Comedy and Murder Mystery Collide in Vancouver Duo’s Quirky Comedy

Comedy and Murder Mystery Collide in Vancouver Duo’s Quirky Comedy

It’s not often you come out of the theatre of a murder mystery with a huge grin on your face and sore abs from laughing. Well Vancouver comedy duo Peter n’ Chris have accomplished just that. Unexpected? Yes. Hilarious? Definitely.

Scooby Doo meets Psycho in Peter n’ Chris’ quirky comedy The Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel Saturday, April 22, at Arts Whistler Live! Already with an extensive comedic resume under their belt, Peter n’ Chris have built a strong following across Canada and the US with their fast-paced, cinematic, and extremely physical style that pushes comedic theatre to its limits. I mean, you don’t just win Canadian Comedy Award winning sketch troupe three times for nothing.

The Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel features two oblivious friends stranded at a mysterious motel with a murderous motel manager. Can they make it out alive? Or are they too preoccupied with having to share an uncomfortable single bed to notice murders happening all around them? This comical murder mystery is full of twists and turns, and guaranteed to get the audience laughing.

We had a chat with the Peter of Peter n’ Chris (Peter Carlone that is) to talk about the comedy industry, find out more about the show, and give some tips to aspiring comedians and performers.

Give us a bit of a synopsis of the show. What can the audience expect?

We are going to perform two acts, the first one is sort of a comedic play (think like a Monty Python movie – a sketch group telling a story), and the second is going to be some sketches that we recently performed at Just for Laughs in
Montreal! Our first act will be a bit of a murder mystery/Hardy Boys spoof, and I think the audience can expect to have a light-hearted and awesome time. Really all we are after is to have a good time with the audience and get some hot laughs.

You’ve worked on a lot of projects together, how did you guys come together as a comedic duo?

We met at the University of Victoria! We were both in the acting class and started writing sketches poking fun at the plays we were all working on in the theatre’s season. One thing led to another, and we were still writing sketch after we both moved to Vancouver. It was there that we realized that the best option for up-and-coming artists was to make our own work.

What other performers/comedic acts are you into right now? What funny people should we be following?

I’m sure Chris and I will have different ‘people to follow’, but for me it would have to be the following: Vest of Friends (live act/ Canadian), Broad City (awesome comedy show), Rick and Morty (animated comedy) and Nathan Usher (Twitter).

What’s the weirdest job or gig you’ve ever had?

We have definitely performed in some pretty weird places. Once, a long time ago, to promote our show in Winnipeg, we did some sketches in a restaurant, that was in a library. It was quiet before, during and after our set. Real fun stuff.

You guys already have an impressive comedic resume under your belt. What advice do you have for aspiring comedians?

In a way you will always be an aspiring comedian! I don’t think there’s really a time when you stop trying new stuff out. Another piece of advice would be: if your friends think it’s funny, it still might not be funny. Try to find a good crowd to perform for that isn’t entirely made up of people who already know you.


Based out of Vancouver, Peter n’ Chris have performed in acclaimed festivals such as Just for Laughs, The San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival, and the Chicago Sketch Fest and they show no signs of slowing down. They also lend their comedic talents to CBC Radio 1’s sketch comedy show The Irrelevant Show, CBC Punchline, and have contributed video content to CollegeHumor.

Come check out this quirky comedy April 22. Before the show, check out the new Teeny Tiny Show in The Gallery, grab a drink, and enjoy live music from Stephen Vogler. Tickets at

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