Anonymous Art Show Online Gallery 2019


Meet the artists who contributed to this year’s Anonymous Art Show fundraiser

Arts Whistler is especially grateful to all the artists and creatives who donated their talents. We’re excited to see so many people creating art, especially art that helps us create more art! Their generous participation will help Arts Whistler offer diverse, accessible community programs and professional development workshops for the creative sector.

Everyone who participates in the show gets a complimentary Arts Whistler Membership. We are pleased to welcome so many new members – check out our local artist profiles from our members in Whistler and the Sea to Sky.

New members please be sure to submit your artist profile, so we can help promote your work throughout the year!

Scroll down to learn more about each artist. (If you’re looking for your favourite artist, they are listed alphabetically by first name.)

Adam Mechler “My name is Adam Mechler. Since the first day that I picked up a pencil, I have expanded to carving, painting, making music, writing, and of course, I’m still drawing. I am very passionate about art and love to share it with others. I have drawn everything from tattoos and cartoon characters, to portraits and landscapes. I started painting after receiving materials from my grandmother. Painting instantly became a great passion of mine. I draw and paint for pleasure and very much enjoy sharing that pleasure and happiness with others.”
Aimee Hawker “I have had a passion for painting for as long as I can remember. What inspires me to create abstract paintings is the beauty I see in the simple things- colours, textures, patterns and forms. In my paintings, I use a mixture of acrylics and various objects to inspire me. My goal is to let the viewer open themselves to the energy of the spirit of the painting and allow it to dance with their psyche.”
Aimee Todd-Mussett A Sea to Sky local for over 25 years, Aimee Todd-Mussett is a self-taught artist who was inspired after an Art on the Lake workshop. Now in her third year of painting, she continues to progress her skills by learning from other local artists and experimenting with different painting techniques and mediums. Her newest works reveal the emotional connection to her subjects, wither it be a landscape, portrait or a scene from everyday life.  
Akiko Takeuchi Akiko is a long time Whistler local who loves to create art no matter the medium. She has experience working with stained glass, pottery, wood carving, knitting, sewing and painting. These Japanese watercolour paintings are her first publicly exhibited pieces. “She’s a very private person who doesn’t even want to do this but all her friends think she should!”
Al Mac Scottish native who has made it “oot-a-tha-sidey-ways rain” and landed in the beautiful mountains of Whistler, BC. For the past 12+ years the beauty of the local landscape and nature has been sinking in and finally coming through the tip of the brush.  After numerous Sundays lying on the couch falling asleep to the hypnotic and soothing voice of Bob Ross, he got inspired to create his own collection of “Happy Little Trees.”  
Alecia Childs Alecia Childs is an artist based out of Squamish, and a recent cancer survivor. She is always torn between creating simple pop art and “horribly” time-consuming portraits, leaving her with an eclectic portfolio.
Ali Richmond “Ali lives in Whistler. When she’s not ski touring or rubbing people’s backs she likes to read, binge eat chocolate covered almonds, write, watch BBC crime shows and make paintings anonymously. Peace.”                            
Alice Lambert Alice is a Graphic Designer who has been passionate about art since an early age. She likes creating abstract paintings, drawing mandalas and mixed media. Her inspiration comes from everyday objects, either their shapes or patterns, and the beautiful surroundings of the Sea to Sky. 
Alli van Gruen Alli van Gruen received her Fine Arts diploma from OCAD in Toronto, Ontario.  She has an expressionistic style where colour and texture figure quite prominently in her paintings. After graduating from OCAD, Alli moved out west to get married and took a break from her painting career to settle into her new home and raise a family. She has now lived in Whistler for over 25 years with her husband and two children.   Alli’s days are filled with spending time with her family and friends, exploring the outdoors and looking for creative inspiration. Alli works from her studio in Whistler, BC.
Amy Avdeeff Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, Amy Avdeeff has spent most of her life immersed in the natural world. Avdeeff’s work, often dark, closely examines humanity’s relationship with nature while challenging the viewer’s thoughts on beauty. 
Anastasia Chomlack A master of shadow and light, Anastasia Chomlack has built her lifestyle and photography business in Whistler, BC, and has launched several other creative businesses along the way. Besides Anastasia Creative she is the founder of the Anastasia Photography and the Whistler Wedding Collective.
Andrea Moore Andrea lives and paints in Whistler, BC, where she took a painting workshop through the Art on the Lake program. Andrea holds a keen interest in landscape and florals, as well as animals, which have been her primary focus. She renders them in a contemporary and gestural style and likes to play with perspective, often bringing the viewer into the eyes and sometimes up into the nostrils. The paint, however, is always Andrea’s main subject. Andrea is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and is represented in Canada by Mountain Galleries. 
Andrea Mueller Andrea is a contemporary artist and art instructor based in Whistler, BC. Like most people who wind up living in this little mountain town, Andrea is a wild child.  Constantly covered in paint, she spends most of her time either up exploring the mountains or down in the valley creating in her studio. Her work is characterized by bold colors, messy loose brush strokes and darkly playful imagery. Her work focuses on relationships and universal connectivity, often referencing the idiosyncrasies of romantic relationships
Anette Effe Anette enjoys taking art classes while traveling, connecting with artists from all over the world, learning new techniques and getting inspired by different cultures. She paints mostly with acrylic on canvas, but enjoys being challenged by a new medium. She attended the Victoria College of Art and the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. She is currently studying techniques of using art as therapy. 
Angela Dallago Angela is an abstract artist, based in Whistler, BC. She expresses creativity through the manipulation of fluid acrylic paint. She pulls inspiration from the outdoors. The flow of nature is always present in her work. The art she creates is as dramatic as the landscapes that surround her Whistler home. Choosing to only paint one-of-a-kind pieces, she uses deep colours and textures to communicate emotion and beauty.
Angie Nolan Angie has red hair. She acts. 
Anna Szkraba “Love life in the mountains. Both pieces are inspired by my life in Whistler and love of the mountains and animals. Happy to call this place home and enjoy all the outdoor time Whistler has to offer any time of year or season!”
Annabelle Baldocke  
Annika Tse “My mission has always been to capture the beauty of my surroundings (Whistler and Vancouver) with the use of different mediums. My main belief is if I can spread a message or evoke an emotion through my art, then I’ve done my job.”
Arne Gutmann Arne is a local artist who enjoys the creative process as much as the exhibited experience. He always hopes you enjoy his art and buys some today. 
Asuka Kitagawa “Memorial of Rusty (the husky… she passed away last year).”
Aurora Moore “Pemberton-based. Mountains and trees are the touchstones of my creativity. Pen and ink drawings are my usual Jam but every once and a while, when the house is quiet, the acrylics come out!”
Barbara Instance Member of the Shades of Grey Painters group, who meet once a week to practice painting with acrylic paints. I have lived in Whistler since 1981 and now enjoy retirement. 
Barrett Ritz Barrett Ritz is 6 years-old. His art is inspired by many things including “northern lights in the forest and designs.” He also likes to draw video games and make creations out of Lego. 
Bea Searle “The local mountain landscape is a key inspiration for my paintings. I use acrylics to try and reflect the endless range of colour and shape. My work was featured in the February 2017 show “the Four Bs,” as well as We Heart Local Art and others. I look forward to sharing more in future shows.”
Becky Dalziel I live in Whistler, BC and love nature, biking and skiing. My items are inspired by my surroundings. I handcraft items such as quilts, cushions, napkins, baby toys, prints and things for your home and life. 
Blair Kaplan Venables  
Bob Dawson  
Borgi Rayen Creating jewelry or dabbling with paint is the outlet for creativity for Borgi here in Whistler. She loves to add a bit of humour into her creations and this is easily done with a puppy.
Brian Buckrell Brian is a contemporary impressionist landscape painter in acrylics. He has won numerous competitions and awards for both studio and plein air pieces. His work has been profiled in prestigious art magazines in Canada and the US. He is represented by galleries in BC, Alberta and Ontario. He spends his winters in the Comox Valley, BC and his summers in Collingwood Ontario. 
