Anonymous Art Show Artists 2022

Meet the artists who contributed to this year’s Anonymous Art Show

Arts Whistler is especially grateful to all the artists and creatives who donated their talents. We’re excited to see so many people creating art, especially art that helps us create more art! Their generous participation will help Arts Whistler offer diverse, accessible community programs and new equipment for the theatre.

Everyone who participates in the show gets a complimentary Arts Whistler Membership. We are pleased to welcome so many new members – check out our local artist profiles from our members in Whistler and the Sea to Sky. New members please be sure to submit your artist profile, so we can help promote your work throughout the year!

Scroll down to learn more about each artist.

(If you’re looking for your favourite artist, they are listed alphabetically by first name:


Ada Gohlke Ada Gohlke says that art brings her “all the joy.”
Adela Beranek Adela Beranek is interested in discovering the connections of humans and nature to the land now called British Columbia. In her photography she explores those moments of stillness and oneness in found in BC settings, framing them with an open–hearted perspective. @allthe_goodthings_frombc,
Adrian B Adrian B can be found in that place where light hits the earth. @adrian4b
Aimee Mussett Aimee Mussett is a 30-year Sea to Sky local that loves to paint. @aimeetoddmussett
Alison Laing “Alison Laing’s provides bright moments of transportation that celebrate the landscapes and wildlife that she loves. Her art is inspired by time spent in the beautiful wilderness of Alberta and British Columbia. Arriving home from a trail run, hike, or camping trip, reference photos and threads of memory filter through her imagination and onto the canvas. She is drawn to vibrant and original colours, and smooth and lively brushstrokes to convey how it felt to be in that place in that moment in time.
Alison plots, plans, sketches, and paints from her home in Calgary, Alberta. ”
Alison Double Allison “Alli” Double is a Chilliwack-based mixed media artist who loves to take viewers on a magical mystery tour of her highly detailed work. She draws inspiration from her time working backstage on theatre productions and her experience working in horticulture, to evoke a sense of the unique and dramatic in her myriad of creations. Her desire is to create intricate artwork that delights and surprises, and, like a favourite friend, continues to elicit a smile every time it is viewed.@alisondoublestudio
Alli van Gruen Alli van Gruen is a contemporary Canadian artist who is intrigued by the notion of memory. Referencing old family slides, she takes her viewer back in time to their childhood memories. The common ground of childhood creates a personal relationship between her artwork and the audience, evoking a feeling of intimacy and nostalgia. Using intricate brushwork and an expansive colour palette, she works to express her connections with her subject matter and to tell a story. Alli lives in Whistler, BC with her family and dog, Bea. @allivangruenart
Allison Kehoe “Shhh… it is a secret.”
Alyssa Bruijns Alyssa Bruijns is a Canadian adventurer who brings stunning natural landscapes to the world of pen and ink through her work under the name Snowline Art. Clean lines, dotwork, and delicate details bring her passions to paper, focusing on themes such as environmental preservation, Canadian landscapes, wildlife, mountain sports, and mountain culture. Her home in Whistler inspires every inked creation.
Amanda Cabuag Amanda Cabuag picked the colour used in her artwork because it is her favourite and she likes the simplicity of plain things.
Amelie Effe Amelie Effe enjoys travelling to new places and exploring different areas of our beautiful world. She spent half a year in San Francisco. During her time there, the city, its people, and her school had a profound impact on her thinking and world perspective. @ameliex.04
Andre Pace “The artist task a retrospective reinforced by the verbal remains of the image identify these elements they are seen afresh with expanded expression of color and patterns it’s not gender nor.. identity the complicated issues still matters leaving visible traces of contemporary art & Mix Media design works.. Artist & Design / poet laureate.. studies in drawing & writers dialogue small classes New York city.. 27 th street Manhattan New York city lower east side.. character concepts & writers dialogue.. 48 th street..gothic writers classes.. 42 street Manhattan mid Manhattan library .. sessions Art sessions.” @andrepace057 ,
Andrea Morton Andrea Morton’s passions are photography and art. Experimenting with different media has provided her with a distraction in this crazy time. She has lived in Whistler through the pandemic. Sheltering in place in this amazing setting has provided her with time to explore her artistic roots. Andrea finds inspiration in the amazing variety of design and colour of Whistler’s landscapes.
Anette Effe Anette Effe has been enjoying her life in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor for over 20 years. She draws inspiration from what’s around her—mostly from her garden.
Angela Muellers Angela Muellers’ grandfather gave her an introduction to oil painting when she was a child. She attended three private art schools, including an abstract-based school, to learn the skills necessary to become a professional realist artist. She is passionate about landscape and portrait painting. @angelamuellers
Angela Van Cooten “Angela Van Cooten comes from the land down under and describes herself as “a full-blown bush baby.” She has dabbled her toes in the city, but finds the skyline uniquely uninspiring. It’s the tiny worlds of Mother Nature that intrigue and captivate her.
Her submission is inspired by her film photography of friends and nature during spring and summer 2021—a collection of unique memories only the artist can draw back on. This piece is her first fully finished painting with a foreground, mid-ground, and background. It is also her first piece to ever be hung in an art gallery!” @skatingsilver
Angela Seear Angela Seear is a contemporary artist based in Vancouver. She uses layers of colours to create moods and depth. She loves to explore different palettes and the atmospheres they create. Normally, she paints incredibly large pieces, but decided to scale things down for this show.@angelaseear_artist,
Anna du Bois Anna du Bois is a multi-media artist working in traditional art forms such as drawing. She also creates functional art pieces like patchwork quilts from repurposed fabric.
Annabelle Gunner Annabelle Ginner firmly believes that sometimes all you need is your friends and a paintbrush! @gin_and_pandas
Anyssa Jane Anyssa Jane is designing a beautiful life… on wood, canvas, in stone… @anyssajane
Ariana Brezai Ariana Brezai is a young, self-taught artist from North Vancouver, BC. She enjoys experimenting with moods in her paintings and exploring the way the things we see can change our thoughts and emotions.
