Bratz Biz: The Kids are Alright!

Bratz Biz: The Kids are Alright!

When I was a kid, our family decorated the Christmas tree twice.

The first time was full of Christmas carols and my sisters and I fighting about whose latest hand-made decorations would get prime real estate at the front of the tree. The second was just my mum, very quietly rearranging some of the less sightly of our “creations” further around the back of the tree. I don’t blame her. They were really bad. Needless to say none of us ever made a career in the artisan world.

But the kids of Bratz Biz are next level. They have the talent and the entrepreneurial drive to go with it.

Back once again at the Arts Whistler Holiday Market this weekend, the Bratz Biz vendors will be out in full force selling everything from jewelry to home decor, sweet treats, bath and body products, and so much more.

Bratz Biz fuels the entrepreneurial spirit and artistic passions of young artisans by providing a venue for selling crafts and to share new ideas and learn the business side of marketing arts and crafts. It empowers young artisans to take individual art projects from development to sale and shows them how to turn a passion for the arts into a viable part-time income.

Check out the full list of Bratz Biz vendors! Come out and support these kids and your local artists and artisans at the Arts Whistler Holiday Market THIS WEEKEND 10am-6pm on Saturday and 10am-4pm, Sunday.

Take a look at some of the talented kids of Bratz Biz selling their work at the market:


Fizz Factory

Artist/Entrepreneur: Andrzej

Therapeutic and fun, the magic egg path bombs bubble and fizz when added to water releasing a wonderful smell from natural essential oils and revealing a toy figurine inside! The epsom salts, baking soda and natural oils are safe, moisturizing, and gentle on skin.

What do you like best about Bratz Biz and owning your own business?

“It’s super fun and I get to do it with my sister and cousins.”


Holiday Charm

Artist/Entrepreneur: Henry and Katarina

Henry and Katarina are excited to join the Bratz Biz Artisan Market at the Arts Whistler Holiday Market November 25 and 26 at the Whistler Conference Centre! They have been busy handcrafting headbands and holiday accessories including winter jars and angels. Lots of colour and sparkle! Everyone will be able to find just the right accessory for the holidays.



Rosie Designs

Artist/Entrepreneur: Rosie

“I am 9 years old and I live in Pemberton. I use pliers to connect copper and stainless steel rings into intricate patterns called chainmail. So far, I have created bracelets, earrings, key chains and pot scrubbers and have been selling them to neighbours, friends, and family for the past year. I can’t wait for Bratz Biz! My items will make nice holiday gifts. Outside of chainmail, I love spending time at the local Gymnastics Club and reading Harry Potter.”


Whistler Essentials

Artist/Entrepreneur: Annie and Cora

Cool stuff, right? These kids range from ages five to early teens and Bratz Biz helps them foster their craft and show them how to make an income with their creative passions. I don’t know about you, but this was about the extent of my artistic talent at that age:


It holds a special place in my mum’s heart at the back of our Christmas tree.

See you at the market!



by Jillian van der Geest






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