The Third Annual Hear and Now is Bursting with New and Local Talent

The Third Annual Hear and Now is Bursting with New and Local Talent

Hear and Now is coming in hot for its third year, and the roster of talent that you’ll be able to see (for free, no less) is smokin’!

People of all walks of life, from all over the globe, hear about Whistler and decide to come live here. You’re most likely one of them – you may have heard of its beauty, its epic skiing and its awesome people. There’s a chance you also may have heard about our thriving music scene, and if you hadn’t yet, you probably figured it out pretty quick once you were here. You can walk down the stroll on any given night and follow the melodies of strumming guitars, the tip-tap of a high-hat or the falsetto of a fledgling singer. Local musicians offer the soundtrack to the tourist’s vacation, to a hard day working in a local restaurant or bar and to our daily lives.

There’s no better way to celebrate these musical merry makers than with a festival just for them. Cue fall and its annual Hear and Now Festival. The perfect way to kick off Arts Whistler’s Fall For Arts program this autumn.

For some artists, this might be their first opportunity on a Whistler stage to show their stuff, others who have been around for longer might just love being a part Whistler’s music tribe. You’ll get to see new acts and old favourites, hear unique covers as well as original songs. The best thing about Hear and Now is gathering in Village Square to kick back and appreciate some live music- while supporting the incredible community of people who live to perform it.

Having a successful music scene in your town is something we should never take for granted. It’s a creative outlet for some amazingly talented people, and everyone in town gets to reap the benefits. After all, it wouldn’t be the same walking down the village stroll if you didn’t hear the lively echo of music, and the laughter of all who get to experience it.

Check out who we have lined up for you this year:

Dakota Pearl

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to bust out your cowboy hat and tap your toes to some original country rock, Pemberton’s Dakota Pearl will make the wait worthwhile. Also performing is the relatively new Bandits of Blueberry County, ready to belt out the classic country you crave and some new hits as well. We’re not sure what ‘outlaw’ country is, but they promised to play it so we’re gonna find out. Country and Blues are synonymous in the Sea to Sky with the talented Poor Dirty Sylvia. This duo has been performing together for a number of years and never disappoint.

Squamish’s Bluesberry Jam has been at it for over 20 years and this 11-piece band plays the best in rock, blues and R&B covers that’ll get you dancing in the streets, err…. village! Another band that’s bound to get people boogying is Whistler’s Blame the Weekend, covering an eclectic mix of everything from sixeties pop to current rock.

Small Town Runaway

Whistler has a slew of gorgeous songstresses, and it wouldn’t be fair to have to choose between them so best to see them all. Caitrin Madden Band, Cayley Fee and Calvina Smith all can’t wait to make you swoon with their gorgeous voices. If you’ve never seen Emily Molloy Band just know that this girl can wail, and Small Town Runaway offers smoky and soulful music to soothe you.


Not to be outdone, the gents in town also bring it to the mic. Long-time Whistler performers Gordo and Jeremy Thom always hit the right notes and put on solid performances of some of your favourite tunes and originals.

Lazy Ghost

Bringing soulful alternative vibes to the fest is popular local group Lazy Ghost. These guys get the psychedelic mood grooving, go catch them before they head back into the studio to work on their next album. Li’l Wat Nation group Spiritual Warrior will be performing their brand of reggae, and if funk and soul are your jam then be sure to catch The Combat Dolphins or The Funky Snow Monkeys.


Emily Molloy

Unit 208 is a mysterious new addition to Whistler’s music scene. Word on the street is you’ll recognize some familiar faces in this crew.


Whistler’s lyrical warrior Lozen is performing alongside the Get Down Brothers and will dazzle you with her razor-sharp words and lightning fast collage of lyrical rap, with the Get Down Brothers backing her up with sick beats and what is sure to be a fun performance.

Whether you want to catch a rising star, support your favourite local or enjoy a small stage performance before one of these amazing talents make it big, that’s what Hear and Now is all about. Head on over to Village Square September 22 and 23 to listen to all our talented local musicians and show them some love. From 11:30am-8pm every day, the stroll will be alive with the sounds of local music. Come ready to dance, clap and sing along… you can almost hear it now.

Written by: Kristy Aleksich 

For more information:

Visit the Hear and Now Event Page

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