Through the Lens of Arts Whistler Photographers

Through the Lens of Arts Whistler Photographers

For Arts Whistler, 2017 was a year for the books. Seeing the return of fan-favourites, new not to be missed performances, and everything from live music to dance, theatre, and comedy, this was a season that featured an impressive lineup of local and touring live performers.

While guests take in the performance atmosphere, they may (or may not) have seen a shadowy figure lurking in the dark around the side stage or crouching in the wings. No need to be scared, that’s the Arts Whistler photographers, capturing all the action from drinks in The Gallery before the show to the dance parties that rocked the theatre.

Let’s take these talented folks out from behind the lens, and put them in the spotlight, shall we?


Sean St. Denis

Finding inspiration every time he leaves his front door, it’s no wonder this talented photographer is never home! Sean is inspired by all the beauty around him, and will shoot everything wildlife to landscapes, events to extreme sports and everything in between. This is a guy who will wake up in the middle of the night to capture the aurora borealis, or wait for hours in the cold to shoot an eclipse. Hard work pays off, and we’re glad he’s on our team.

Website | Flickr | Instagram



Mike Crane

Mike might just be one of the biggest names in Photography here in the Sea to Sky, and rightly so. His action sports, lifestyle and landscape shots are the stuff dreams are made of, and to him, those moments aren’t just dreams, they’re reality. Living the dream in Whistler, these mountains and moments are what he lives for.




Justa Jeskova

Known for her commercial and lifestyle imagery, Justa is well known in the Sea to Sky for her clean style and ability to capture the spirit of the image and project it back out to the viewer in a way that moves them.

Website | Facebook | Instagram



Jeremy Allen

If you don’t follow him on Instagram, you should. This regular shooter with Arts Whistler gets out into the forest and mountains around us and captures all the marvellous images that create wonder and awe. Just be warned- if you do see his ‘grams, be prepared to strap on your hiking boots or snowshoes and head out after him. It’s the stuff of inspiration.

Facebook | Instagram



Sara Spectrum

A self taught, natural light photographer, Sarah brings ten years experience and uses her intuition to bring an authentic style to her imagery. She is forever inspired and in tune to the world around her, allowing her to blend fine art with documentary style images to create her own style of art.

Website | Instagram



Scott Brammer

With Scott it’s all about events – big or small, sporting or otherwise, Scott is there and he’s got a knack for clicking right at the perfect moment. This pro spent over 20 years shooting people at their best – while on vacation in Whistler. Now working with top event planners, he’s shooting everything to parties to competitions, conferences to weddings, and of course some amazing Arts Whistler events too.

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