Bridget Duckworth Bridget has been painting in watercolours since 2007 and paints with a small group of friends on Thursdays, often with a glass of white wine to lubricate ideas. “Others are always welcome to join us!”
Cait Macconnachie “I am currently attending Emily Carr University of Art + Design for industrial design, however, I was born and raised in Whistler. As a child, I attended and enjoyed many of the projects Arts Whistler puts on, such as the Whistler Children’s Festival and Bratz Biz. Although I have dabbled in many different media such as ceramics, wood and acrylic, my favourite medium would be oil paints. Recently I have been studying watercolour as my grandmother was an artist in that field, and am currently working on a flower series.”
Caleb Chomlack “Just doodling as much as I can. 14 year-old snowboarder and skateboarder, who is obsessed with the weird and curious ways art can show up in our world and figuring out how to add to that greatness.”
Candace Espeseth Candace grew up dreaming of snow-capped mountain adventures, and in 2013 was fortunate to trade her corporate career in Vancouver for the big dream of living in Whistler. When the mountains aren’t calling too loudly, Candace likes to pursue her passion for painting, taking inspiration from Whistler’s breathtaking natural surroundings.  She paints in acrylics, using bright colours and bold brushstrokes to capture a variety of subjects, with wildlife being a personal favourite. Candace has taken many workshops and painting classes over the years, most recently with local artists in Whistler and Pemberton.      
Cara Burrow Cara is from Tsawwassen, BC and has lived in Whistler for seven years now. She loves the outdoors and finds inspiration in the mountains and wildlife of the sea to sky corridor. She works mainly with ink and acrylic on paper, wood and canvas. 
Cara Yuill “Every trip to the re-use it is a chance to find inspiration for new projects! I enjoy using materials found around the house and in thrift stores to create pieces that show familiarity and warmth. Whether painting barn board signs, doodling with ink, or giving new life to old skis and snowboards, creating art that evokes a memory or gives comfort to others is what brings me joy!” 
Carly Fox “I love to create crocheted coziness from my home in Whistler for friends and family and now as a business. I’ve always wanted to create artistic, as well and functional pieces and am grateful for the opportunity to create for the Whistler arts community.”
Carol English Carol English was born in Huntingdonshire, England. She moved with her family to BC in 2014, settling in Whistler. Carol felt inspired and passionate to pick up what she loved to do: mixed medium art using, acrylic, inks, oil, moulding pastes and resin to create contemporary artwork with a flow of energy using colour on canvas and perspex. Each project is layered with texture and colours until images are built up. Her paintings create feeling and draw new interpretations the more you look at them. That’s the love for Carol.    
Cathy Barr “I am an emerging Canadian artist who was born and raised on the prairies and then transplanted abruptly to the coast with a soul ever searching for beauty and joy in my surroundings through painting, photography and words.”  
Cathy Jewett  
Chantelle Pellerin Chantelle Pellerin is an artist who currently lives and works in Whistler, BC. Possessing a multi-disciplinary set of interests including photography, fashion design, painting, as well as mountain biking, snowboarding, fishing and climbing, Chantelle fuels her creativity by being outside and immersing herself in the outdoor sports culture that Whistler is known for. The balance between art and sport allows her to acknowledge the ebb and flow that grips most artists within their creative process.     
Charlotte Burford Charlotte was bored of the repetitive life in London, so she packed up and moved 7490 km to become a ski bum in Whistler. She liked Whistler so much that she got her Canadian citizenship so she could stay forever. She loves biking so much, she got herself a job in a bike store, got all the gear and tries to ride in all seasons. When she fell off her bike she didn’t just hurt herself, but broke and dislocated her elbow and needed two surgeries. She’s spontaneous, fun loving, adventurous and stubborn as hell. 
Charlotte Jacklein After traveling and working in diverse places from the Arctic to the Andes, Charlotte Jacklein is now delighted to make her home in the Pemberton Valley. She draws inspiration from her travels and from the mountains, rivers and coastlines in the Sea to Sky.
Charmaine Carpenter Charmaine is a lover of all things creative and has the utmost respect for artists of every discipline. Her professional strength to “herd kittens” has created opportunities to work with artists and performers from Vancouver and beyond, and has allowed her to explore her own creativity as an event producer, which includes street festivals, block parties, art exhibitions and epic dance parties with her bestie at the Beaumont Studios. Charmaine is a facilitator at heart but also sews and designs clothes and paints. 
Chrissy Sovak “Painting is a way for me to imitate the extravagant beauty that God has created for us to enjoy. I like to paint photographs from places that I have been so blessed to travel. When I paint, I am pulled deep into the place where I originally took the photograph. I can breathe in the fresh mountain air, feel the sun on my face, and hear the wind in its untamed dance. In that instance, it is a time of reflection and solace, peace and tranquility, a moment with my Creator.”
Claire Ruddy “Haven’t picked up a paintbrush since school and don’t consider myself to have an artistic bone in my body but my goodness this was super fun and very therapeutic – just like nature!”
Cléa Thomas “I’m a 28 year old French geologist. Don’t get me wrong, I love rocks, but I actually studied art before going to the dark side of science! I studied film making in New Zealand and film animation at Concordia University, Montréal. I’m now a mother of a busy 9 month old baby, and since I have some time off (when he’s asleep), I can go back to my first love: Art!
Cormac Power “I’m Cormac, a Whistler-based designer and photographer pushing the boundaries of photography through unique perspectives and creative editing techniques. I specialise in portrait, landscape and minimal photography. My approach is to show the true beauty of the subject, where it demands attention by introducing space and minimising distractions. The simplest of things, when isolated, can represent something beautiful.”
Curtis Collins Curtis loves art, skiing, guacamole, curating, spaghetti and paddle boarding.
Dalia Shehata Dalia Shehata graduated from a fine arts university in Cairo, Egypt. After living in multiple countries, she has chosen Squamish as home. She has been working in the digital arts industry for over a decade, but having been inspired by the beautiful scenery she has decided to dust off her painting skills and pick up her brushes. She believes anyone can be an artist, so in an effort to make art and sensory stimulation accessible to everyone, together with her husband they have created Happimess, a sensory play and art studio in Squamish. 
Dan Campbell Now a resident of Pemberton, Dan Campbell has been living in the Sea to Sky corridor since 2001. Over this time, his artistic style and vision has really taken shape. Dan’s work features signature lines, imaginative colour palettes and abstract opti-minimalism.
Darryl Bowie An extremely Canadian guide by day, artist by night, REALTOR to pay the bills, this self-taught artist, began painting in Mexico in 2003 and never looked back. “Collectors have my work in Switzerland, Australia and Alberta. My wife Trudy is the real artist in the family and my inspiration.”
Daryl Lynne Wood “Born in Vancouver, BC, I became an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists in 1991 when I was a mixed media painter, having attended some courses at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Following a trip to Italy in 2002 where I saw fine art mosaics and Orsoni Smalti, I began working in this medium. I took a Master’s class in Venice and became a member of Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) and BAMM the British Association and AIMC the international. I have exhibited in the US, Britain, Turkey and Cyprus. Locally I have exhibited at Plaza Gallery, Whistler.”
Dave Petko Painter by morning, tattooist by day, returning back to painter by night.  Dave changes like the seasons and then changes back again, and again, and again. A true artist. Dave owns and works at Black Ohm Tattoos in Function Junction. 
