Artist Conversations: Zoë Evamy

Artist Conversations: Zoë Evamy

Zoë Evamy will be leading this weekend’s Art on the Lake workshop, Bringing Ideas to Life.

With Chinese ink and watercolours, the workshop will help you to better communicate through your painting using design, including the organization of shapes, directional lines, and scale.

It’s not too late to register, so we sat down with Zoë to give you a glimpse into her work and all the weekend has to offer.

What’s the Bringing Ideas to Life workshop all about, and what do you want attendees to take away?

I’ve practiced visual communication for over 30 years, as an illustrator, designer and art director in the animation Industry. Visual language is a powerful means to communicate personal messages through your art. So, how do we do that? There are tons of techniques to learn and integrate – every choice you make in the process reflects your personal preferences, loves, desires, frustrations, and sadness. The combination of your choices all contribute to a powerful visual statement which resonates with the viewer. In this workshop you’ll learn how to consciously develop your own visual language so that your ideas are understood or “felt” by the viewer, helping them to engage with you through your art.

Who, or what, has been the biggest influence you in terms of your work?

Landscape is my biggest influence and through responding to it, I develop metaphors and personal meaning.

The book by Jack Shadbolt “In Search of Form” has been a huge influence on me over the years and has provided direction for my development.

Tell us one thing people might not know about you.

Although I’m known as a landscape watercolourist, I also have a line in figurative work which reflects my love for the West Coast Canadian culture of “playing outside“!

What is your favourite part about being an instructor?

Teaching helps me tap into that elusive and coveted beginner’s mind – where unknown potential is at its purest.

I enjoy watching confidence grow and seeing students surprise themselves, balancing structure with the flexibility to integrate unexpected outcomes, and helping students see the world differently and from their own unique perspective.

What do you like most about teaching in Whistler at the lake house?

I love the walk to the lake house – it’s nestled in the woods at the edge of the lake – there are no distractions other than birds, wildlife, and terrific views of the surrounding mountains. We can all imagine this is our studio for a weekend. The history of the place evokes a deep connection to Whistler’s historic past and many wonderful hours spent teaching and learning during the summer months.

Can you give us one tip to share that you think will help improve someone’s work?

Balance playfulness with dedicated practice. Keep an art journal/sketchbook, stay open minded and observe life and your own response to it.

If you could recommend some other artists Instagram feeds for people to check out who would they be and why?

Chad Weatherford@chad_weatherford
A super talented artist I worked with on a Dreamworks animated series in Vancouver. Chad makes a morning practice of creating small digital paintings before getting into his “work routine”. He calls them “finger paintings”!

Marion Evamy: artistmarionevamy
My cousin, fabulous artist, and inspiration. I love how Marion is constantly exploring and always looks like she’s having FUN with her art!

Nicholas Wilton@art2life_world

I’m currently taking his 12 week “Creative Visionary Program” and learning a ton from him and his team of instructors.  I recommend it!

Zoë Evamy graduated in 1982, with a degree in Fine Arts and Illustration from Harrow College of Art in London England (now University of Westminster). She worked for several years in London as a freelance illustrator producing imagery for book and magazine publishing, design and advertising. Through her natural flair for colour and movement, Zoë began to gravitate towards the animation industry, painting background scenery for classically animated feature films including Anastasia and Titan AE. Zoë lived a typically nomadic lifestyle moving from place to place following film contracts in Europe, the US, and Canada.

It’s not too late to join Zoë at the Bringing Ideas to Life workshop!

This Art on the Lake workshop will run this weekend, July 21 & 22, from 10:30 am – 4:30 pm, and is open to ages ages 16+ of all skill levels.

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What is Art On The Lake?

Art on the Lake is unique workshops lead by professional artists who will teach techniques to enhance your craft. The Alta Lake Station House is a tranquil space, where you can be fully present among your peers as you immerse into creativity. The scenic views of the lake make for the perfect artist getaway. Whether you are experienced or just beginning these workshops welcome everyone.

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