Artist Conversations: Lisa Geddes & Cheryl Massey

Artist Conversations: Lisa Geddes & Cheryl Massey

 Art as a Spice for Life!

Whether we view art in an exhibit, hotel, office space, or our homes it brightens up our lives. We’ve spoken with abstract artist Lisa Geddes and basket weaver Cheryl Massey to gain insight to their upcoming show, and to know them a little better.

ASSOCIATIONS: a show inspired by the merging of life, nature, and creative expression.

June 15th – July 15th
Opening Night: Friday, June 15th  7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
The Gallery at The Arts Centre

Check out what both Whistler based artists Lisa and Cheryl have to say, and make sure to come out for the opening night event!

Give us the 60 second elevator pitch on your show, what do you want people to take away from this show?

Lisa: This show highlights how art not only acts as visual enjoyment, but when brought into your home can enhance quality of life and home décor. Cheryl’s weaving and baskets are functional artistic pieces meant to be used and enjoyed.

Cheryl: Lisa’s expressive paintings enliven walls and draw viewers into an energetic visual field meant to be felt, as well as viewed. We want people to bring our art into their homes.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on both of you in terms of your work?

Lisa: Artist, friend, and mentor Suzanne Northcott, many workshops delving into creative process, and the environment I am surrounded by.

Cheryl: Mother Nature and First Nations weavings.

Tell us one thing people might not know about each of you

Lisa: I was an awesome TrimTone fitness instructor at Gold’s Gym in the 80’s.

Cheryl: I’m a closet cartoon voice artist and singer.

How and why did you decide to do a show together?

Cheryl: One day Lisa and I were collecting kelp on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. We were both drawn to the material’s texture and form, myself for weaving and Lisa for her paintings. We spoke about collaborating on a piece together. I commissioned Lisa to paint an underwater ocean scene that I could use to mount one of my kelp sculptures onto. She nailed it exactly as I had envisioned. The collaborative piece, “Chillin’ Sea Swirl”, was a success! It was then that we started to talk about the possibility of collaborating on a show together. Associations is the result, and we are excited about how well it has come together.  

How do you feel your work is complimentary…or is it?

Lisa: We are both inspired by the natural world – the light, movement, patterns, and textures inform our art making. We are drawn to similar textures and forms, but express the inspiration in very different ways. Cheryl literally weaves together functional art pieces to enjoy and use, enhancing day-to-day living.

Cheryl: In this body of work Lisa metaphorically weaves themes of unraveling, or being bound into her work while sometimes using material to literally express the theme.

Quite simply, life and art are intertwined for Cheryl and Lisa.

What advice do you have for people who are just starting out in the arts or cannot quite find their voice as an artist?

Lisa: It is really helpful to have a job that can financially support you until you can sustain yourself as an artist. Be open to what wants to happen in your art. Cultivate the ability to notice, listen deeply, and trust your own unique creative voice.

If you could recommend some other artists Instagram feeds for people to check out who would they be and why?

Lisa: Jane Francis @janefrancis_art, Carol Demers @carol_demers, Gwen Howey @gwenhowey. All three women are drawn to textures and forms that really appeal to me. I admire their art, as well as their inspiration.

Cheryl: Marlene Liddle @haida_cedar_bark_weaver she is a master Haida weaver, her work is fantastic. Greg Gundy @seabasketfarm, I like how Greg and his wife combine their love of growing food and collecting kelp for basket weaving. Also

You both use interesting materials in your work, can you tell us a little more about where and how you source them and why you have chosen those materials?

Lisa: My materials are mainly traditional artist supplies (canvas or cradled panel as supports, acrylic paint, ink, graphite, charcoal for example as media) but lately I have been enjoying collage with some of the material I find and incorporating this into my work (string, old fabric remnants, kelp, pine cones to name a few). I was recently introduced to using limestone clay (aka. all-purpose drywall compound, but limestone clay sounds so much more artistic!) and really enjoying the sensual quality of the surface once a piece is finished with cold wax. It is an easily workable and absorbent surface that allows me to layer, add, sand, working back and forth to create a really interesting end result.

Cheryl: Well, if I tell you where I source my material I may have to do nasty things to you…LOL.  I get the cedar bark from the forest, kelp from the beaches and oceans, tule rush comes from lakes and marshes. I love weaving with material that can be gathered from Mother Nature, it fulfills me spirituality and artistically to know that everything I need to weave can be harvested from the earth, without having to go to the store.

How has living in this community influenced your work?

Lisa: I am lucky to live nestled up next to the woods on a quiet cul-de-sac. Every day I go into the forest for what I think of as my walking meditation. It grounds me, inspires me, and clears my head. Each day in every season I try to notice Nature’s artistic wonders and I am always inspired. Whistler is beautiful as well as a community full of creative and supportive people many of whom I am blessed to have as friends.

Cheryl: Whistler is on the edge of the wild wilderness of BC. We are blessed to be able to live and play in the mountains, lakes, and forest which is my inspiration for creativity. When I’m in the flow of an activity I am able to be open to my artistic heart.

Anything else you would like to add?

We hope our show invites viewers to stop and be curious, and look more closely at our creations then take that curiosity and attention out into the beautiful natural world which surrounds us. Oh, and, BUY, BUY, BUY OUR WORK LOL!!!

Thank you Lisa and Cheryl! We’ll be sure to see you at the opening of your show!


ASSOCIATIONS: a show inspired by the merging of life, nature, and creative expression.

June 15th – July 15th
Opening Night: Friday, June 15th  7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
The Gallery at The Arts Centre




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