Dave Skilling  
Davin Peterson “This work, dedicated to Mother Bolt Bug Nests and Colonies, explores the evolution of humanity through machines and insects. A study in recycled steel, dust and concrete. If we thought that studying apes, as our nearest cousins would help us understand our past, the similarities between a city and an anthill might help us understand our future.   Instead, using sunlight, new machine species feeds off of electricity and sucks oil from the ground as it spreads across the planet leaving behind discarded shells of itself. A positive view of our machine world, pieces of our lives left behind, recycled”   
Dawna Werbeski “Currently taking a break from my traditional acrylic landscapes, I’ve been obsessed with the freeness of Pebeo’s reactive resin paints. They satisfy this new desire for quick completion, freeness of form and a release from expected outcomes. It’s nice to just focus on setting various moods through colour combinations and let the paint chemistry tell the story within my parameters. These works take on a new life when you shine a light on them.”
Diane Matheson “Life is too short not to paint. Art has always been part of my life. I like my paintings to take myself and viewers to someplace. I paint to be part of a painting. My work is strong in colour and texture. I am influenced by an impressionistic style. I work mostly in oil, but have worked in watercolour, acrylic and mix media. I paint based on my surroundings but manipulate my paintings into a feeling of somewhere I hope my viewer feel part of.”
Dorell Carlson “I love Ravens. I hope this painting will be enjoyed by someone who also finds Ravens to be fascinating birds. But watch out! He has his eye on you (…or your lunch?).”
Doria Moodie Doria is a full time artist represented by Mountain Galleries in Whistler, Banff, Jasper and Stratford. Known for her large, intimate portraits of bears – black bears, grizzlies and spirit bears – Doria is the official artist for the Grizzly Bear Foundation which works to protect grizzlies in Canada. Doria also paints people and landscapes. She will be the artist in residence onboard a OneOcean arctic expedition this summer. Doria is an associate member (AFCA) of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a founding member of Whistler Out-of-Bounds Artists. Her work is in collections around the world. 
Edna Laffey “I am fascinated with the idea of painting in egg tempera. There is something very satisfying about creating an image with pure pigments and egg yolk. This ancient technique invites me to delve further into the possibilities.”
Elena Markelova Elena Markelova is a Russian-born artist now living in beautiful Vancouver, BC. During 13 years at art schools she learned to use different mediums and techniques, but watercolour was always her favourite. Elena loves the magic in the unique ability of the medium to produce exciting ways to blend and mix colour. Having moved to Vancouver just 6 years ago, Elena can finally live her dream of being an artist. She finds her inspiration in the beauty of city and nature, the power of the ocean and the enchanted life of the creatures that inhabit her new home. 
Elena Whitman “I moved to Squamish, Canada, BC. from Moscow, Russia in November 2014. I have always been enchanted by masterpieces of great painters. It wasn’t until I took part in an Intuitive Painting workshop in 2011 that I started to envision myself as an artist. Since then easel, oil and canvases have become part of my life. Landscapes that I encountered during my adventures abroad, in Europe and Asia, inspired many of my paintings. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of the sea, sunsets and sails that bring feelings of peace and tranquility.”
Elina Krimele “I’m a 23 year-old Latvian, loving life in the Whistler bubble. I hiked up Panorama Ridge last summer. It was the first day that the wildfire smoke rolled in, and by the time we reached the top, we could barely see a couple of metres in front of us. It was an amazing journey, and until I can do it again, I found inspiration from the views I missed on Instagram!”
Elizabeth Hardy “Whistler is such a beautiful area. I am just so inspired by the natural world around me! I’ve been painting in oils, but this is my first try with acrylic.”
Elizabeth Harris Elizabeth Harris has lived in the lower main land for more than 25 years, been a part time Whistlerite for 20 of them, and is currently residing in Paradise Valley near Squamish. She has been a maker since her days of growing up on a cattle ranch in Northern BC. Harris’ art is reflective of her love of nature and curiosity of materials. 
Elizabeth Tracy Elizabeth Tracy has been the Director at the Whistler Public Library since 2012. Before transplanting to Whistler, she managed the youth services department of the Wilkinson Public Library in Telluride, Colorado. Prior to her career in libraries Elizabeth worked in variety of arts and culture roles ranging from art education with inner-city kids to documentary film. When she is not at the library she enjoys biking, climbing, skiing and chasing after her spunky preschooler, Piper. Elizabeth is passionate about supporting arts and culture in Whistler, because it makes for a happy and healthy community.
Emily Wood An accomplished third flutist, Emily has dabbled in art for most of her life. As a young artist, she painted and painted until she had ruined all of her clothes. She was given a pack of washable markers and recycled paper, and it became her medium. This is her first painting since her youth and none of her clothes were harmed. However, she will have to refinish the coffee table.
Eric Hjorleifson (Hoji) Hoji likes to fix stuff. Always more comfortable behind a workbench than a camera, Hjorleifson quietly became one of the biggest influencers in backcountry gear over the past decade. Eric lives in Whistler and skis the world. 
Eric Poulin  
Erin Lamondin “Hi I’m Erin and I am here to challenge my creativity. Inspired by the natural beauty of the West Coast, this piece is an expression of love and peace. Hope you enjoy and have a sun shining day.”
Francis Bantayen Francis is a Squamish based artist, whose work involves taking different aspects of nature, figurative and cartoon to create imagery with narrative undertones into colourful, yet semi-realistic drawings and paintings. 
Frankie Goris Born in L’isle-Adam near Paris, France. Frankie studied culinary art, music (percussions) and beekeeping. He escaped city life 13 years ago to live in the peaceful mountains of BC’s coastal range – a radical change of lifestyle. Frankie’s first introduction to art was in Paris, Giverny and Auvers, where impressionism took place in the 19th century. Influenced by Monet, Rothko, Kandinsky and Van Gogh, his technique is self-taught. Using products from his bee hives, his pieces convey a feeling of warmth with a dramatic sense of motion by drawing simple curves, textured backgrounds and doodles. 
Gabriella Szinegh “Just a wandering artist-sometimes on paper, sometimes on snow, sometimes only in my mind. Experimental ideas and perceptions – inspired by everything, anything, nothing. The world has many different eyes, art perhaps revealing what I can see through mine.”
Gail McKeller “Painting is a wonderful outlet for my creative abilities and has enabled me to see the world around me with greater clarity and wonder.  Thank you to Gretchen for starting the paint classes in Pemberton!”
Gareth Thomas  “I move in the shadows and hear whispers in the wind. Stomp the pow and help others in need of assistance. I like sliding on planks and exploring in far-to-reach places.”
Geoff Swan “I have been a writer, a poet, a stain glass artist, a wood worker, a painter, a fly fisherman, a photographer, a bird watcher, a comedian, an actor, a shadow box builder, a shadow boxer, a lonely planet traveler, a letter writer. …..i didddddd itttttt myyyyyy wayyyyyyy….k.”
Giselle Wolfe “Live, live and have fun, explore and express what you feel, don’t let others get you down. Dance to your own drum. Most important, don’t let others determine your path.”
Greg Cutten Greg Cutten is a locally-based artist who is currently focused on work incorporating semiotics and the language of symbols. “In a town that sometimes seems fixated on bears and nature, I strive to bring something new.”
Greg Funk “I am a Whistler-based artist and I like to paint the world I see around me and the one that’s in my head. There is so much to observe, capture, interpret, express and create, and these are the reasons art fascinates me. Painting teaches me patience and perseverance and gives me a greater appreciation for beauty as I try to share a part of myself with you. As Dostoevsky said, ‘beauty will save the world’.”
Heather Lynskey “I am an ‘art therapy student’.”
Heather Paul Heather Paul has a blue canary on the outlet by the light switch who watches over her. She often wakes up at 1:18 in the morning with new ideas that require her to work. She doesn’t seem to mind at all. Her hobbies include keeping up to date with the latest episodes of Riverdale, and nagging her husband to take out the recycling. Her nails are weak, but her tongue is sharp. 
