Get to Know the Arts Scene Cover Artist Hall of Fame… Then Join Them!

Get to Know the Arts Scene Cover Artist Hall of Fame… Then Join Them!

Arts Whistler is passionate about Whistler, about the arts, and about making arts and culture an integral part of our day-to-day life in this awesome mountain town.

Creativity is in our nature and we want you to discover it in yours.

There are so many arts and culture ‘happenings’ in our community that there needs to be a place to bring it all together so you can find out what’s on. Well luckily, there is!

It’s called Arts Scene and it’s an amazing little mag that is released three times per year to guide you through the world of arts and culture in Whistler. For each issue, we are inspired by a local artist and feature them on the front and back covers. The Sea to Sky Corridor attracts painters, sculptors, artisans, writers and performers from all around the world to live, work and play. What better compliment than to be showcased front row centre on the local guide to everything arts?

We’re on the lookout for our next cover artist, so consider this our official call for talent.

Over the years we’ve featured some truly gifted individuals, so here’s a little something about THEM to inspire YOU (to apply).

Our inaugural Arts Scene artist was in the winter of 2017, with a unique piece by Kate Zessel.

Born in Vancouver, Kate is a long-time Whistler local and skier whose artwork can be found on Prior Skis and Snowboards, as well as at events like the World Ski and Snowboard Festival. Her illustrations combine intricate line work and patterning with moments of colour. Check out her page Zessel Designs.

On the back cover of this issue, Stacey Bodnaruk provided us with a taste of her artistic portfolio. Inspired by all things West Coast, she has combined a passion for the Pacific with her art, creative design, photography and interior design background, to create something she calls ‘art-ography.’ You can find more of her artwork on her website.

In Spring of 2017, one of Whistler’s best loved artists, Chili Thom, awed readers with his painting ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’ on both front and back covers.

Chili was a Whistler force – an artist, DJ, Writer and Filmmaker among other things. Having him as a cover artist for Arts Scene was a natural fit, and we are honoured to have had that moment with the Whistler icon.

You can purchase Chili prints in the Arts Whistler Gift Shop or in his online shop.

Fall of 2017’s cover took a different twist as we featured photographer Sara Spectrum and her shot of the local music scene, preceding an eye-catching cover by celebrated local artist Vanessa Stark for Winter 2018.

Known for her vibrant colours and whimsical movement, Vanessa’s work reflects her lifestyle and environment.

Complementing Vanessa’s piece ‘Whistler Pow Bear’ was was Natasha Louise‘s back cover piece ‘North Star’. Natasha describes her work as ‘stylized landscapes predominately influenced by northern landscapes focused on the blending of bright colours and the simplification of line and form,’ and was thrilled to be featured on the same issue as an artist that inspires her.


Summer 2018 connected us with the bright joy of long time Whistler resident Isobel MacLaurin’s works. Known for her murals across Whistler and the Lower Mainland, Isobel has been a working artist all her life and has won many awards for her pieces as well as graced the covers of magazines – including Arts Scene.

Our newest print edition is now on stands and the striking bear you see painted really captured the spirit of Arts Scene perfectly. Submitted by Brent Vandenbroek, this Sea to Sky-based artist enjoys bringing nature and art together by mixing photorealist with abstract.

With all the amazing submissions that came in for the Fall Arts Scene cover, it’s hard to choose just one piece. It may be a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it and we’re excited to see what this talented community has in store for the next issue.

Written by Kristy Aleksich

Want to be the next artist we feature on the cover of Arts Scene? Submit your favourite original winter-themed artwork for consideration by December 1, 2018.

Don’t have anything to submit right now, but still interested in being featured in a future Art Scene issue? Keep us in mind as you create over the next season – the following date to submit will be April 1, 2019.

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