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WFF19 Presents: The Marijuana Conspiracy

December 7, 2019 all-day
Maury Young Arts Centre
4335 Blackcomb Way
Whistler Film Festival
WFF19 Presents: The Marijuana Conspiracy @ Maury Young Arts Centre |  |  |

In 1972, a government-funded research experiment subjected twenty women to total isolation for 98 days in order for the state to study the social and physical effects of marijuana on females. Half of the participants were administered daily doses and were prodded, poked and forced to routinely give blood for over three months. The study, named Project Venus, aimed to prove that smoking pot negatively impacted productivity – but the results were never published, mostly due to not providing the results desired by conservative anti-marijuana lobbyists.

THE MARIJUANA CONSPIRACY focuses on the experiences of the female participants, their interactions with one another and their reactions to the perilous and vaguely ridiculous circumstances in which they found themselves trapped. Many of the real-life subjects can verify the details outlined in this outrageous film from Director Craig Pryce, fondly remembered for his cult classic THE REVENGE OF THE RADIOACTIVE REPORTER (1990). The irony is that it might have taken over 50 years, but the worst fears of the orchestrators of Project Venus are now a reality.

Year: 2019
Runtime: 124 minutes
Language: English
Country: Canada
Premiere: World Premiere
Director: Craig Pryce