Heidi Denessen “I want to make art that brings you JOY! That is my sole purpose. That feeling you get when you are in the ‘zone’ doing the sport you love, or listening to the music you love. That is the same blissful feeling I get when the painting or design is on the right path, and I hope you feel it too. xo Heidi”
Hilarie Cousar “From the moment we step out our door we are blessed with the incredible nature that surrounds us. Our family, living in the community of Black Tusk, celebrates life year-round under the iconic beauty of the ‘tusk’….hiking, biking, community gatherings, birthdays, hockey on the frozen lake in the winter and swimming in the summer. We look up and this is what we see! I studied photography years ago at George Brown College, today it is a passion inspired and shared by our family.”
Imogen Osborne Imogen always has an idea for the next creative project floating around in her head. She enjoys incorporating mixed media elements into her art pieces and experimenting with different materials and mediums to create texture. Often diving in with a concept not knowing how the finished product will turn out, no two pieces are ever the same!
Indiana Zgud “Creations are currently inspired by patterns and water. Experimenting with colours and shapes at this time. Painting to relax, create and play. Born and raised in Pemberton, BC. A dancer, gymnist, biker, and outdoor enthusiast. Currently studying French.”
Indigo Dipple “Softypon” is creating soft art for a tough world. If we can bring a smile to your face, our mission is accomplished! 
Isobel Maclaurin  
Jack Crompton “My art practice has been very much for practice until now. That said, it has been a joy to do and it’s provided a wealth of comedic material for my kids to throw at me. I love art made in Whistler. I love Whistler’s growing arts scene.”
Jacqui Cottier Living in Whistler, Jacqui often forgets how much she likes painting. Within five minutes of slashing acrylics on paper, canvas, or clay pots, she remembers. Her work is inspired by abstract expressionism. The layers, the slashes, the strokes, the colours, all come together to create an untold story that lies in her own imagination.
Jalena B.  
Jane Keyes Jane Keyes was raised in Ontario and moved to the West Coast after graduating with a degree in Fine Art and English from the University of Guelph. She now lives and works in Squamish, BC as an artist, graphic designer and editor. Her acrylic paintings encompass a wide range of subjects and favour bold, stylized motifs and tactile textures. Inspired by living in Squamish, Jane has been exploring a range of themes, resulting in a series of textured acrylic paintings that feature intense colour and express a whimsical view of life in beautiful BC.
Jane MacPhail “After retirement, I took my first painting workshop where I discovered acrylics. My creative experiences as a floral designer, retail buyer and merchandiser with interests in interior design and gardening provide a good base for my art. Travels throughout Scandinavia and Europe influence many of my subjects.”
Janet Nietvelt “I have drawn portraits for a number of years, but wanted to add colour to my work. I decided to learn acrylics. There is not much more fascinating to me than faces. Animal or human, I love each of them. The older and wiser, the better.”
Jeff McLeod “As a sleight of hand performer for the past 25 years, I’ve watched people react in a very pure way to something unexpected and surprising. This is the feeling I get when I finish a piece. I never know what a blank canvas will transform into and to me that’s magic.”
Jen Mann Jennifer Mann’s giggle and laugh could open a brand new shined up pickle jar. Born in Ottawa, Jenny Jean has lived in Alpine, White Gold, Alta Vista, Creekside, Spring Creek, Tamarisk, Brio, Bayshores and Nordic. Jen finds inspiration in the lucid sky, the tepid trees, the austerity of our wildlife, and the couch that holds her on those days when shoes are overrated (sooo… basically every Tuesday). She didn’t write this bio. If Jen Mann had written her bio it would read “C’est l’art.” Like all Ottawanian women, she is devastatingly beautiful and likes to pretend she can speak French.
Jennifer Barr “Hello! I’m Jennifer but you can call me Jenny. I am a writer-illustrator living on the West Coast of Canada. I like illustrating and writing funny picture books and mysterious graphic novels. When I’m not drawing or writing, you will find me somewhere in the mountains riding my bike or seeking out fresh mountain tracks with my family – coffee in one hand and chocolate in the other.”
Jenny Judge Jenny Judge holds an MFA in sculpture and has exhibited work in Canada, US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Her exhibitions include The Cheongju International Craft Exhibition (2009), Ranamok Glass finalist (Australia 2012), and she was included in 2016 “Embracing Innovation” at Craft ACT in Canberra, Australia. She has recently been painting and integrating it with her interest in 3D design and printing, and this piece focuses on combining the two mediums together. This work will be expanded on in an upcoming solo exhibition in August 2019 at the BC Craft Council on Granville Island.  
John Fathom  Jon founded Fathom Stone Art in Whistler, BC in 2009, leading his team of Whistler trained stone sculptors in creating stone masterpieces. Originally from Alaska, Jon spent a great deal of time outdoors.  This early exposure to nature instilled in him an appreciation for natural forms, wildlife and the importance of untouched landscapes. He hopes to produce sculptures that the world will enjoy for generations to come.  Fathom is currently working on his Life Size Polar Bear Collection carved primarily from single blocks of 10-ton Alaskan white and grey marble.
John Rae “Honoured to be invited to participate as a surprise artist. I’ve always had great admiration for the creative fearlessness of artists. I envied their courage but, until now, lacked the confidence to explore my own creative instincts. I’m hugely grateful to Arts Whistler, Suzanne Johnston and Lisa Geddes for the encouragement, enthusiasm and guidance during what has been a truly enriching and fulfilling process. Thank you for inspiring me and introducing me to the wondrous world of painting!”
Julie Martin “I live in Whistler after moving here in 2013 from Australia via Japan.  Painting is a casual hobby with no formal training. I love to paint animals’ faces but really paint what I feel like at the time looking for images that appeal to me. I also enjoy drawing and photography. “
Justine Nichol “I moved from the city to the mountains and never looked back. Relocating from my hometown of Vancouver, BC to Whistler began with the desire to showcase culture and life in the Pacific Northwest through Tourism Marketing. My experience in marketing, public relations, graphic design and content management began to align with my lifelong passion for arts, culture and Anthropology/Archaeology of the Pacific Northwest, eventually leading me to the spectacular Audain Art Museum.”
Kaat McGill “A bag of chips for breakfast is okay. Messy hair is sexy. Hard work is good for the soul. It’s okay that beans make you toot. Coffee is an absolute must.”
Kassandra Turmel Kassandra Turmel is an artist who works primarily with ink, watercolour and resin to create pieces that are greatly inspired by the landscapes of BC. She is driven to create art as a homage to her family and to submerge herself into the freedom of artistic expression. Her belief is that the spirits of her loved ones can be found in the landscapes around her, and her bright and playful abstract landscape pieces reflect the joy she feels to be connected to nature, to art and to her family always.  
Kate Byrne “New to painting! Exciting and scary! I have lived in Whistler for 20 years, Have dabbled in performing arts and have always been in awe of the visual arts in this creative community.”
Kathleen Tennock I was born in South Africa where I studied Fine Art at the Johannesburg Art Foundation. I feel very fortunate to have had a childhood in Africa, surrounded by the colour and rhythm of the African people. Though I no longer live there, the forms and textures of Africa is still very present in my work. For the last 14 years I have been working primarily in clay, using primitive methods of firing like sawdust and Naked Raku.  
Kaylen McConnell (Kram) “I never thought my mental illness would be the focus of my art. I have a hard time communicating my emotions so to be able to paint gives me the control and voice I so desperately crave. The stigma and discrimination is slowly being peeled away, layer by layer. I can have conversations in my head while I paint and I can choose to work things out or ignore the rising anxiety. I am in control of my art and what the narrative is. Art gives me hope and sometimes that’s all you need.” 
Kelly Cosgrove Kelly has enjoyed living in the Sea to Sky corridor and taking photos whenever possible for over 25 years. However, she made the move to follow her passion as a full-time photographer within the past two years. Real estate and rental property photography is her main focus, although you will find Kelly outdoors capturing those moody foggy Pemberton mornings, stunning mountain landscapes and local lifestyle via ground and aerial photos every chance she gets.
