Local Comedians Battle it out Family Feud Style

Local Comedians Battle it out Family Feud Style

Improv comedy is dynamic, hilarious and a bit scary for all involved and it’s part of the Arts Whistler Live! lineup on Thursday, January 25 with the Vancouver TheatreSports League. Think Family Feud, meets Whistler, meets improv and you’ll kind of be in the right vacinity. Can’t remember quite how Family Feud goes? Well take a look at this clip for a refresher:

So who are battling it out for the rights to claim improv greatness? Check out the local loonies below:

Team 1

Tara O’Doherty: Her daytime gig is to help elevate businesses as the Manager of Member Relations at the Whistler Chamber, outside of that she is known as one of the authorities on funny in Whistler. From her stand-up comedy performances, the comedy shows she produces through her company Headwound Productions, and her numerous acting performances; laughter follows her everywhere. A five-year-old once told her she was the funniest person in the world – so it must be true.


Louise Robinson: With degrees in Education and Creative Industries (Drama) which led to her becoming a drama teacher in her native Australia, as well as developing drama education programs. After coming down with Aussie Migratory Syndrome, Louise found that a possible cure involved following the traditional migratory route to Whistler. Once here, she dove into acting including TV and movies, then Canada let her stay.


Jonny Fleet: He’s a disciple of the Halifax Feast Dinner Theatre, Jonny moved to Whistler back in 2006 all the way from (that’s right, you guessed it) Halifax! A filmmaker, actor, singer, and local sex pot, Jonny is stoked to be part of this production and looks forward to smashing everyone with glorious laughs.


Chris Quinlan: When he is not trying to eat and drink his way across North America while pimping his software, Quinny likes to break from the real world and hang with his Theatre peeps. He was a logger who actually cut down trees, so he feels he owes it to Monty Python to wear high heels, suspenders, and a bra. Previous to serving as an elected official during the 2010 Olympics, he has spent a lot of his time on the Maury Arts Centre stage in various iterations of women’s and/ or shockingly skimpy men’s clothing.

Team 2

Kevin “Big Kev” Mikkelsen: Originally from the centre of the universe, Big “Rockin’” Kev left T.O. in 1992 to study ski-bumming in Banff. Moving to Whistler in 2005 to work on his master’s thesis, “Ski-Bumming Versus The Real World”, while occasionally performing comedic sketches, improv, and stand-up on various stages around Whistler. He’s never met a beer or whiskey he hasn’t enjoyed. As per usual, he’s onstage again because a pretty girl asked him to!



Brandon Smith: This guy has been on the scene and on the stage for a number of years within Whistler’s improv community. From writing to acting and stand-up in between, he has been there to do that. He shaves regularly and showers occasionally. Brandon’s favorite colour is green.


Angie Nolan: Known in these parts as a rare B.C. girl, she’s a trained thespian and filmmaker who got her start in TV and film as a teenager when she landed a production assistant job on the long-running CBC hit The Beachcombers. Ten years later she woke up from assistant director haze to realize that her creative soul was slowly dying so she decided to write, direct, and act in a number of her own film and theatre projects instead – some of them are even kind of good. These days Angie is still creating and is a highly active member of Whistler’s growing theatre/film arts community. For the past 14 years, her main job for money has been at the Whistler Film Festival where she currently disguises herself as the Director of Industry Programming.


Adam Snow: Hailing from the eastern shores of Canada, Adam Snow (in direct refusal of becoming an adult) found himself in Whistler. He realized the only true skill he had developed up to that point in life was a deep love of the theatrical arts. It was only natural then, that he found himself frolicking on stage and film with all the Sea to Sky thespians. He has since developed another skill…sliding downhill fast on ice!


This is going to be improv comedy at its finest. Vancouver TheatreSports League has been putting on hilarious improv comedy performances all over B.C., Canada, and the world for over three decades. Customized and interactive, their shows are a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience. Witty, fast-paced and always memorable – each performance is as unique as its audience.

Tickets are just $15 ($20 at the door), but you gotta be quick because last year’s show was a sell-out! Doors open at 7:15pm with local musicians The McQuaid Trio and the show starts at 8pm.

Get your tickets now at artswhistler.com/live

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