Arne Gutmann “Arne Gutmann sees art as the beauty that binds the human experience. Whether you like it or not, art can provoke emotions never felt before. He finds the sheer joy of sharing and creating art is one of the true meanings of life and that his art is the liberation of the soul. He hopes you see the same pleasing attributes in his art and enjoy it for what it is: self-expression.”  @thatguyarne Gutmann 
Ashlyn Vickery Ashlyn Vickery’s art is part of passing time during the pandemic. @Colourblind.ceeations
Audrey Lundie Audrey Lundie is thankful to call Whistler home and be part of its creative community. She enjoys observing and painting the ever-changing seasons in watercolour, finding inspiration in the shapes and colours of the natural environment. She sees painting as a gift that has allowed her to truly observe and appreciate the beauty that surrounds her.
Audrey Houle Audrey Houle paints in an intuitive way inspired by nature and spirituality. Starting from her imagination, she mixes abstract ideas with reality, exploring the movements and feelings beyond the brushstrokes as Spirit Animals and Light Beings emerge from the canvas.  @auderaymusic
Aurora Moore “Aurora Moore’s life as an artist began to take shape when she was given a “how to draw cartoons” book from the 1950s. She spent endless hours mimicking the art in it, illustrating her favourite characters on scraps of cardboard to cut out and play with. As she grew up, art took the form of scribbles on the side of textbooks and then faded away slightly. She took up drawing again while on mat leave with her first child. Four years later, she now explores the world around her through ink and watercolour. ” @auroras_art_page
Barbara Peeren “Barbara Peeren is an emerging artist and an Artist in Residence with the Penticton and District Community Arts Council. After many years of creating arts and crafts, particularly jewellery and fibre arts, she is excited to be moving forward with her long-held passion to paint.

A self-taught artist, Barb works in acrylics and is inspired by the natural world. She is exploring painting in other genres as well, such as mixed–media and flow painting. Her motto in life has always been, “You never know until you try.””
Bea Searle “Bea Searle believes that “painting is life!”
(With apologies to Ted Lasso and football).”  @barbpeeren

Bea Gonzalez Bea Gonzales loves painting people, places and things.
Braylon Stuart Braylon Stuart is inspired to inspire others.  @braysniper
Bridget Duckworth Bridget Duckworth has a great deal of fun with her art.
Bryony Dique Bryony Dique is a self-taught artist from the South of England, now living in Whistler, Canada. Her style combines hyperrealism and surrealism. She uses different mediums in different pieces, her favourites being gouache, graphite pencils, ink pens, and alcohol ink.  @properartsy
Caitlin Gawa “Caitlin Gawa’s wish is to assist and guide others in forming deep connections and communication with animals. She loves to capture the essences and personalities of animals in her artwork. Her work is often inspired by nature and metaphysics.
Another source of inspiration for Caitlin is her Gitxsan background (heritage/ancestry) and that culture’s traditional practices and connection to nature and animals. Her lifelong love and passion for animals is infused in all that she does.”  @cherishedcompanions
Cameryn Higgs “Cameryn Higgs is an active adventurer who loves being outdoors. She grew up in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor (living primarily on Musqueam, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, and Líl̓wat lands), making it possible to explore her beautiful surroundings through various activities such as hiking, camping, skiing, biking, touring, and art.
Growing up with a deep love of creating, Cameryn draws inspiration from the environment around her, her imagination, and her mind’s eye to create her pieces.”  @camerynhiggs
Camila Castellon Camila Castellon is a new and developing local artist who is always trying different fluid art methods. She is inspired by nature, the abstract, and colour.  @acrylic.creations.bycamila
Candace Espeseth Candace Espeseth loves the outdoors and playing outside! When the mountains aren’t calling too loudly, she enjoys taking the time to capture Whistler’s breathtaking natural surroundings through her art.
Carolyn Jones Carolyn Jones believes it’s all about angles and brush strokes!  @pownailsartelier/
Cary Lopes “Cary Lopes arrived in Whistler from Hong Kong, having previously lived in England and in a windmill in Portugal.
She spent several years teaching art at Spring Creek and Myrtle Philip schools, as well as face painting in Whistler, with her husband Paulo. Their company, Paintertainment, started by body painting a mountain biker for his Loonie race. Paintertainment soon became part of the special event world, creating elaborate costumes and fantasy makeup, including the infamous ‘Crazy Hummingbird Dress.”
She has also painted commissions and hosted summer art camps. In 2020, Cary returned to teaching and producing commissioned art.”
Cathy MacKay Cathy MacKay is just beginning to explore art and watercolour in particular.
Cheryl Roller “Cheryl Roller has lived on the West Coast for more than 30 years. Her passion is capturing the beauty of nature.

She began drawing at a young age and has maintained strong drawing and composition skills. When designing a subject, Cheryl loves to simplify and distort the forms, enhancing the expressive value of colour to create a visual rhythm. This rhythm often suggests the medium to use, be it oil, pastels, or acrylic.

Primarily self-taught, Cheryl has developed her artistic techniques by studying with several respected Canadian artists. She has exhibited in numerous shows.” @rollercheryl Roller 

Christina Nick Christina Nick is in tune with nature and is inspired by landscapes and wide-open spaces. Travel is her addiction. Her art creations flow from things that she has seen and things that she has experienced. @artisticnick
Christine Timm “Christine Timms’ interest in painting took flight when she was turning 70 and she finally received much-needed encouragement to pick up a brush or pencil again. Workshops with Pemberton’s newly formed seniors’ painting group and online lessons have provided her with creative guidance.
During the past decade, she has ventured into projects she would never have imagined possible. She continues to enjoy the hours she is now able to spend painting and drawing.”
Claudia Viviani Claudia Viviani Claudia Viviani has lived in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor since the early ’80s and is inspired by the work of the many talented artists living in this beautiful part of the world. She especially loves seeing the work of young aspiring artists.