Kelti Holdsworth “I paint to relax, thinking about nothing other than the creation in front of me, the nature around me and the creative companionship of other artists who might join me. A meditation of creativity!”
Kim Maitland “Making things and getting messy is the cure for too much time online. I have been practicing and studying art my whole life, but it wasn’t until becoming a graphic/web designer that I found myself spending so much time online that I turned to art for balance. Far from the digital world where every pixel counts, my art practice is decidedly messy, free and intuitive, I try not to plan much and paint primarily with inks and acrylics. I also play with natural dyes and have a small company called Salt & Snow, where I sell handmade indigo-dyed textiles.”
Kirsty Aleksich Originally from Niagara, Ontario, Kristy was enticed to Whistler, BC over 15 years ago by friends she met while traveling the world. Always finding inspiration in the arts, she has worked in film, television and radio and is a freelance writer, photographer, editor and now, painter. Growing up playing with her father’s paints, she finds inspiration in the deepness of the sea, the wisps of mountain shadows and the reflections of light in an endless sky. 
Kristi Wells “As my children grew up, my creative pursuits lessened and so did some of the unstructured joy and playful mess in my life. As a new grandma, I am welcoming back the ability to take myself less seriously and throw some paint around.”
Kristin Wheeler “This painting was inspired by the ocean. The movement and different colours change all the time, and I wanted to show that within this painting. The medium I used was acrylic. I like acrylic because of the bright array of colours it offers.”
Kristina Kindret Kristina Kindret is a local artist creating quirky and unique illustrations. Her favourite subjects to depict are cats, girls and cryptids. She can usually be found covered in paint, hanging out with her geckos, or drinking Arizona green tea.
Kyle Chambers Kyle grew up just outside of Yosemite National Park in California. He developed a passion for art at a young age and settled into painting as a favourite medium as he grew older. Kyle moved to BC to pursue his love for the outdoors. He draws his inspiration from immersion in and exposure to nature. His style is cerebral and impressionistic and he loves to use bright, contrasting colours. 
Kylie Millar Kylie T Millar is a local artist who primarily paints with encaustic wax. She is constantly inspired by the abundance of nature surrounding us here in Whistler, and uses this inspiration to produce her abstract works. You can often find Kylie teaching throughout the Sea to Sky corridor, encouraging new artists to explore their creativity through texture and material.
Laine Curtis Laine is a self-taught artist who started painting in 2011, she moved to BC in 2004 and fell in love with the mountains and the ocean. She lives in Pemberton and loves to paint mountains, moons and oceans.
Laura Antonelli “My name is Laura Antonelli and I have a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires, I discovered my passion for calligraphy during my early years of study. My works have been featured in books and museums in Buenos Aires and I have won an international award in design. Currently I’m a calligrapher instructor in Pemberton, BC. Lately, I’ve started experimenting with calligraphy as an art form, and it is then when the different strokes become the expression beyond the word written.”
Laura Rudderforth  
Laura Scarr Laura is fascinated with the moments in photographs that have failed to capture reality. Specifically, where the excess of light distorts the colours and forms within an image to the point where reality is suggested but unclear. In these moments beautiful colours blur and distort to create a veil over reality. Using the language of these distortions in her paintings allows her to create landscapes which, although visible, maintain their own mysteries. Within a modern culture where we are bombarded with information, Laura’s sense of beauty lies in the quiet moments that allow us to contemplate and embrace the unknown.
Lauren Perkins “I studied Art at Loughborough University in the UK, before moving into a Graphic Design specialization. Now working in Marketing for a few years, painting and drawing has been neglected until recently. I have been inspired by the creative culture in Whistler and drawn to start painting again. As a lover of colour, I enjoy expressing myself through abstract mark making, using colours inspired by places and spaces around me.”
Lee Schwartz Lee is a busy Mom of two in Whistler. She enjoys moving and loves the outdoors. Lee is exploring her creative side and searches out artistic opportunities for her family. She loves setting a plethora of art supplies on the dining table so her family can create masterpieces.
Levi Nelson Levi Nelson is an artist from the Lil’wat Nation. He is currently attending Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, BC working towards his BFA in Visual Arts with a focus on painting. He describes his work as a blend between contemporary and traditional First Nations art. His work has been exhibited in the Talking Stick Festival, The Museum of Anthropology, North Vancouver City Art Scape, and in the Emily Carr University of Art + Design Aboriginal Student Art Show. He was selected as Best of Pemberton’s Favourite First Nations Artist and is the winner of the 2018 IDEA Art Award. 
Linda Epp Linda Epp is a survivor of the Sixties Scoop. Her ancestry stems from the Sechelt Nation, BC. She organizes the Whistler’s Sisters in Spirit Vigil on October 4, which honours the hundreds of missing Indigenous women, girls and two-spirited in Canada. Leading up to the vigil she installs “Red Dresses” in various locations, which signify an Indigenous person who has gone missing or has been murdered. In March 2018, Linda was invited to speak at Tedx Quest University to share her life experiences and the work she does for Indigenous causes. Topic of the Tedx Talk was “Breaking Convention”.  
Linley Mussett Linley Mussett is a new artist in the Sea to Sky corridor that has been influenced and inspired by both of her parents. As a new artist she has mostly enjoyed trying out acrylics but has also dabbled in some watercolour as well. With a new found love for painting she hopes to try many mediums to explore her creativity. The works presented are an expression of sensuality she sees in the feminine form. 
Lisa Nielson Geddes Lisa approaches art-making in the same way she aspires to approach life: with an attentive and inquiring mind. Her work explores the qualities of opacity, transparency, texture and flux using water-based media, mainly acrylic and watercolour, in combination with a variety of drawing and mark-making tools, photo-transfer, found objects, limestone clay and collage. She approaches each piece with an open mind teasing what wants to happen out of the process onto her surface.
Lisa Severn Lisa is curious. Not curious enough to meet the same fate as the infamous cat. But still, curious. It’s likely the reason she picked up a camera in the first place.
Lydia Schwartz Lydia lives in Whistler with her family and pets.  She is inspired by critters and nature. Lydia won the 2018 Arts Whistler Grade 7 Art Award. She has sold pieces at the Anonymous Art Show and the Teeny Tiny Art Show in Whistler, as well as the Show Us Your Art Show on Granville Island. Lydia works with many mediums including watercolour, acrylic, oil pastels and clay, but her current favourite is painting with hot wax or encaustic art. Lydia took an encaustic workshop through Arts Whistler and has been experimenting with it ever since.
Maeve O’Connell “The canvas is a portal, the images transport its viewers beyond realism into the abstract world. Painting a surreal landscape with a juxtaposition of diverse images leave open you to abandon the way our daily surroundings are viewed. Living in the mountains of BC submerged in nature’s inspirations, painting an intimate assortment of memories, I strive to capture emotions through movement of brush strokes and energetic hues, contrasting flat blocks of color with sumptuous textures, shapes and lines. To me painting is an open invitation to unlock the secrets of boundless images bursting to get out, the possibilities are endless.”
Marcelle Armatage Marcelle is a Whistler-based artist. Since her return to painting and ceramics, her artwork continues to evolve both consciously and unconsciously. Each idea, colour, shape, line, form and pattern happens in its own time. Her paintings consist of abstract geometric landscapes. She works with many layers of acrylic paint and mixed media which create a textures surface. Her clay sculptures and murals are a sculptural expressions of human forms, animals, mythical creatures and landscapes. “Each body of work embodies my interest in unique forms, so that each piece of art is unique.  “
Marie Leduc Since retiring I particularly enjoy painting with acrylics, and I am always looking for some unusual subjects to push my creativity.
Marketa Pohlova “I’m an amateur photographer born and raised in Czech Republic, currently having fun in Whistler, BC. Adventure seeker, sport enthusiast and nature lover. Enjoy landscape photography, it force you go outside and discover the beauty around you. 
