Family Scavenger Hunt

Family Scavenger Hunt

It is designed for families and is best played as a competition. All ages

This Scavenger Hunt has three sections. We recommend completing the FIND stage before moving onto section SOLVE and PLAY.

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Successful hunters will win points throughout the game. You can follow our points guide for at-home prizes or come up with your own!

  1. FIND the items on the list to earn points – take a picture with your phone of yourself beside the item so your points can be counted when competitors come together at the end of the hunt.
  2. SOLVE riddles that lead to playful challenges and more opportunities to earn points.
  3. PLAY out your challenges with enthusiasm – get creative and earn scavenger hunt bragging rights!

Depending on the number of people in your home, you can compete as individuals or in teams. You can also work collaboratively to see how many points you rack up as one big team and challenge your friend’s household to the ultimate virtual scavenger hunt.

Remember winners #stayhome.



10-25 POINTS: You must each clean one room in the house.

25-50 POINTS: Choose the streaming program of the day.

51-75 POINTS: Celebrate with a special treat! Break out what you’ve been saving – a favourite candy, chips, pop or whatever you fancy and have in the house.

75+ POINTS: Order pizza to celebrate your skills, then have an isolation pizza party. Slip into your best sweatpants, get that music blasting and shake it!*

*Recommendation: Have your pizza party at 7pm so you can make noise for all the essential workers!


SECTION 1 – FIND the items on the list to earn points.

Take a picture with your phone of yourself beside the item so your points can be counted when competitors come together at the end of the hunt.

Each item on the list below will earn you points. Allow for 20 minutes to find these items then move onto the next section of the hunt.

Things you may find in your Sea to Sky home:

Item Points Bonus Points
·         Lift Passes 1 · 1 point each.

· 1 extra point for the oldest lift pass/ticket.

·1 extra point for every year prior to 2019/2020.


Look for artwork or home furniture that depict:

Item Points Bonus Points
· Beaver 1  
·Bear 1  
· Deer 1  
· Moose 2  
· Eagle 2  
· Maple leaf 1         
· Fireplace 2 · 1 extra point if it’s log burning. 
· Easel or currently set up artwork area 2 · 2 extra points if you are currently working on a piece of art.

· 1 extra point if the art features any of the animals listed above.

· Hockey Stick 5 · 1 extra point if being used for social distancing.
· Ice Skates 2  
· Downhill Skis 1        · 2 extra points for cross country skis.

· 5 extra points for Nordic/telemark skis.

· 5 extra points for skis so old they’re up on your wall as artwork.

· Snowboard 1        · 2 extra points if it’s a split board.
· Ski or snowboard customized with your own art 10  
· Kayak 1        · 3 extra points if you sit in it and sing Row-Row-Row Your Boat.  Post it to Instagram and tag @artswhistler for 5 more points.
· MTB Helmet 1 · 2 extra point if you tell a joke with the helmet on.  Post it to Instagram and tag @artswhistler for 3 more points
· Guitar or other instrument 2 · 2 extra point if you play us a tune/singalong with the fam. Post it to Instagram and tag @artswhistler for 3 more points.


SECTIONS 2 – SOLVE riddles that lead to playful challenges

and 3 – PLAY out your challenges with enthusiasm.

The first riddle will be read by the hunt leader/organiser.

RIDDLE #1: I am something that has not flesh, nor feathers, nor scales, nor bone. Yet I have fingers and thumbs of my own. What am I? When you figure this out, go find me. You’ll need me for the following challenge. [Winner gets 2 points]

*answer at bottom.



You will need the gloves or mittens from Riddle #1, a knife and fork each, a chocolate bar in its wrapper and two game dice.

  1. Roll the two dice once each taking turns in a clockwise direction.
  2. When someone rolls a double, put on the gloves and try to open the chocolate bar then eat it square by square only using the knife and fork.
  3. Continue to eat until another player rolls a double. At this point the new ‘winner’ puts on the gloves or mittens and starts to eat the chocolate with the knife and fork, and so on.
  4. Whoever eats the last piece of chocolate wins! [Winner gets 2 points]



Each person has 1 minute to act out one of the clues below. Write each on a small piece of paper and put in a hat or bowl. Pull one clue as each person takes their turn.

Brushing teeth Archery Tying a shoe
Building a sandcastle Tennis Yoga
Dancing Frisbee Skateboarding
Driving a car Basketball Walking a dog
Opening a gift Football Soccer
Playing baseball Golf Swimming
Shoveling snow Skiing  



Open me up and take a peek,

Inside you will find a nice cold treat.

Inside here there is always a prize – first person to get there gets to choose the treat!

THE END! Now, add up your scores over a tasty beverage.



  • RIDDLE #1 – gloves/mittens.
  • RIDDLE #2 – fridge or freezer.


Video your challenges and post them on Instagram!

#artswhislter #winnersstayhome #scavengerhuntparty


Parents, check out the Scavenger hunt for Adults.

Find more Arts Online for the whole family.


(Images purchased by Arts Whistler.)

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