Krafty Kids At Home – Your guide to a fun (and creative!) Easter at home with the kids

Krafty Kids At Home – Your guide to a fun (and creative!) Easter at home with the kids

Krafty Kids At Home – Your guide to a fun (and creative!) Easter at home with the kids.

Worried Easter isn’t going to be all it was cracked up to be? 

With a little more time on your hands there is no excuse, let’s up your craft game. Here are a few ideas from tried and tested young minds to create a magical, creative Easter at home with your kids. I kept this list to projects that don’t need any hard-to-find materials and you will likely find them all around your home.

Spring Fling with the Fairies

If you have nature on your doorstep or simply some flowers that have seen better days then invite spring in by using nature as your paintbrush. Children will love the novelty of using different tools for mark marking or live materials for a beautiful result.

If mark-making was a hit, then consider extending the fun using Q-Tips or pom poms to create polka dots using paint. Simply draw an egg shape on a piece of paper and have imagination lead the way. Food items can also create interesting shapes when re-appropriated as stamps.


An Easter hunt with a twist

A friend on Vancouver Island told me many neighbourhoods have set up “teddy bear hunts.” Neighbours put teddy bears in their windows, and then parents drive kids around the neighbourhood, and the kids spot the teddy bears. Why not do the same for Easter eggs? Organize with your neighbourhood to hang up colourful pictures of Easter eggs in windows for kids to spot.


Origami Bunny Corner Bookmarks

This craft is super simple and useful because once created it serves as a bookmark! Follow our origami instructions for the Monster Bookmarks, except switch up your colours and features for something a little more Easter themed – try a bunny, yellow chick or spring lambs.




Painted Easter Rocks

These can be Easter decor or you could hide them outside as part of a fun non-candy Easter egg hunt. Use q-tips to help easily create dots on the rocks or fine brushes for zig-zags. If you are going to put your painted rocks outside consider using a weatherproof sealer so the designs don’t wash off in the rain. If using sealer, paint your rocks with 2 thin coats, letting them dry in between each coat. 



Nature Hunt

If you’re heading outdoors to soak up some spring sunshine then set your intentions for the journey. Use the stroll to collect a few bits and bobs on the walk or even from your own garden. You can then use the materials to create a very cute and very easy bunny or easter scene!

If you can’t track down any natural materials for your masterpiece, then burrow down in your recycling to find some pieces to craft with. You may surprise yourself to see what can be made from decorated cardboard that you’d usually send to recycling!


Eggs-hausted from all that egg hunting?

Check out our adults easter at home blog for some tasty recipe ideas and salt dough egg creations that can be adapted for families and children.


Have an egg-celent Easter!

Stay Well!


Written by Chantelle Matthews

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