Marlowe Ritz Marlowe Ritz is 9 years-old. She has been creating art for as long as she can remember. Marlowe is passionate about art and spends hours drawing, painting, cutting things out and taping them together, painting, cartooning and creating interesting things. She says that one day her art will be on display in the Audain Art Museum. 
Martin Bell “Born and raised in Yorkshire, England I moved to Canada four and a half years ago and love this place! My passion is landscape long exposure and astro photography. Enjoy the art.”
Mary Ann Collishaw “I want to make the world a better place, by creating space for contemplation and using humour to bring awareness to all that we have and all that nature provides.” 
Mary Pines “I’m passionate about life in ways that motivate me to create constantly and have been painting since I could hold a brush. I was raised largely without TV, with a pencil in my hand, and temperate BC rainforests as both my playground and inspiration. As a research scientist, art was always my way of wrapping my brain around the mind-blowing nature of existence. Painting is a kind of meditative act of reverence for me: observing not just the form of something, but how it exists, moves, breathes… In blending art and science, my work recognizes they are not actually separate.”
Mary-Jane Glover-Moffett I have been an artist for 30 years participated in many art shows.  Trained by an Australian botanical artist. Mostly self-taught with a passion for painting with watercolor and acrylic. I have traveled the world and now reside in Whistler BC.  My chosen art subjects are animals, and flowers. My paintings are transferred onto fabric, linen and cotton and sold online and created into beautiful home decor products, sold by the yard or placed on apparel and accessories.  My art is sold as prints or as an original creating a very custom home decor experience.  
Maureen Foreward “During my childhood, art was a major focus and my favourite subject. After graduating from high school, I enrolled in a two-year Fine Art program at Capilano College but just shy of graduating, I developed cold feet with respect to becoming a freelance artist. It would be 31 years before I would pick up a paintbrush again. Over the past ten years, I have taken various art courses and painting workshops and am currently working towards a certificate through Emily Carr University of Art + Design.”
Max Sheppard “My name is Max and I am not an artist. I am a Promotions Director/Mid-Day DJ at Mountain FM. I have lived in this region for three years and have loved it from the beginning.”
Megan Simmonds “I’m a young aspiring artist exploring different mediums, my individuality and style. Whistler and Vancouver happen to be my current muse that has sparked a love for art again, that I haven’t felt in a few years. This seems to be the beginning of something special and long-term in my life.”
Meghan Spence Meghan Spence is a painter working through a broad series, focused on the landscapes of BC and the Pacific Northwest. The contemporary landscape and people’s interaction and engagement with nature is the motivation for this body of work. Bright colour, free-flowing brush strokes and familiar places are what her paintings are known for.  Her work is found in galleries and art spaces around BC. When Meghan is not in the studio, you can find her out exploring beautiful BC.      
Mercedes Nicoll “Four-time Winter Olympian, five-time National Champion in snowboard halfpipe. Graduated from Whistler Secondary thanks to art class. Took painting back up after a monumental snowboard crash in 2014 at the Sochi Olympics and has been painting ever since.”
Meredith Kunza “I enjoy pairing memories and a little imagination to create pieces that make people wonder. There are so many rules in this world, it’s nice to bend and alter them. I use locally-sourced materials to stay eco-friendly while giving people something they will love for years.”
Meryl Pardoen Meryl is a printed textile designer, who creates custom art works that can be found on fabrics used on swimwear, active wear, women’s apparel and accessories and even suitcase linings. Things that inspire her print designs are current trends, travel and the great outdoors. She uses techniques such as illustration, painting, photography and mixed media that is then digitally modified.  
Michaela Ivancova (Machi Mela) Michaela Ivancova (Machi Mela) is a passionate artist that finds inspiration in nature and own experiences. She focuses on depicting events from her personal life and her own states of mind through various media. Michaela Ivancova is a graduate of Presov University in Slovakia with a Major in Fine Arts. As part of her studies, she also attended Shenzhen University in China and Rzeszow University in Poland. Michaela also studied Service Excellence on ILAC College in Vancouver. Coming to Whistler has opened many possibilities for her artistic visions. BC nature has become her new resource of inspiration. 
Michelle Ratcliffe “A Whistler-raised local business and arts advocate, I get pretty jazzed about connecting people to nature through commercial and creative endeavours celebrating the great outdoors. Honoured to be your Chair of the Arts Whistler Board of Directors, General Manager at the Whistler Chamber and founder of Alpenglow Nation – a space for women worldwide who love mountain life to thrive. When it comes to artistic endeavours, my tool of choice is the written word, but thanks to the tutelage (and patience) of two of Whistler’s most skilled painters, I had a marvelous time creating my anonymous pieces. Thank you for supporting Arts Whistler!”
Mieke Prummel “A long time Whistler local, I am loving the growing arts scene in Whistler and enjoy contributing in this small way with a painting. My design and drawing skills come from my career as a resort planner and designer and my strongest inspiration is with nature, landscape, plants and animals.”
Mike Furey Mike has committed his adult life to serving the public at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government across Canada. His art piece is a representation of the importance of good government and its role in keeping our community strong and healthy.     
Mike St.Eve “I like to draw and have recently become excited about photography again after a decade break. By submitting my art, getting accepted into the show and it being purchased, I will fulfill a long-time goal. I hope you like my contribution and enjoy the show.”
MJ Lyons As a radio announcer for Mountain FM in the Sea to Sky, I am lucky to live and do what I love in one of the most beautiful areas of the world.  My art is inspired by the comfort of home whilst also having the urge to ‘See the World.’ I used sea-like colours and textures to portray the ocean, which to me, signifies both home and travel. 
Mo Douglas Fueled by 12 years of Catholic-school guilt, Mo Douglas, the executive director at Arts Whistler, wanted to contribute artwork to the 2018 Anonymous Art Show, but had no painting experience. Commitment overcame lack of confidence and Mo put two pieces in the show… and they sold. When not stressing about what to paint this year, in her spare time (“ha!”), Mo plays guitar badly, shoots photos moderately well, drinks too much coffee and enjoys the spectacular outdoors of the Sea to Sky. She is also super thankful to the community for supporting Arts Whistler and the Anonymous Art Show.
Molli Reynolds Molli Reynolds has been creating in paint, pencil, chalk, yarn, wool, fabric and whatever else she can find for as long as she can remember.  In addition to her regular job teaching crafts at the Whistler Waldorf School, Molli also occasionally takes on chalkboard art and menus for a few local businesses and enjoys playing with colour.
Mollie Greenfield “My paintbrush used to be an eraser. My canvas bare until its counterpart rough, no longer rough, perfection, replaced. You could say I was a type A personality, not a hair out of place. But something happened, sweet stranger… I won’t bore, but pencil drafts I simply could not care for anymore. I fell in love with expressionism abstract, and oh how I, my stroke and brushes too, we strived, free, could finally breathe, confined no longer from conception, exact. And apparently we submit art to random art shows now too. Happy Anonymous.”
Nadja Festor “Imagine the lines would come alive. In another world, another universe they might have a story. Maybe they will tell you. They will whisper ferries and speak fantasy and if you come close enough they will take your hand and take you to that other place. For the blink of an eye or for eternity. Come a step closer and let it live.
Naomi Pitt “I am an Island girl at heart but have lived in Whistler on and off for over 12 years! I am a Pisces, so I should be an artist right?! This is my first show!”
Natalie Griffiths Born and raised in Winnipeg, Natalie was drawn to the stunning mountains, lakes and forests of BC, and has called Whistler home since 2007. You’ll find Natalie walking the Emerald trails with her crazy lab-retriever, camper-vanning across the province with her husband, and re-discovering this beautiful world through the eyes of her toddler.
Natasha Louise “Art is the creative weapon used to provoke curiosity, to be observed and to be discovered.”
Nicki Valentine   
Nicole Babb “Hi my names Nicole, I recently moved to Squamish and have been exploring my artistic skills. I am very excited to participate in the Anonymous Art Show and see the other submissions.”