Cléa Thomas Cléa Thomas was born in France and has been travelling the world from a very young age. A lover of the arts, she has studied film and animation and has made several stop-motion animation shorts. She enjoys creating and discovering new media. She lives in Pemberton with her partner and two young children. @CleaThomArts
Crosland Doak Crosland Doak is a landscape architect and building designer, interested in visual and experiential space. He is now exploring how he can apply 40 years of spatial design to art, specifically painting and sculpture.
Cynnoma Selski Cynnoma Selski’s art piece was created to manifest luck.
Danielle Main Danielle Main was born and raised in North Vancouver but now resides in Northern BC (Mackenzie). She’s a lover of the outdoors and aims to bridge science and art in her work. When she is not working in the bush, Danielle can be found exploring new artistic mediums.
David James David James’ work is an adventure of discovery. He seeks to share that adventure and to attempt to express the discoveries. He likes to capture the light and the unknowable sense of a moment. @burphamboy 
David Petko Dave Petko is a staple on the Whistler arts scene. He painted a mural at Olympic Plaza in Whistler Village. Go check it out!  @dave_petko
Dawna Werbeski Dawna Werbeski’s favourite way to paint as of late is using these wonderfully fun resins on cradled wood boards. She has managed to find some methods of control while still showing off the somewhat unpredictable magic of this paint. She is inspired to create scenes that resemble what we often witness outdoors in Mother Nature’s art. She hopes you enjoy her work.  @dlw.artelements
Dayley Lim Dayley Lim is a local artist living in Whistler. He likes lots of colour and being in nature.
Diane Grdina Diane Grdina is inspired by the limitless beauty of the outdoors that this planet has to offer.  @dianegrdina
Dorell Carlson Dorell Carlson Dorell Carlson paints for the love of it. Participating in the Arts Whistler Anonymous Art Show is fun!  @carlsondorell
Doria Moodie Doria Moodie is a full-time artist based in Whistler, BC. She is represented by Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont Hotels in Whistler, Banff, and Jasper, with a new gallery in Stratford, Ont. Doria is best known for her large, intimate bear portraits, but she also paints landscapes and groups of little children learning to ski.
Douglas Veiszer Douglas Veiszer is a creative nomad. His passion for this medium lies in its honesty in its purest form. Whether depicting a stunning sunrise, a majestic creature, or the all-too-often horrific realities of one race with far too many divisions and greed, it is with beauty or stark honesty. Though he is hopeful for and strives for change, he always prefers to view the world in its truth through his looking glass.
Dylan Wolsky Dylan Wolsky enjoys photographing landscapes in their stunning and most natural forms. @dylanwolskyphoto
Elena Whitman “Elena Whitman moved to Vancouver from Moscow in November 2014.
She has always been enchanted by the masterpieces of great painters. She loves to work with oil, loves its texture, and loves the process of paint layering.”  @elenawhitman_art
Elizabeth Evans “Shhh… it is a secret.”
Elizabeth Graca “Shhh… it is a secret.” @Youcanfindliz
Ellen Heale Ellen Heale is a mixed media artist living on the Sunshine Coast. Architectural lines and the beauty of nature inspire her. Working with vibrant colours and textures, woven with collage elements, fuels her creativity and gives her art dimension. She paints by intuition, often using transfer techniques and found materials to create original, one-of-a-kind artwork. Look for a hint of the unexpected to surprise and delight. She wants you to feel inspired.  @elheale
Ellie Hannay Ellie Hannay says that, “Sunsets are one of my favourite times of day.”
Elodie Smith Elodie Smith is a budding artist who enjoys exploring all types of mediums. She likes painting because she never quite knows what will emerge when the paint meets the surface. She equally enjoys using pencils and pens, as she feels she might have better control over the outcome, though often times she doesn’t. It’s all wonderful and fun either way. She hopes to one day draw or paint hands like they look in her art books.
Emilie Kvist Emilie Kvist is a mixed media artist based in the Fraser Valley who enjoys working with sculpture, print, and installation. As an artist, she is interested in how the traditional materials of the disciplines she works in can be used to create unexpected moments for her viewers. @emiliekvist_art
Erik Van Meerbergen Erik Van Meerbergen was inspired to try something new by a gardening magazine that was otherwise destined for the recycling bin.@bigloveevm
Evelyn Applin Evelyn Applin describes her world as, “Island born, island life.” Creativity comes as the tide flows for this old gal. She lives a creative life through design, textiles, performing, and using colour to bring enjoyment to others. Textured acrylic art is her current focus, with Salish Sea inspirations. A day near the sea is a good day indeed.@Rambling _Mind_Studio 
Feral Nifty “Feral Nifty is a Whistler artist, musician, and mum. As an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, she has recently had a number of paintings juried into national and international shows.
Wahoo!” @feralnifty 
Flora Moonbeam Marining -Zijnen Flora Moonbeam Marining-Zijnen is a creative soul with a big love for nature and art. She is 13 and going into her first year of high school. This is the first time she has shown her art to the public. Flora is certain that her passion for the arts will last for a long time to come.
Gavin Orpen Gavin Orpen says, “Living in Whistler is my elixir to life.”@gavino1111
Gayle Brawn Gayle Brawn is a multifaceted artist based in Lillooet.
Gillian Mclean Gillian Mclean’s inspiration for this work comes from the relationships between landscapes and cultures; in an ever-changing climate, how are we being responsible citizens to the environment and society? Growing up in the mountains and amidst vast landscapes of nature in British Columbia, she understood that there were also resources extracted from these places for a common good. Every piece is a reflection and meditation on the juxtaposition of being a witness to this tension.  @archandrock
Grace Kerr Grace Kerr is a graphite and pencil artist based out of Pemberton. She draws inspiration from classic fairy tale illustrations, surrealism, and the textures and patterns of the forest to create her whimsical worlds. To achieve balance in her creations, she is constantly drawn to contrasting light and dark, smooth blending and harsh lines.  @gracekerrart
Graham Watts Graham Watts is a landscape artist specializing in local cityscapes of Vancouver, Whistler, and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. His original pieces are painted in oil on canvas and feature a hint of realism.  @grahamwatts.fineart
Hana Lim Hana Lim sees art as her opportunity to show her love for animals.
