiny, detailed figurines to large scale paintings.
Zbigniew Stachura “I participated in last year Anonymous Art Show with four pieces. I started painting after I retired and moved to beautiful Squamish.”
Zoë Lomoro Designer, Photographer, Creator. Zoë is a seasoned graphic designer and owner of LŌM design. Offering services like custom graphic design, websites, photography, and wedding photography. She also creates art in her spare time – usually in the form of digital drawings. You can find out more on her website or on Instagram: @zoe.lomoro