Artist Conversations: BAZ

Artist Conversations: BAZ

Whistler Village Beer Festival is right around the corner – September 13-17! Besides making you a better dancer, beer celebrates the arts in everything from the hand crafted brews to the carefully designed labels, to the live music you enjoy with a cold one in your hand.

This year, Whistler Village Beer Festival challenged local artists to create a backdrop for the main stage at Whistler Olympic Plaza. Local artist BAZ ONE created the rad winning design celebrating beer and the mountains in a 96 square foot backdrop overlooking the Plaza. Above is just a small snippit of his winning design with the full image revealed at the Whistler Village Beer Festival Main Event on Saturday, September 16.

We chatted with Baz ahead of the festival about his upcoming work, his growth as an artist, and his unique style.

How do your outdoor adventures inspire your art?

“I’m a huge fan of being outdoors when I can, as I’m usually in my work space at all sorts of hours chipping away at something or other. It’s nice to take a breather from time to time to gather my thoughts and conjure up a few ideas for upcoming projects.”

What piece are you most proud of?

“That’s a tough question, but probably the Whistler Community Services Society (WCSS) truck graphics i designed, that can be seen driving around town. It’s always nice to see the truck cruising around Whistler.”

How has Whistler’s art community helped you grow as an artist?

“I owe everything to Whistler’s art community as it has really made me push myself. The Village has so much great talent and different styles which has really inspired me to better myself as an artist, or to even be one for that matter.”

How did you develop/come into your own style?

“A whole lot of trial and error – I mean a whole lot. From seeing what I was up to five years ago to even last year, it’s always changing and developing into something I find visually appealing for myself with the help of a lot of ‘happy accidents’.”

What other artists’ Instagram feeds are you into right now?

“I follow quite a lot of artists. It’s a bit overwhelming but there are definitely a few that stand out. @nychos is an Austrian artist who specializes in dissecting his subject matter in a fun and highly skillful way using spray paint. He also does a lot of studio work too. The guy is constantly working, so he really inspires me to keep pushing.”

“I also follow a fellow Irishmen and friend @danleodesign. He works with shapes and colour to create amazing characters on a gigantic scale. I watched his style progress over the years and it’s truly awesome. He’s also got into tattooing recently, as have I. I cant wait to watch him blow minds.”

“Another artist i follow is a Spanish gent called @mr_aryz. Do yourself a favour and check him out. He also paints on a surreal scale and paints almost anything in his own signature style. To me he is the master. A true inspiration. The rest of my feed is everything and anything tattoo related.”

What advice do you have for artists looking to follow in your footsteps?

“Advice? Man, I feel I am not in a position to give advice yet but I’d recommend sticking to your work and putting your head down and pushing yourself. sketch or at least scribble a few ideas a day if you can. Constantly be up to something. Have fun doing what you do. I have times where i cant draw to save my life because i didn’t pick up my pencil in weeks and lost momentum. Keep the dream alive!”

What advice would you give your 20 year old self?

“Put the work in, and everything will fall into place.”

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

“Hmmmmm good question, I’ve had many, but I’d say this new venture into tattooing has been the weirdest so far. Not that It’s a bad thing. It’s more surreal than weird, I guess. It’s amazing actually.”

What’s next for you? What are you working towards?

“I guess whats next is pursuing my tattoo apprenticeship and seeing where it takes me – and work my ass off in doing so! Also…T-shirts!! Keep them eyes peeled folks!”

What’s your favourite colour?

“Everything pastel.”

Baz’s artwork will also be on display at the Main Event which includes inspiration from graphic design, comics, urban art, and of course, Whistler so go check it out and start your original art collection!

Beer and art go together like a cold lager and a hot summer day, a radler and a river float, or a brown ale and apres. Get your tickets! Use the promo code ARTANDBEER for 15% off Flex Passes and All Access passes at


by Jillian van der Geest


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