We’re Voting for Community, Culture and Conversation!

We’re Voting for Community, Culture and Conversation!

This Saturday will mark the 2018 Whistler Municipal Election.
Get Prepared. Get Informed. Vote!

The 2018 election has focused on community well-being, from housing to mental health, from fiscal responsibility to preserving the soul of Whistler. With two of the all-candidates meetings held at the Maury Young Arts Centre, it was gratifying to hear that Whistler’s arts, culture and heritage are near and dear to the hearts of Whistler residents.


Arts and culture form an essential part of our community’s social fabric, providing platforms for expression, celebration and social discourse.


Arts Whistler provides a stage on which artists and performers can share their work, ideas and spark conversation. The Maury Young Arts Centre is a welcoming community space that provides room for discussion and creativity to live and grow and brings us together to share a sense of belonging. Arts Whistler looks forward to welcoming and working with the next Council, as we continue to play a leading role in arts advocacy and cultural development.

In keeping with this mission, on October 19 – the night before the election – join us for some social discourse on the housing situation in Whistler as seen through the lens of local photographer Carin Smolinski.

Carin revisits her 2010 photographic exploration of Whistler’s housing challenges with all new 2018 images. From closet bedrooms to a bed in a bathtub, explore what some folks believe is the ticket to “Living the Dream”. Housing heaven or housing hell? You be the judge.

Opening night includes remarks from Carin, as well as wry, insightful and funny short films about Whistler’s housing challenges, comments from Jackie Dickinson from Whistler Community Services, and very special spooky housing story from the Pique’s Braden Dupuis. It’s the most fun you can have discussing a housing crisis (and the election).

Local art + local relevance = one heck of an engaging Friday night. See you there, and remember to vote on October 20!

Thanks your support,
Maureen Douglas

Executive Director
Arts Whistler

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Don’t forget to vote on October 20!

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