Heidi Mattson Heidi Mattson is a professional artist, designer, art teacher and mom to two awesome boys. They absolutely love living in beautiful Pemberton, BC, enjoying all the sports this amazing place has to offer like skiing & biking. After she received her BFA from Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design and her Teaching Certificate from SFU Heidi pursued a career as a high school art teacher. Once she started her family she decided to leap into the world of running my own business from home and has never looked back. Heidi is thrilled to offer her original art, designs and art classes here through her online shop at
Helen Moore Helen Moore lives in Whistler and finds painting relaxing, fun, and a means of escapism.
Helia Riganides “Helia Riganides is from Saint-Paul de Vence, a small village in the south of France close to Nice. She grew up surrounded by the sea, the mountains, and lots of sunlight. Her childhood was spent in stunning landscapes and places known for inspiring famous artists like Henri Matisse or Picasso, which have influenced her drawings.
The immensity of nature in Whistler, with all the elements changing season after season, her place of inner peace and refuge. The diversity of cultures also inspires her. Travel and new experiences push her creative boundaries and allow Helia’s process to thrive.”  @heliosmandala
It’s 1958 It’s 1958 makes things. This is one them things. @its_1958
Iva Dietrich “Iva Dietrich was born and raised in Toronto. In 1994, she moved to Vancouver with her husband. While raising their two kids, the great outdoors became a big part of their lives.
It was the West Coast that sparked Iva’s passion for art and photography. Constantly being amazed at the beauty of nature around her, she started using acrylics to paint landscapes and sunsets. Attending local workshops, she expanded her work to include abstracts, funny animal pieces and experimented with paint blowing. Painting outside whenever possible, she uses earth tones to bring her representation of outdoor beauty to life.”
Jalena Beaman Jalena Beaman is a young American artist who enjoys working with various types of mediums, from acrylic to spray paint and beyond. She is inspired by all types of art, including galaxy art, nature, and much more! @awesomejlynnscrafts
Janet Nietvelt Janet Nietvelt concentrates her painting on portraiture, but has become enamoured of the beauty of nature, especially when viewed at the micro level.
Janet Ouchterlony “Shhh… it is a secret.” @janetouchterlony Ouchterlony
Jayne Clarke Jayne Clarke is a simple human found being. @imakeitjayne
Jean Parker “Jean Parker paints with bold colours and paint strokes. She is drawn to painting the energy, strength, and beauty of land, sea, and sky scapes. Her paintings are vivacious and invite the viewer to connect with nature as deeply as she does.
Jean is an acrylic painter who loves the feel of paint on canvas. Over the years, she has participated in summer workshops. In 2021, she stepped fully into being an artist. LevellingUp online mentors, including David Langevin, Heather Pant, Veronica Funk, and Sharon Fox-Cranston, have supported Jean on her painting journey.”  @jeanparkerart
Jenna Robinson “Jenna Robinson spent the first half of her life living in the Canadian Rockies and now resides in the Coastal Mountain Range in Squamish.
She discovered her passion for painting in high school and continued to teach herself how to paint through experimentation. The inspiration to put brush to canvas comes from her outdoor lifestyle of exploring her local mountains.
Always more content outdoors, Robinson uses painting to express and share her love for nature. Her paintings portray captivating moments of alpenglow on the Tantalus Range, the last golden rays illuminating the Stawamus Chief, and glowing sunsets in Howe Sound. ”  @jennarobinsonart
Jess Harrison Jess Harrison uses any and all objects as tools to manifest what lies within your creative brain and your senses. This is how she portrays life in the creative form.
Jessica Armstrong Jessica Armstrong enjoys viewing other artists’ work and seeing the skill and passion they have. This inspired her to have a go herself and have some fun creating.
Joanie Mitchell Joanie Mitchell is a self-taught artist. Her philosophy is to go for it, be fun, have courage, and try not to be boring.
Johanna Aldred Johanna Aldred believes everyone is an artist; you just need to embrace where you land in the art world and shine with the joy of creating. It’s a wonderful reason, and excuse, for having never being able to progress her art beyond that of a child; now she understands that is part of who she is and embraces it, as it lends a certain innocence to her pieces.
Jonatan Bando Jonatan Bando always likes to watch the color of Whistler as it changes from the morning to the evening. This time he mixed the colors of the morning and the evening. He asks that we keep this natural beauty nice and clean.  @jaclotworks 
Julia Philipp Julia Philipp draws inspiration from her experiences of nature and her love of the outdoors. Her works are characterised by expressive colours and a playful style. @joolieart
Julie Martin Julie Martin has made Whistler her home for the past nine years. She finds inspiration in the breadth of local talent in the area and the beauty of the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. She sees painting as an outlet for relaxation and musing, but also enjoys the challenge of applying her own perspective to landscapes and animals.
Kailey Haws Kailey Haws’ painting reflects her personal experience of living in Whistler, capturing the vibrant lifestyle through the exploration and use of colour. She wants the viewer to share this experience of happiness when they look at her painting.
Karen Cummings Karen Cummings describes her work as abstract collage. Drawing on colour, shape, and texture, her messy collages reveal a hint of something familiar. Currently, her work is about resistance, trying to understand and make sense of things, and moving forward until the plan is revealed.
Karen Yaremkewich Karen Yaremkewich is a textile artist who creates contemporary, one-of-a-kind, wearable art. She breathes new life into locally-sourced reclaimed fabric waste and thrift shop finds. Yaremkewich is a full-time artist, seamstress, and owner of the online store Endure Upcycled Designs (on Etsy) where she shares her creations around the world.  @enduredesigns Upcycled Designs 
Kate Heskett Kate Heskett loves to create! They spent four years at the University of Melbourne studying photography, creative writing and film. Kate also loves telling stories and is working on her first novel.  
