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Home-based Artist Studios

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) has recently updated its zoning bylaw.

This means that a Temporary Use Permit is no longer required to allow sales from a home-based artist studio.

To sell artwork from a home-based artist studio in Whistler, a valid business licence and sign permit are required.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who needs a business licence?

  • If you want to sell your original artwork from your home studio, you require a business licence from the RMOW, like other home-occupation businesses.
  • Once you are licensed, you can apply to have two additional signs (a freestanding sign and a sandwich board sign), as well as a fascia sign.

Why participate?

  • Welcome visitors to your home studio to view and legally purchase your original work
  • Expand your customer base and deepen your relationship with customers by inviting them to your studio
  • Benefit from additional creative signage at your studio location

What do you need to do to sell art from your home-based studio?

How will potential visitors find out about your studio?

  • Mobile friendly, digital map of home studios for on-line access through (Please contact Arts Whistler to get your location uploaded to Culture Maps)
  • Print and digital promotion of self-guided tours (year-round) (Please contact Arts Whistler to get your location uploaded to Culture Maps)
  • Your own advertising and social media
  • Permitted on-site signage


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Arts Whistler – | 604.935.8410