Backdrop Sessions with Cheryl Massey

Backdrop Sessions with Cheryl Massey

When we think of a traditional “Whistler” house we think of cedar roofing tiles, curved wooden railings, and handmade clay additions for sinks. A place with quirky little nooks and crannies, with skis and boots in the front hall, and paintings created by the family. Surrounded by creativity, Cheryl Massey works in a beautiful studio space overlooking the garden of her very Whistler home while her husband Vincent (Binty) Massey creates pottery pieces in their pottery studio.

Cheryl’s love of skiing in Whistler began in her teens. After years of working in the television and fashion industries, she followed her heart and moved to Whistler to be a ski bum where she met her husband Binty. Fast forward a few years, she and Binty acquired a house, two kids, dog, cat, pottery studio, and a gallery. Cheryl became passionate about basket weaving after the birth of their daughter and her love affair began with gathering and weaving with wild crafted material such as bull kelp, tule rush, and red cedar bark.

Cheryl transformed her inquisitive explorations into an art form, creating hats, baskets, bags, and wall hangings. These organic materials with their vibrant colours and textures truly come to life when Cheryl infuses them with her love and life energy. She weaves them into beautiful shapes that truly represent the simplicity of our ancestors. The ancient women who loved to weave and gather are expressed through Cheryl’s inspiring art. To own a piece of her art is a constant reminder to stay connected to nature.

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