Kate Adamson Kate Adamson is an illustrator and graphic designer from England who now calls Whistler home. Her work is continuously inspired by the mountains on our doorstep and the endless activities on offer in the Sea-to-Sky.  @kateadamsondesign
Katelyn Schick Katelyn Schick is a 14-year-old artist who enjoys painting, cartooning, digital art, and creating graphic novels. She has been creating art since she can barely remember, and it’s her passion. She hopes to go to art school one day and work as a professional graphic novelist when she is older. She is excited and thankful to be part of this art show and hopes you enjoy her work!  @creativekatapuss
Kathy Leverton Kathy Leverton has always enjoyed playing with various mediums of art and crafts. In November of 2021, she started doing weekly painting sessions via Zoom with Cary Campbell Lopes of Paintertainment, which has sparked an interest in acrylic painting. Now she finds herself searching online tutorials on how to paint “clouds” or “mountains” or… you get the point. Kathy’s goal is to one day feel more confident in creating her paintings and have a lot of fun doing it!
Kelly Cosgrove Kelly Cosgrove fell in love with Whistler in 1994. She was only supposed to stay a week but never left. Five years ago, she made a concentrated effort to start capturing what made her fall in love with Whistler and Pemberton and what keeps her in the beautiful Sea-to- Sky region.  @kellycosgrove.lensandlistings
Ken Martin Ken Martin is a full-time Whistler resident and wannabe artist.  @art_by_ken66
Kendall Benbow Kendall Benbow’s work is the result of “a fun paint night with the girls.”  @instakandle
Kim Fournel Kim Fournel’s curiosity keeps her looking for Life’s secrets. Sharing what she finds is fun.  @kimfournel
Kyah Nerbas Kyah Nerbas creates for the love of art.
Lani Williamson Lani Williamson is a Sea-to-Sky born and raised artist with a lifelong passion for capturing everything on film. Simply to See Photography was born out of a desire to share the beauty of everyday life from our amazing corner of the world.
No editing, no filters, just the simple, eye-catching wonders of nature.  @simply_to_see_photography
Laura Rudderforth Laura Rudderforth is inspired by light and how it reflects and changes perceptions.
Laura Genovese “Laura loves to paint scenes from the West Coast of BC. She creates custom pieces of art for collectors from their images and also enjoys plein-air painting. Laura does commissioned pet portraits, as well. You can see some of her pieces at
Laura is the President of the Port Moody Art Association and exhibits with them annually. Her work is in the Imago Mundi Venice collection from 2015 and in private collections in Europe and North America.”  @lauraleegenovese
Lauren Wynter Lauren Wynter is a Whistler-based mixed media artist. With a passion for art from a very young age, Lauren has recently recaptured her love for it as her creative outlet over the past year. A love of nature and the natural elements inspires her exploration of the endless bounds of mixed media resources.
Leanne Williams Leanne Williams is a Whistler local who loves to explore abstract cubism and blocky styles of landscapes and animal subjects.  @leanne.w
Lee Schwartz Lee Schwartz is a busy mom of two in Whistler. She enjoys moving and loves the outdoors. She is often found in the Emerald Forest with her little dog, Zoe. Lee is exploring her creative side and searching out artistic opportunities for her family. She loves setting a plethora of art supplies on the kitchen table so her family can create masterpieces!
Leilah Sherback Leilah Sherback holds a BFA in studio art and art education from Concordia University, Montreal. She has created and facilitated children’s creative workshops there and in Whistler. Presently, Leilah lives in a studio apartment and claims that she lives in an art studio with a bed in it. This set-up allows her art making to be part of her daily life. This past year, she has delved into the art forms of different artists, including handmade books, all found on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. She has taken online courses and experimented with different genres. All art stimulates her creative juices.  @leilahsherback Sherback
Lianna Sura Lianna Sura loves to paint, it relaxes her and makes her feel free.
Linda Olmstead “Linda Olmsead’s art form requires freeing yourself from the outcome and seeing beauty in the unpredictability. Her inspiration comes from the quote, “Don’t let your fear of imperfection destroy your ability to create.”
She has been creating in her studio in Squamish for three years and recently opened a gallery. Tours are available by appointment.”  @linda_o_art
Lisa Severn Linda Severn finds it’s getting harder to describe her artistic style. Perhaps eclectic is the only way.  @tucanny
Liz Cramb Liz Cramb understands that creating art can be terrifying for some, but she knows it can also be a means to release stress from the day. She encourages everyone to “just play” with whatever medium they have and enjoy the process. Liz hopes to some day open an artists’ space locally for everyone to come and enjoy creating for fun.
Lola Hewitt Flath Lola Hewitt Flath like to paint, it inspires her.
Lorine Mason (van Voorst) “Lorine Mason (van Voorst) is interested in design, texture, visual concepts, drawing, and studies of the human form. She is inspired by acrylic and oil painting, realism and abstraction. She has attended numerous workshops through Arts Whistler and the Federation of Canadian Artists, participating in and monitoring life drawing. She has studied human realism at Studio Escallier in Paris and with Stephen Early of Studio Incamminati, and abstract design with Brian Ateyo.
Learning is a lifelong obsession for Lorine as there are always new insights into Mother Nature’s Universe and different ways to represent ideas.” Mason 
Lorraine Simonds “Lorraine Simonds returns to art after a 13-year hiatus from her formal practise that involved abject mediums like her own teeth, nails, hair, and scabs. Lorraine grapples against her inclination towards pretentious notions of conceptual art that were fostered in her Fine Arts degree.
In secret, as of 2021, she now wrestles to reconcile her new life with her visual interests and her proclivity to entertain the dark corners of her psyche through the watercolour medium from her home studio in Squamish.”
Lotte Bond Lotte Bond is a self-taught fibre artist who lives in Squamish, BC with her husband and three young boys. With a Finnish background, Lotte is drawn to modern and simple Scandinavian design. She especially enjoys working with bold and colourful patterns thanks to influences such as Marimekko. Nature’s lines and textures are another source of inspiration, which is evident in her organically-shaped pieces. Lotte’s works vary in style and technique as she continues to explore this art form.  @minttufibrearts
Lucilla Hargreaves Lucilla Hargreaves is a non-realism artist. She is often found in a cozy autumn sweater with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a mystery novel.  @lfawkes_art
Lydia Schwartz “Lydia Schwartz lives in Whistler. She really likes nature and animals. Lydia has sold pieces at both the Anonymous Art Show and the Teeny Tiny Art Show.
