Art on the Lake – Live Artists

Paddle up and see art being created right before your eyes!

Live painting with Michaela Ivancova, Anna Lynch, Gabriel Ostapchuk, Paulo Lopes, Stan Matwychuk, Nat Tuke, Graham Watts, Sarah Mcdonald, and Redmond Q̓awām Andrews

Find out more about the talented artists:

Anna Lynch

A self-declared “British craft nerd”, Anna made Whistler her home in 2010 and has been creating artwork in the Sea to Sky corridor ever since. She primarily uses textile mediums such as weaving, felting, knitting, and beading when creating new works. She has always had an interest in replicating the texture and the tactile elements of the natural world in her work. She uses traditional techniques and modern design in her process to make each work unique.

Instagram: @knittygrittytextiles
Facebook: @KnittyGrittyWhistler

Gabriel Ostapchuk

Gabriel is an artist with deep love, respect and reverence for mother earth. Born and raised in the concrete confinement of Ottawa, Ontario, Gabriel saw the endless grey walls as a repression of natural colour. As soon as he could, he migrated west to the coast of Turtle Island to live and create in the pacific northwest rainforest. In the mountain ranges, Gabriel found a new sense of peace and happiness that helped to alleviate his depression and anxiety. The abundant healthy land and the beautiful local communities showed him a way of life that is harmonious with the earth. This initiated the ongoing deep healing of his spirit. Today, his gratitude and appreciation for the land and the beautiful mystery of life inspire his creative works and paintings.

Instagram: @synchronicity69

Graham Watts

Graham Watts is a landscape artist specializing in wildlife and local cityscapes of Vancouver, Whistler and the Sea-To-Sky Corridor. His original pieces are hand-painted in oil on canvas and feature a hint of realism with the artist’s interpretation. Graham has called Vancouver his home for nearly 25 years. “I love living on the West Coast – My inspiration is developed by the variety of people, different environments, colours, and sounds, all triggering ideas for my paintings.”

The endless beauty of our natural environment provides countless possibilities for inspiration beyond the city. “Being in the outdoors provides me with the opportunity to connect with myself and eliminate the distraction and noise of the city, helping in my creative process.” Graham’s work is sold throughout BC, across Canada and the USA.

Instagram: @ggrahamwatts.fineart
Facebook: @Graham.Watts.Art

Michaela Ivancova

Michaela Ivancova is a passionate artist that finds inspiration in nature and personal experiences. She focuses on depicting events from her personal life and her states of mind. Her past experiences and opportunities had guided her in this direction allowing her art to tell her story. Michaela has Master’s degree in Art Education from the University Of Presov in Slovakia. As part of her studies, she also attended Shenzhen University in China and Rzeszow University in Poland to get broader views of art scenes in the world.

Coming to Vancouver, and later to Whistler in 2017 opened many possibilities for her artistic visions. Mountains and animals became her new inspirations which she depicts in various media. Experimenting with resin and wood opened a new world for her creative spirit. However, she is still returning to her favourite medium of acrylic painting and tries to find her perfect style that correspondents with her feelings and envisions.

Instagram: @michaelaivancovaart
Facebook: @michaelaivancovaart

Nat Tuke

Nat Tuke is an artist and graphic designer living in Squamish, BC. Her art is heavily inspired by those ‘This is it’ moments – that perfect wave, the fleeting alpine glow, a setting sun glittering on a glassy ocean. Her flowy, vibrant paintings celebrate the beauty and purity of the natural world as a great gift that has been given to us, one which we must protect and cherish. Sunlight and warmth are common in her work, tying back to her roots growing up in Melbourne, Australia. Moving to the Sea to Sky region in 2017, Nat’s fascination with the rugged and dramatic landscape of the west coast has translated into countless artworks. When she isn’t painting or designing, she is out climbing, skiing and backpacking throughout BC, soaking up as much inspiration as possible.


Paulo Lopes

Paulo studied graphic design in Australia before returning to Hong Kong to work as a graphic designer. After two years working at a company, he went out on his own as an illustrator/designer. He then partnered with Cary Campbell Lopes to create Campbell Lopes Design, which is now known as Paintertainment.


Redmond Q̓awām Andrews

Redmond is a Cultural Ambassador and part of the Performance Team at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre. Redmond is also an artisan wood carver, carving in the stylings of the Lil’wat Nation.  His art can be found in private collections around the world.

Sarah McDonald

Ontario-born but fell in love with the West Coast, Sarah McDonald gets her inspiration from the endless possibilities the outdoors brings. Having lived in Whistler for six years and now making Squamish home, she brings to life the memories and moments from mountain living with heavy textures and acrylic mediums.

Instagram: @sarahmcdonaldartwork
Facebook: @Sarahmcdonaldartwork

Stan Matwychuk

An artist and a jack of industry trades, Stan Matwychuk of Homebase Studios is a well-rounded, hands-on, creative and community collaborator. With almost 22 years invested into the Howe Sound Corridor, Stan finds lifestyle and artwork intertwined into a seamless experience. Stan transplanted into the Whistler arts scene in 2001, then relocated to Squamish in 2010 and hit the ground running.

He worked with corporate mega-brands like CTV and VANOC, as well as finding time to teach art classes to the youth in the corridor through studio classes and high school programs. He has run and operated the Artist-run centre Homebase Studios at the end of Second Ave. Here artists and the community reciprocate the need for each other and incubate creativity. In Whistler, Stan spearheaded the first legally commissioned mural in Whistler with local artist legend Chili Thom and aspiring youth artist Devin White on the Terry Rodgers Bridge.

Stan has always brought community and collaboration to the heart of his projects and believes that creativity will allow for new ideas and momentum.

Instagram: @homebasestudios
Facebook: @stan.matwychuk
Twitter: @homebasestudios

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