Nicole Heisterman “I started painting when I broke my ankle in 2016.  I had lots of time on my hands and needed something to focus on, so I decided to learn about painting and drawing. Painting has opened my eyes to a different way of seeing the world and has inspired me to try to express how it makes me feel. I have had a great time exploring art and painting so far, and am looking forward to continuing the journey!”
Nina Moore Nina is an artist, teacher and mom. Born in Ottawa, she grew up in coastal Devon in the UK, and spent some time traveling the world before choosing Whistler as home in 2010.  Nina ‘paints on people’ as a professional face and body painter since 2007. She also paints in 2D, using acrylics, watercolours and her own mixes of handmade, organic inks from berries, barks and natural materials, she heads up to her little art-cabin-studio in the woods on the far side of Nita Lake, where she is happiest in the process of creating.  
ODD FOTO Whistler Resident, ODD FOTO (aka Olivier Dallaire Dumas) grew up in rural Quebec surrounded by his dad’s photography work and his passion for outdoor sports. Following his dad’s footstep, adding a touch of action, ODD FOTO presents images inspired by our connection to nature via outdoor sports and activity, and our desire to explore.  Interested by unconventional techniques, ODD FOTO is presenting nature photography and raw solid wood as canvas, creating a tangible layer and a deeper organic engagement with the image.   
Olwen Kuiper “A taxi driver bought paint one day and started working in mini-sketch books between trips. Now retired and currently painting in acrylics with a first love of watercolour and ink. The images are a creation of daily daydreaming, imagination and creativity. Enjoy.”
Patricia Garrow “The Whistler brown bear who visited my home last fall was the inspiration for my painting of ‘Bearly Spring.’ I’m hoping to see him again this spring … from a distance.”
Paul Dorland  
Pete Crutchfield Born and raised in a small Mongolian village near the tail end of the 16th century, Pete was never able to master the fine art of providing accurate information. When Pete grew to the ripe old age of 20 he moved to Whistler, where he was lucky enough to pick up work wrestling grizzly bears in the underground carnival circuit. Then one day after a big weekend of heavy drinking, Pete woke up and discovered a paintbrush where he hadn’t expected to find one. So, he cleaned it off and got to work on the painting you see now.
R Carl Pankratz  
Radek Pokorny “My name is Radek Pokorny, I was born in Czech Republic and I am living here in Whistler. I am professional daydreamer, inspired by nature and music, in serious hate and love relationship with mountains, scared and fascinated by sea.”
Randoid (Randy Smith) “Randoid enjoys to paint the things. When he has time, he doodles. Many years spent in the delicate art of making the art. When he was small boy it was his biggest wish to be famous artist. Now as he grows old and begins to smell of old, he believes that wish may come to true for him. Please buy his art and make he’s dream Into reality.  Thank you very much for looking with open mind and heart. DOID”
Rebecca MacKay  
Rebecca Ritz Rebecca Ritz is the in-house photographer for Chromag Bikes. When she is not shooting photos of mountain bikes and components in her studio, she loves to get outside and shoot people, places and things. 
Rhianna Russell “Having lived in Whistler over 10 years, my love for the mountains has led to a love of artistic expression through painting. My art hopes to make you smile inside and out.”
Rob Boyd Rob was a Vernon born farm and ski hill raised kid who moved to Whistler with his family in 1982. His ski racing aspirations which started on his Dad’s ski hill Tillicum Valley, were ignited by Whistler Mountains vastness, where Rob could really “let himself go,” chasing his sister Sue or other adventurous types around the slopes. He qualified for the BC Ski Team the same year he moved here and three years later qualified for the National Team. Before long he was stepping up to podiums on National and International Circuits, which led to one of his biggest accomplishments – becoming the first Canadian male to win a World Cup DH on home soil. That 1989 victory was recently celebrated as a 30th “Win-iversary,” where past and present residents reunited from far and wide to relive that glorious day with videos, stories and some runs down the Dave Murray DH run, which was groomed to perfection! Rob, still a Whistler resident, now married with 2 teenage boys, can often be found on the slopes – coaching, guiding or just having a good ol’ rip around the mountain between advising clients on their Real Estate transactions.
Roberta Horn  
Robyn Forsyth “Having lived abroad for 12 years it is very exciting to have returned to Canada, and Whistler is an incredible place to have landed. Like so many who chose to live here I am rolling up my sleeves and getting straight to my passion. From song to sculpture, I live for the creative and it is a privilege to share my work through Arts Whistler.”
Ron Denessen “I attempt to capture the essence of a landscape with the use of minimal form and colour. A painting becomes like a memory.  The details are stripped away leaving the pure beauty.”
Ruby Bryan “A British artist based in Whistler, my work consists of mixed media art forms based on or transferred from my own photography. I graduated art school in 2005 and then continued to expand my love for photography as a hobby while traveling the globe for the last 14 years.” 
Ruth Barrow Ruth is a graphic designer and owner of Whistler Creative, a successful graphic and website design agency that she founded in early 2009 in Whistler. Ruth has a degree in Visual Communication, specializing in graphic design and a background in Fine Art. From an early age Ruth has had interest and passion for art and design, and since moving to Whistler from England in 2007 – has been inspired by the beauty in her local surroundings. She spends her free time drawing and painting, experimenting with different mediums.
S+K Cairns “S & K Cairns is a cross generational collaboration working in a variety of mixed media. We enjoy people, animals, landscapes and colour in the Sea to Sky corridor and beyond.”
Sally Bennett “Sal does not much like sitting still. Between skiing, kiting and flying, she just about gets her fill, but when she stops to breathe in the beauty of our mountain abode, its magic makes her artistic creativity explode. Local lifecasting and impressionist artist.”
Sara Varela “After years of crocheting mainly headwear with my grandmother, BC’s simple lifestyle inspired me to go beyond and learn new techniques, use new materials and formats. The great outdoors and the people have meet here are my inspiration.”
Sarah Macdonald  
Scott Brammer Scott Brammer has been shooting professionally for over 20 years. He held the position of Director of Photography at Coast Mountain Photography for much of this time. As the Senior photographer within the company he helped hire, train and mentor over 100 of their talented photographers. Now out on his own, Scott Brammer works directly with the top event planners, providing photography for events including special events, conferences and galas, festivals, sporting events and private functions. He has recently launched Smile Station Photobooth to provide high-quality portrait stations, photo booths and green screen photography with on-the-spot photo printing.
Scott LeBoldus (Bolder) “The last 10 years my artistic outlet turned from canvas to tying flies. Now after this break from the 2D world I find myself rediscovering a world with limitless creativity. As a long-term local I’ve been blessed with an environment that encourages creativity and individuality. Each piece that I make takes me one more step within my exploration. I look forward to keeping this momentum going and getting more involved in Whistler’s art scene.”
Sebastian Munoz Originally from South America, Sebastian arrived in Whistler during summer last year. The series depicts the same frame taken during Summer, Autumn and Winter. 
Shannon Young  
Sharon Audley “So amazing that photographers can participate! I’m happy to be able share my creativity to support Arts Whistler. I love to spend time enjoying our backyard. Thank you!”
Shayleen Bain “Local artist, graphic designer and hiker, raised in a rural town in BC, I grew up with a love for both art and the outdoors. The constant challenge of capturing the natural beauty that surrounds us is one I enjoy. While in Whistler and in warmer weather I can often be spotted jogging along Green Lake. Every run along the valley trail promises a new and inspiring view with ever changing colours.”
Sherry Boyd  
Sherry Klassen “I’m an emerging artist and I love to paint. I am drawn to animals and inspired by our beautiful environment. I feel very fortunate to live and play in Whistler. Thank you to Arts Whistler and all the supporters.”
