Crash Course: The Magic of Art and Bikes

Crash Course: The Magic of Art and Bikes

Crash Course:
The Magic of Art and Bikes

Gravity and creativity fuel it, adrenaline and imagination feed it. Whistler’s dirtiest 10 days of summer are almost here, and whether it’s muddy or dusty, smoky or sunny, you gotta admit that Crankworx is one of the biggest and best festivals of the year.

The Crankworx world tour is where ordinary humans perform extraordinary feats, and from August 9th to 18th you can enjoy a front row seat to all the action. The defining celebration of world class mountain biking might not seem like the most likely place to find your ‘creative spirit’, but the arrival of best in the world doesn’t just mean the world’s best mountain bikers- it’s the best filmmakers and photographers too.

Deep Summer Photo Challenge

Since 2009, the Deep Summer Photo Challenge has been a must-see event of the festival. Five photographers are selected, with one wildcard contestant thrown into the mix. Given three days smack dab in the middle of the festival action to grab their top shots, these talented competitors seek the biggest air, the wildest moves and most unique images to edit into each riveting show. It’s a photo showdown of iconic proportions and an event not to be missed.


Tuesday, August 13th | 8:30pm | Whistler Olympic Plaza


Cassandra Prochera | Kaite Lozancich | Michael Overbeck | Peter Jamison | Jim Topliss

And it’s not air downhill from there…

Dirt Diaries

The strong storytelling culture of mountain biking thrills audiences with another highly anticipated event of the festival: Dirt Diaries. Since its inception in 2012 filmmakers have taken the audience along for quite the ride, showcasing an athlete’s ‘diary’ as they use cutting edge techniques in a four to six-minute short film. With each entry showcasing the Whistler Valley and Whistler Mountain Bike Park in their master vision, the rules are otherwise loose as the six selected filmmakers go head to head for top honours. With storylines that create awe, wonder and sometimes a bellyful of laughs, these artists paint a picture of mountain bike culture that will surely entertain the jam-packed audience.


Wednesday, August 14th | 8:30pm | Whistler Olympic Plaza


Mad Trees | FASTFOKUS | Max Sauerbrey | Michael Sousa Cinema | Paul Cain | Tom Wilson

Watch last years winner HERE.

These two events are a celebration of mountain bike culture at its finest. By day there are downhills and joyrides to behold, but after you wipe off the dust and swipe off the mud it’s time to gather in the epicentre of Whistler with a crowd of bike-minded people to see the magic from another perspective.

Check out the full schedule of events

Photos via Tourism Whistler

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