5 Pro Tips to Anonymous Art Show Like a Boss

5 Pro Tips to Anonymous Art Show Like a Boss

Stoke high. Countdown mode engaged. It’s time to prepare!


The Anonymous Art Show is headed our way, and we could not be more excited for April 5! It’s an adrenaline-fuelled evening of excitement that brings hundreds of people together at the Maury Young Arts Centre in the hopes of snagging some amazing art. When your number is called you’ll only have seconds to pick your favourite piece – so it’s important to come prepared. Don’t worry though, we put together a round-up of everything you need to know to get the most from the night and take home that must-have artwork!


1. Check out the art from the comfort of home 

With 370 pieces of art from 200+ artists there’s a lot of artwork to look at before you decide on which ones you want on your wall. Lucky for you, the 2019 digital gallery is now live! You can peruse the gallery anytime from the comfort of your own home or on the go.


2. Pick your favourites

Make sure to mark down the numbers of your favourite Anonymous Art Show artwork so that when the excitement of the big event arrives, you know exactly which pieces to select. Choose and rank between 10-20 pieces in case your first choices get snapped up by the other eager art enthusiasts!


3. Buy a piece of art… or three! 

Tickets to select art on April 5 are purchased from ticket tiers, and you can by multiple tickets from each tier. Remember: the lower your ticket price the greater the risk that your favourite piece will be snapped up by someone else! The TOP TEN category (the first 10 people to choose art) is already sold out, but their are still tickets in the $150, $100 and $50 tiers, but their going fast, so buy your tickets now!


4. Join us for the Sneak Peek Party

You’ve already check out the online gallery, but sometimes textures are just different in real life, so make sure to come check out the art in-person at the free Sneak Peek Party on April 2! This fun evening is also your chance to meet some of the artists, enjoy a drink and some delicious appies. The fun gets underway at 7pm here at the Maury Young Arts Centre.
Artists! you’ll receive an invite from us. We’d love to see you there, to say thank you and give you a drink on us!

5. The early bird gets the art! 

Doors to the Anonymous Art Show open at 6pm on April 5 here at the Maury Young Arts Centre. The Gallery and theatre are sure to fill up quickly, so get here early to get in on all the party action! Watch the art-buying mayhem, dance to DJ Foxy Moron, enjoy great appies from Collective Kitchen, sip and cheers with friends and get ready for your number to be called.

Get all the Anonymous Art Show details, buy tickets, view the online gallery, read up on the artists and more:

View More Info & Buy Tickets!

Photos by Jeremy Allen (@thefulltimehobby).

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