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Copper: Bug Buster

July 29, 2020 – September 13, 2020 all-day America/Vancouver Timezone
Britannia Mine Museum
Britannia Beach
BC V0N 1J0
Britannia Mine Museum
Copper: Bug Buster @ Britannia Mine Museum

Summer Exhibit: On Now – September 13, 2020

This summer, the museum will be hosting a temporary exhibit exploring copper’s antimicrobial properties. Since the Ancient Egyptians, copper has played a fascinating role in medicine, owing to its unique ability to help fight disease.

Ancient scripts record apparent remedies made from copper or copper minerals. Some may have been useful, others perhaps harmful, some may only have been experiments. Yet all of them point to a history of copper use in medicine. More recently, scientific research and clinical studies have proven copper’s ability to kill microbes very effectively. With COVID-19, as well as superbugs and other pandemics, there is growing research and innovation around how copper can assist in our fight against disease.

The display will look at copper through history, as well as delving into the science behind its antimicrobial nature, and how this enables it to fight against modern disease. It will explore both the facts and fictions of this extraordinary mineral, unfolding beliefs around copper and the science behind the claims.

The layout of the space has been planned so that visitors can socially distance while exploring the panels.