Lydia works with many mediums. She really likes watercolours, but has recently been trying out some more acrylic painting.”
M Mills M Mills asks, “Do you ever drink a bottle of vodka and think about the crown?” Well, that’s what happened.
Maddi Saez “Maddi Saez sees art as “an emotion before the form.”
People inspire her. She believes it’s important to allow the imagination to travel. She creates because it makes her feel good. She finds joy in exploring new techniques, shapes, and different mediums to showcase her creativity.”  @maddi.saez
Mady Daviault Mady Daviault’s art helps her to face her fears.
Maïna Pertolas Maïna Pertolas (she/her) is a photographer based in Squamish, BC, located on the unceded Sḵwx̱ú7mesh territory. She was born and raised in France, where she developed a passion for portrait and nature photography. Maïna moved to Canada in 2014, and has since been actively capturing, with authenticity, people and marvelling at the diversity of BC landscapes. She devotes her imagery to the care of all humans and the environment.  @mainapertolas
Manon Pruvost “Manon Pruvost is a Squamish-based, self-taught French artist. Just like her life, her style is eclectic, yet not (too!) chaotic. She is always looking for ways to improve herself, but she finds so much joy in creating pieces and seeing them come to life. When she creates, she builds a story that goes beyond the canvas.
Her inspiration comes from movements such as Surrealism and Absurdism. She is a fervent admirer of Albert Camus’ philosophy.
Manon is also inspired by her surroundings. Having lived in France, Nepal, New Zealand, and Canada, she has had a lot of surroundings to be inspired by!”  @moonlibersatarts
Marcelle Armatage “Marcelle Armatage lives in Whistler, BC.
Since her return to painting and ceramics, her artwork has evolved both consciously and unconsciously. Each idea, color, shape, line, form, and pattern happens in its own time.
Marcelle’s paintings consist of abstract landscapes and architectural lines.
The landscapes of the Sea–to Sky Corridor influence the direction of the geometric patterns, lines, and shapes that she uses in her colour-driven paintings. Each body of work embodies her desire to represent original forms, creative subjects, and colors, so that each painting and sculpture of art is unique.”
Marcy Cariglino Marcy Cariglino an assemblage artist. She likes to use found objects and mixed media to create 3-D interpretations of phrases and sayings.  @M.Cariglino
Marika Kovalcikova Marika Kovalcikova’s love of art and creation exploded with passion six years ago when she discovered the artistic medium of Paverpol, a water-based, environmentally-friendly textile hardener from The Netherlands. This medium gives her many possibilities to express her creativity through sculptures and other art forms for indoors and outdoors. Marika became a Certified Paverpol Instructor in July 2020. She has always been around art and culture as a producer and event planner and has been an avid art collector for many years. With Paverpol, she can apply her imagination and put her vision into perspective to help others get inspired.  @MarikArtsvancouverbc
Marlowe Ritz Marlowe Ritz is a young local artist. Her main interests are drawing and painting animals and the natural environment.
Mary-Louise Poirier Mary Magnolia (Mary-Louise Poirier) has a passion for magic and fairy tales. Her creative style is made up of sunshine, rainbows, and sparkles. The way she expresses her emotions in paint is with vibrant colours and imagination. Born and raised among the mountains in British Columbia, she spends most of her time daydreaming. Mary lives for adventure and love. She enjoys painting, singing, playing guitar, skiing, and traveling.  @Magicalmagnoliafairy/
Meg Browning Meg Browning is inspired by the mystical beauty of Whistler’s mountains and lakes.
Melissa Mallari “Melissa Mallari is a Whistler-based calligrapher, engraver, and watercolour artist. She is inspired by water, botany, poetry, and human connection. As an artist and owner of Meadow Lane Studio, Melissa adds her lettering to all manner of surfaces, from paper to products, walls, and windows.
As a workshop instructor, Melissa loves sharing the art of calligraphy with others so they can not only add beauty to their lives, but also experience the therapeutic, meditative benefits of the practice.”  @the.meadow.lane 
Mercedes Nicoll Mercedes Nicoll is a Whistler artist, a four–time Winter Olympian and host of the podcast “DROPPING IN with Mercedes.”  @mercedesnicoll
Michaela Ivancova “Michaela Ivancova is a passionate artist who finds inspiration in nature and personal experiences. She focuses on depicting events from her personal life and her own states of mind. Her past experiences and opportunities had guided her in this direction, allowing her art to tell her story.
Michaela is a graduate of Presov University with a major in fine arts. She also attended Shenzhen University and Rzeszow University in order to get a broader view of world art scenes.
Coming to Whistler opened many possibilities for her artistic vision. Mountains and animals became her new inspirations, which she now depicts in various media.”  @michaelaivancovaart/
Michelle Au Michelle Au’s work is inspired by her daily observations in nature. She finds painting to be an intentional yet meditative act and allows her intuition to guide her through each piece of work. She lives and works in the beautiful city of Vancouver, and is grateful to be on the unceded homelands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.
Michelle Clay Michelle Clay is a North Vancouver artist who loves to paint the beauty of nature. Inspired by her hikes and adventures, she looks for the story being told by the natural environment around her. She loves the drama created by light, shadow and pops of bright colours. She mostly paints with oils but sometimes dabbles with acrylics.  @michelleclayart
Miranda Mantle Miranda Mantle is a graphic designer, artist, and photographer living in Squamish, BC. She has been working full-time as a designer for the past 15 years. When she is not creating logos and marketing campaigns for small businesses, you can find her with a paintbrush or a camera in her hand. She has always had a love for art from the Impressionist-era. She aspires to breathe new life into some of these more unknown works from the past.  @mirandamdesign
Nathalie Davidson Nathalie Davidson was born in Vancouver in 1973 to an artistic mother, and as a child she had her first “mother and daughter” art exhibit in West Vancouver. Nathalie’s love of the arts continued to grow throughout her elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education. In 1995, Nathalie graduated with honours from Malaspina University-College with a diploma in applied arts . This led to a very successful and award-winning career as a graphic designer spanning almost 20 years. Having since retired from the graphics industry, Nathalie now enjoys further exploring her love of both visual and textile arts.  @spiritedsnaps
Nicola Valentine Nicki is a full-time resident of Whistler since 2015. Plein Air oil painting is a new challenge – where painting small and fast is the goal. Bugs flying into the paint, the wind blowing the canvas from the easel, curious dogs, moving clouds shadows and the sun all add to the fun of being and painting in the moment.
