Artist Conversations: Living on the Edge with Cutting Edge Signs Whistler

Artist Conversations: Living on the Edge with Cutting Edge Signs Whistler

With small communities come small businesses, and within the strong Whistler community, businesses know each other, support each other, and heck, probably even go skiing and have beers together…

Arts Whistler is proud to be friends with Cutting Edge Signs, a local company that’s changing the way we think of printing. From window decals to beer taps, coasters to pop up tents, this little print shop that could (and did) not only supports Arts Whistler events like our upcoming Anonymous Art Show but our local artist community as well. We had a chance to chat with the gang over at Cutting Edge to find out more about the work they do.

How long has Cutting Edge been in the printing business?

We opened up in Whistler in the early 90’s and have grown right along with the community.


What are your favourite kind of projects to work on?

We like them all. Whistler isn’t a big town so we can’t get too picky about the work we do. It is pretty cool to walk down the Village Stroll and point out all the projects we’ve worked on and say “I did that.”


What kind of materials do you print on?

We print on all the regular sign materials like coroplast, paper, and foam but we also do some nice prints when we mount a clear vinyl over brushed aluminum. It totally changes an image when it’s not backed in white. We can print directly onto wood, cork, ceramic tile, plastic and lots of other things. We have a laser that allows us to do engraving and cut shapes from all sorts of material. On top of that, we can provide you with a branded tent for your Farmer’s Market booth or a teardrop flag to promote your business.




How do you print on other, more unusual, types of material?

We have a special type of printer that uses UV light to cure the ink instead of heat. That allows us to print on things that are thicker than normal (up to 4” thick). Using the UV technology we can print on almost anything so long as it’s relatively flat.



What is the strangest request you’ve ever received?

We’ve made some pretty interesting life-size cutouts of people. We do get some strange images but that’s what makes it fun. If we were just printing ‘No Parking’ signs it would make for a long day.


You are a sponsor for the Anonymous Art Show at Arts Whistler, how did that come about?

Cutting Edge is fortunate to be well supported by our local community. We know that people have a lot of choice when it comes to where they spend their money and we really appreciate the folks that keep it local. That allows us the opportunity to give something back by throwing our support behind the Arts Whistler show, helping them to raise funds to continue with the great work that they do. As an added bonus, we get to see all the artwork before the rest of the public and I can tell you that there is an amazing number of talented people in this town.

If you have a creative idea and are interested in what the team at Cutting Edge Signs can do for you, be sure to reach out!

Find out more about the Anonymous Art Show.

A HUGE thank you to Cutting Edge Signs for supporting the Anonymous Art Show and the local arts community. We are truly grateful for your contribution!

(604) 938-0606 |
#8 – 1212 Alpha Lake Rd. Whistler, BC V0N 1B1 (in Function Junction)

Written by Kristy Aleksich

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