Sierra Sproule “Hi – I’m Sierra. I am 20 years-old and have been a resident of the Sea to Sky for 8 years. I don’t consider myself an artist. I just sit down and throw some paint on paper occasionally, when inspired. My Dad seems to think I am better than I do so he made me submit this. Hope you enjoy it. – Sierra”
Stacey Bodnaruk Stacey Bodnaruk is a Whistler-based artist and photographer who has combined a passion for the Pacific with her design and photography background. Her approach, which she terms “artography,” layers and fuses anywhere from 3-10 photos, that are blended to create a vibrant, one-of-a-kind artwork that would never be achieved from one photo alone. Stacey draws inspiration from the mountains and ocean – an influence of power and beauty that she passionately incorporates into her work. She creates pieces from mountain vistas, Canadian wildlife, surf breaks, old growth forests and wild places around the world. 
Stacey Murl “I’ve had an interest painting since I was a teenager. Over the years I tried various art forms but came back to painting with my first Art on the Lake Workshop with watercolours. I took some more workshops and then changed to Acrylics. I paint at least once a week with the “Shades of Grey” painting group. I am always keen to try new techniques and new subjects. Painting for me is an ongoing learning experience that I hope to be able to do for years to come.” 
Stella Harvey Stella Harvey founded the Whistler Writing Society, which each year produces the Whistler Writers Festival and other literary programming under her direction. Stella is a fiction writer whose short stories have appeared in The Literary Leanings Anthology, The New Orphic Review, Emerge Magazine and The Dalhousie Review. Her non-fiction has appeared in Pique Newsmagazine, The Question and the Globe and Mail. Signature Editions published her first novel, Nicolai’s Daughters, in 2012 and Psichogios Publications of Athens published the Greek translation in 2014. The Brink of Freedom was published in October 2015 and Stella is busy finalizing her third novel. 
Stella Schwartz Stella Schwartz resides in Whistler with her family. Stella loves the colours of nature around Whistler, but she is truly inspired by a fresh palette, like a new box of crayons! Stella has sold pieces in the Anonymous Art Show and Teeny Tiny Art Show in Whistler and the Show Us Your Art Show on Granville Island. Stella is a member of Arts Whistler. Stella has painted all of her life.  She started with baby food and progressed to finger paints before moving onto tempera, water colours and acrylic.   
Stephanie Lowe “My work is drawn from my love of texture, space and line. Finding myself on trails around my home, I am drawn to the macro world. Lost in a study of texture in moss and lichen and bark, a bird call will catch my attention and I find myself visually swallowed by the negative spaces above me. I am not interested in the grand landscape vistas that make up our area, but rather the often disregarded and abstract nature of the interplay between human, nature and the very air between us. “
Stephanie Lusignan  
Stephanie Momy “I have no Art training but I just love to be creative. From painting, to knitting, to jewellery making I just love to be creative. I like to try new things and push myself outside of my comfort! I’m a mom, wife, daughter and fun-loving friend who just likes to get messy and I hope someone likes my art!”
Stephen Vogler “As a writer and songwriter, I’m interested in the area where narrative and text crosses over with visual art.”
Susan Osborne I love colours! From a young age, I have loved art by Klee, Kandinsky, Klint, Picasso, Braques, Escher and, most of all, Miro. Studying anthropology in university, started a deep admiration for various Aboriginal art forms. A chance to travel within Australia furthered my first-hand experience of aboriginal art. The art style of the original Australians has since played a part in most of my work. Though my work is abstract, it sometimes does represent the colours I experience at a given place and/or moment. A professional gardener by trade, nature has shown me that no colours clash! Enjoy.”
Suzanne Johnston Suzanne Johnston is truly an uninhibited and prolific artist. She has learned a lot from trial and error and has combined techniques from all the workshops she has taken, to form her own unique imaginative style.  
Sylvie Saisch Sylvie Saisch is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in photography, installation, light art, sculpture. Her work is a combination of vivid, bright bold colours and abstracted landscapes. With a background in Fine Art photography, Saisch aims to continuously push the boundaries of what a photograph is, with her main focus on post-production. Within this she explores different ways of manipulation and distortion through physical and digital alterations. Through her work, Saisch investigates current environment issues. In response to this she has explored the idea of an imagined future of the natural landscape, through digitally distorted and abstracted scenery. 
Tani Hamagishi-Allen Tani Hamagishi-Allen’s whimsical and illustrative style brings life to organic shape and colour. Large open spaces suggest borderless expanses that house mushroom-like figures. She pairs traditional illustrative techniques like cross hatching with contemporary materials like magazine paper or permanent marker. She is a Pilates instructor by trade, used to working with human form. Art allows her to use colour and line to create movement and a story to a scene. Tani is a resident of Whistler, BC.
Tara O’Doherty Tara O’Doherty is a long-time local and first-time painter. “I love whistler, I love whistler, I love whistler, I love whistler, I love whistler, I love whistler, I love whistler, I love whistler, I love whistler, I love whistler.”
Tonnja Kopp Tonnja is an artist based in the Squamish. She grew up in Switzerland where her experiences were distilled into a passion for art which has flourished in her new home in Canada. She describes her talent as a gift and here in Squamish she has found inspiration in the spectacular landscape and amazing wildlife of BC. What she likes most about painting is the possibility to combine her imagination with the accuracy of realism, while highlighting the beauty of nature in a novel perspective. Her main medium is acrylic which she uses on various material like canvas, wood and mdf panels. 
Tony Hasenkrug Tony’s Tie Dyes specializes in upcycled, one-of-kind, handmade tie dyed tapestries, clothing and framed wall hangings. Designs vary from animals, shibori, sacred geometric patterns, kaleidoscopes, dream catchers, symbols and logos. Techniques include liquid dye, ice dye, irrigation dye, stitched patterns and hand painted images. “I’ve always been driven by progression and with tie dye I’m able to push the limits of what I previously thought impossible. I strive to come up with new designs, techniques and exploring new ideas.”
Tracy Sutherland “I have been an animal lover since the day I was born. It took me a little longer (and a lot of different creative activities) before I figured out that photography is where I belong. My preferred photography is simple and uncluttered, usually pet portraits or still life, and occasionally includes a generous dose of whimsy.”
Tyler DeVouge “My name is Tyler. I am from Ontario. I like art. And stuff and other things. Stuff is pretty awesome, things are pretty great too. What’s a life we live.”
Vaclava Zichova “Born in Czech Republic, I was surrounded by art since childhood. I studied to be a goldsmith in college and gained a degree in Visual Culture. I made my dream come true and moved to Canada. My current goal is both to rediscover my love for art and rediscover myself through art.”
Valerie St-Arnaud Growing up in Quebec offered a wealth of inspiration to Valerie, but as she grew older there was always something calling her away from the city lights and when she arrived in Whistler, BC in 2013, she realized it had been the mountains all along. In 2012, she won the Ottawa International Film Festival and that’s when her passion for film started.  You will find her capturing memories and chasing light in and around the Sea to Sky corridor. The mountains called her here and now she is returning the favour. “See you in the mountains… They are calling!”
Vanessa Stark Vanessa “Nes” Stark was born during a mid-winter snowstorm on Canada’s West Coast. She followed her passion for snowboarding and moved to Whistler BC. at the age of 17. Her life has been shaped by her love for the mountains, nature, family, friends and community.  Nes’ bold and unique “Mountain Contemporary” style organically reflects her life’s passions. Her work often speaks of the universal connection between all things and beings in nature.
Will Westwood I’m not really an artist, sometimes I take photos of stuff, and sometimes it turns out ok! 
Zbigniew Stachura “Retired from London, Ontario and a newcomer to Squamish BC, I started painting landscapes in acrylic impressed by surroundings from my downhill skiing, hiking, snowshoeing and mountaineering adventures.” 
Zoë Lomoro “A designer, photographer and creator, these are a few of my favourite things: dogs, bikes, snowboarding, adventures, camping, endless FSR, bonfires, printing, fun, friends, good people, wine, designing, creating, learning, exploring, sharing, wondering and finding out what’s next.”