Behind The Lens at Arts Whistler

Behind The Lens at Arts Whistler

Whistler is bursting with local photographic talents!
Let’s get to know a few…

With today’s technology most everyone fancies themselves to be a photographer. When a phone slips neatly into your pocket or purse, it’s easy to whip it out and grab a quick snap of just about anything – and people do. What’s not easy is to take a great photograph. A really, really GREAT photograph. There’s composition, light and shadows, and a little touch of magic that a truly talented photographer has. Not everyone has the ability to capture those unique moments that express something special, but we happen to know a few that do.

Here in Whistler, the photographer pool is vast and deep, and we at Arts Whistler happily dive in and pick out some of the most amazingly talented snap-happy artists that give you all the feels.

Here’s a look at the talented photographer’s we worked with in 2018:

Jeremy Allen

There was one photographer that peeked out behind his lens at a number of Arts Whistler events. He not only has a drool worthy Insta-feed, he’s just so happy to be here, and you can tell by his grin. From the Teeny Tiny Art Show to Fred Penner, Anonymous Art Show to the opening party for Don & Isobel, The Full Time Hobby captured some of the biggest and best Arts Whistler events of 2018. When he’s not shooting for Arts Whistler, he’s out exploring BC’s most stunning spots, shooting nature from ALL her best angles and throwing in bikes, skis, kayaks or waterfalls where he can. Website I Instagram


Justa Jeskova

Justa is a storyteller and when she’s shooting, the subject is her muse. To her there is nothing better than capturing authentic moments in the beautiful backdrop we call home. If you are in Whistler, you’ve likely seen Justa’s images in editorial and advertising for some of the biggest names in the area – including Arts Whistler. Website I Instagram


Rebecca Robbins

Originally hailing from Southern California, Rebecca moved to Whistler for love and has strived to hone her craft in the Whistler photography scene. With a love of travel and nature photography, she’s also fallen under the spell of capturing the human spirit, be it through wedding photography or the magic of children at the Whistler Children’s Festival. Instagram


Scott Brammer

With Scott it’s all about events – big or small, sporting or otherwise, Scott is there and he’s got a knack for clicking right at the perfect moment. This pro spent over 20 years shooting people at their best – while on vacation in Whistler. Now working with top event planners, he’s shooting everything to parties to competitions, conferences to weddings, and of course some amazing Arts Whistler events too. Website I Instagram


Jessie McNaught 

Shooting one the biggest events of the year for Arts Whistler, Jessie dashed around the Arts Whistler Holiday Market capturing all the holiday spirit and spectacular goods for sale. Jessie says she shoots images that “make her feel” and you can tell by her feed’s eclectic persona she is drawn to shots that provoke thought and bring colour into her world. Website I Instagram


Darby Magill

This gal works magic behind the camera capturing one of the best feelings of all – LOVE. One of the Sea to Sky pre-eminent wedding photographers, Darby not only captures the look of love but live music and events like Arts Whistler Live! Roots and Grooves. Website I Instagram


Dave Buzzard

If it’s newsworthy you can bet that photographer Dave Buzzard will be there. A photographer of over 20 years, Dave is often seen at events throughout the Sea to Sky snapping away for newspapers, businesses and events. Dave is also known for his talent at shooting head shots and weddings – there isn’t much this seasoned snapper can’t do. Website I Instagram

Photography exhibit in The Gallery at Maury Young Arts Centre

If that’s not enough proof of how much we love all our local shutterbugs, we decided to have a photography show in the summer of 2018 to show off some of the local talent. Dusk Til Dawn was an exhibit that presented the “unique perspective of the quiet wonders that hide on the outskirts of daylight,” featuring the likes of David McColmNathan StarzynskiEric Poulin, Jeremy Allen, Mason Mashon and Andrew Strain.

Put your photos in the Anonymous Art Show!

With a pool of talent that’s more like an ocean, we want to extend an invitation to these photographers, and all the others not mentioned here, to join us at the 2019 Anonymous Art Show. Call for Artists is now on and you have until March 1 to drop off your art. Photographers can pick up 8×8” canvas or wood canvas for $5 from Arts Whistler or bring your own over to the good folks over at Cutting Edge Signs, they’re offering a great deal on UV printing $20 to print your photos right onto the canvas or any flat surface.

View the Full Call for Entry

Happy Snapping!

2018 Anonymous Art Show photos by: Jeremy Allen

Are you a local photographer and want to get your name out there?

Let Arts Whistler help!

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Written by Kristy Aleksich.

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