Nina Moore Nina Moore paints at the kitchen table with a drink she is forever accidently dipping her brush into, and eventually paints a little on every item of clothing she owns. She paints with acrylics, and the paint doesn’t come out… She’s promised herself to start wearing an apron one of these days! She creates art that invites people to feel the magic of nature and to feel uplifted. 2021 has been tough, including treatment for Stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Nina has never been more grateful for the power of friendship, family, and the Whistler community.  @makesmoore
Olivier Roy Olivier Roy Art “Roy Olivier moved from Montreal to Whistler in 1992, after getting a degree in fine art. Since then, he has been pursuing the dual life of a professional snowboarder and an artist. He has worked in a variety of styles and mediums, displaying finely crafted realistic figures at times and colourful and gestural abstract landscapes at other times, inspired by the dramatic West Coast scenery as well as artists such as H.R. Giger, Frazetta, Klimt, Mucha, and fellow Whistler painter.
Currently, Roy spends his time between Montreal, working as a scenic painter, and Whistler, coaching snowboarding.”    @olivierartnsnow
Olwen Kuiper Olwen Kuiper’s creation is inspired by daydreams.  @olwenkuiper
Patricia Vesely Patricia Vesely is new to exhibiting art. She received a diploma in fine arts from Langara College back in the ’80s, and experimented with landscape and still life, but was never satisfied with the outcome. At times, she wasn’t able to do any art as work got in the way. It’s only in the last few years that she has decided to try abstract, non- representational art, and feels she has found her niche at last.
Patricia Garrow Patricia Garrow has been inspired by the beauty of Whistler to become more creative and learn to paint. She sees participating in the Anonymous Art sale is a small way to give back to the community.
Paulo Lopes Paulo Lopes is a Whistler painter who specializes in custom art. His preferred tools are the airbrush and spray guns.  @paintertainment @solidair.custompaint 
Pete Hill Pete Hill a product designer who came about it the old school way, through fine arts. A drawing and painting perspective frames the way he comes to product design work. Digging, revising, changing media, and ultimately producing a product with a special lightness and intention. @freestoneequipment
Priscilla Saboia “Priscilla Saboia found her greatest passions figured out as a little girl—drawing, travelling, and nature—not necessarily in that order. Travelling around the world (88 countries) exposed her to different realities, ideas, cultures, flavours and colours, sparking an interest in the world of art and surface design. Drawing was the way she found to document her journey and help the world.
Priscilla’s designs are a reflection of her love for nature and time spent outdoors. She stands for a green lifestyle and ethical business practices. She often says that Mother Nature is her guru.”
Rachel Curtis Rachel Curtis is an artist living in Whistler. She works with acrylic on canvas, comes from a family of artisans in New Zealand, and is mainly self-taught. She started painting in 2004 with some community art classes while raising two small children and has enjoyed many sessions with friends around a dining room table over the last 18 years. She takes her inspiration from the beautiful nature around her, whether that’s in the forest, in the mountains, or in the ocean.
Rebecca Mulberry “Shhh… it is a secret.”
Rebecca Smith Rebecca Smith grew up in the forests, waters, and mountains of the West Coast and has a background in textile arts. She deeply feels the beauty of the natural world and seeks to capture its magic through art. Ailene
Renee Africa Renee Africa is fascinated by the dark side of life and likes to create emotional alternate realities. That doesn’t mean that nature and landscapes are out of the running. In fact, they bring significant visual value to her work. She brings this together using her camera, the nature around us, and the computer. This has been her hobby for the past 25 years.  @rafrica_photography
Ron Denessen Ron Denessen explores the emotional effects of colour and form, utilizing the natural landscape for his inspiration. It is as simple as that, yet a complicated balancing act. Through abstracting the landscape into minimal colour and form, he attempts to capture the essence of what he sees. Much like a memory, one does not necessarily remember all the details. However, perhaps the gist is just enough.”  @rondenessen
Ross Doherty Ross Doherty is a retired pensioner who is an avid amateur photographer. He really likes to explore the creative functions of his camera to create unique artworks.
Ruby Bryan “Ruby Bryan set off to explore the beauty of the world after graduating with a diploma in Fine Art and Photography. In 2012, she found herself at home in Whistler, a place that provides her with a perfect environment to indulge in her passion for photography and art alongside her enthusiasm for the outdoors.
Her work is mixed media photo transfer. Using my own photography and an acrylic medium, I transfer my images onto different types of reclaimed wood. The alluring imperfection of the transfer process, along with the complementing wood grain, makes each piece completely unique.”  @r.b.photo_art
Ruth Barrow “Ruth Barrow is a graphic designer and artist who has lived in Whistler since 2007.
From an early age, Ruth had an interest and a passion for art and design. She is inspired by the beauty of her local surroundings and spends her free time drawing and painting, experimenting with different mediums. In 2020, Ruth also designed and launched a line of up-cycled and handcrafted earrings made from used bike inner tubes. All items are one-of-a-kind pieces, each one unique and meticulously handcrafted in the mountains of Whistler, BC.”  @ruthbarrowart Ruth_Barrow
Sam Mackie Sam Mackie has lived in Whistler for 26 years. Sam attended Alberta College of the Arts from 1983-87. This is their second painting since then.
Sandra Sutton Sandra Sutton enjoys painting, but says that it only works when she is in the mood to paint. Her inspiration comes from the beauty of the natural world as well as world events. When contemplating her work, she says the phrase “jack of all trades but master of none” comes to mind.
