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WFF19 Presents: Promiseland

December 6, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
Maury Young Arts Centre
4335 Blackcomb Way
Whistler Film Festival
WFF19 Presents: Promiseland @ Maury Young Arts Centre |  |  |

This hard-hitting action spectacle follows the misadventures of a troubled prostitute (Andrea Stefancikova) and a delusional stranger. Sparks fly and the constant threat of betrayal pervades on both sides, as this errant duo embark on a vigilante mission to exact revenge upon those that have wronged them. With numerous quality fight scenes and action sequences, PROMISELAND credits a stunt team of nearly one hundred men and women, along with four months of fight choreography and almost two years of shooting and editing.

Director and star Kirk Caouette is a BC and Chinese television stunt veretan and the only person in UBCP/ACTRA history to be contemporaneously nominated for best actor and best stuntman. His skill and experience as a stuntman informs his directorial style and thoughtfully framed action sequences, amounting to a JOHN WICK quality level at a fraction of the production budget. In stark contrast to his fifteen years in the stunt and action film industries Kirk’s directorial debut was the 2014 musical romance HIT ‘N STRUM, which had its premiere at Whistler and received great acclaim. Don’t miss Caouette’s second breath-taking feature.

Year: 2019
Runtime: 82 minutes
Language: English
Country: Canada
Premiere: World Premiere
Director: Kirk Caouette