Sarah Cowan “Sarah Cowan is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living in Vancouver, BC. Her personal art style tends to veer towards fantasy and dreamlike scenes.
Sarah has created an image inspired by an old belief she had as a young child.”    @foundsarahcowan
Sarah Mcdonald Sarah Mcdonald is inspired by mountain life. Her paintings are brought to life with heavy textures and vivid colours.  @sarah.mcdonald.artwork 
Scott Leboldus Scott Leboldus has been playing with art for as long as he can remember. He has always found art to be a release, an expression, and therapy in a way. His inspiration comes from feeling from within. He hopes you enjoy this year’s offerings.  @Love_the_Tug
Sharon Audley Sharon Audley says, “Recreate, create, celebrate and enjoy!”
Sheldene Reich Sheldene Reich started exploring her artistic side during COVID. Learning new processes and experimenting with mediums has brought joy and calm.  @havebrush_willpaint
Sherry Klassen “Sherry Klassen lives in Whistler with her husband and her dog, and she loves it. She feels fortunate to get out every day. She is inspired by all things West Coast: mountains, forests, and water in all its forms. The surrounding nature allows her to recreate in so many wonderful ways.
Sherry is living a life of reinvention and is currently working on a painting certificate at Emily Carr University. She has discovered a love for painting and a desire to express her inner creativity. She sells her work through Arts Whistler, Roam Gallery, and her own website,” @sheklas
Sia Craythorne Sia Craythorne is a 13-year-old, local Sea-to-Sky artist. She loves dogs.
SJ Young SJ Young’s photographs are just the beginning of her art practice; the basis of what she prefers to build on, add to, subtract from, and manipulate to express a new perspective.  @sjyoungart
Sophie Joncas Sophie Joncas (they/them) is an autistic artist and long-time Whistler local.  @sokcb_
Stacey Murl “Stacey Murl has had an interest in painting since she was a teenager. She has tried various art forms but came back to painting with her first Art on the Lake Workshop in watercolours. She spent some time with that medium and then changed to acrylics.
During COVID lockdown, she spent her spare time studying more art, more artists, more techniques and mediums, to expand her horizons with painting. She is always keen to try new techniques and new subjects. Painting for Stacey is an ongoing learning experience that she hopes to be able to do for years to come. “
Stella Schwartz “Stella Schwartz resides in Whistler with her family. She loves the colours of nature around Whistler, but she is truly inspired by a fresh palette, like a new box of crayons!
Stella has sold pieces in the Anonymous Art Show and the Teeny Tiny Art Show in Whistler, and the Show Us Your Art Show on Granville Island.
Stella has painted all of her life. She started with baby food and progressed to finger paints before moving onto tempera, watercolours, acrylic, and encaustic. “
Susie Cipolla Susie Cipolla paints a wide variety of subject matter from marine scenes to wildlife. She is represented by Galleries in Whistler, Banff Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec. She is a senior signature member of The Federation of Canadian Artists.  @susiecipollaart
Suzanne Gibson “Shhh… it is a secret.”
Suzanne Bilodeau “Suzanne Bilodeau was born in Quebec, growing up by the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Matane. Art has been her true love since childhood. She studied visual art to become an art teacher.
Suzanne loves to paint what moves her. She gets inspiration while being in the outdoors, kayaking in Howe Sound, hiking or skiing in Whistler. She expresses the world through her own experiences. Her palette is loaded with bright colours, trying to show her audiences the beauty in nature.”  @bilodeausuzanne
Taeko Araki Taeko Araki heard the words “What a little artist!” from every teacher she ever had. She thinks this was probably to take the focus off of being a bad student in other subjects. That said, she’ll take it, because look at her now!    @toartsvancity
Tammy Seybold “Tammy Seybold is an artist who spends their time on the fluid or frozen waters of the Sea-to-Sky open-water swimming, paddling, or snowboarding.
Her degree in art history, as well as a Master’s in art conservation, informs her painting. Most of her pieces are figurative, but she also enjoys experimenting with unconventional materials and techniques.”  @arteachday
Tayleigh Kwok Tayleigh Kwok thinks mixing colours is cool. She enjoys seeing the transformations.
Theresa Yu Theresa Yu says, “Make art that makes you happy.” @Local_.t
Tracey Dolling Tracey Dolling enjoys the outdoors and fine detail work. During COVID, she had a lot of spare time to explore some hobbies. She hopes you enjoy her discoveries in watercolour.  @Traceypaintandphoto
Una Polenova “Una Polenova is a visual artist inspired by the great European and Canadian Impressionists for their use of colour and abstract impressionism. Polenova’s style simply states her personal appreciation for the natural beauty of places and subjects that surround us, integrating the art communities of New Westminster, White Rock, North Vancouver, and Squamish. Her original work is displayed online at
Born in Vancouver and raised in Richmond, BC, Una has Ukrainian ancestry. She presently resides in Squamish, where family life is simply stated from the stroke of a brush and a walk with their dog, Sami.”  @una.pole
Vanessa Whitehead Vanessa Whitehead is an artist who gains inspiration from nature. Living in BC’s mountain communities provides an endless stream of beautiful ideas.  @vjw42
Veya Stevens Veya Steven sees flowers as important to the cycle of life. This is why she honours them in her art.
Wendy Hargreaves Wendy Hargreaves is a local artist inspired by nature and the energy and beauty of the mountains.
Xulia Ares Vila triskelmagicart Xulia Ares Vila is a tireless traveler, artist, and activist defender of human rights and Mother Earth. Xulia was born in Spain but spent more than eight years backpacking across the world—nature was always the greatest inspiration.
Youric Gourdeau Youric Gourdeau is a multidisciplinary artist. His paintings depict simple and sometimes humorous figurative concepts as a template to explore the joys of colour. His work seeks to capture light. Not so much the light of Newton, but more so the light of the Alchemist, or the light spoken of in the Kabbalah. His work is an attempt to glorify beauty as a path to touch the heart.