Kids Art

Kids Art

Financial Assistance: KidsArt

KidsArt is a uniquely Whistler program of financial assistance for arts education, available to children of financially restricted families living in Whistler. Patterned after the National KidSport program, which assists families enroll their kids in sports programs, KidsArt is a collaboration between Whistler Community Services Society, Whistler Blackcomb Foundation and Arts Whistler.


Who can apply? 
A parent/guardian must initiate the application on behalf of the child, aged 5-18 years. Exceptions may be made for younger children under certain circumstances.

When are the application deadlines? 
There are none. Applications can be made at any time, with a response within a week after receipt of the application.

How much financial assistance is available? 
Annual grants are available for financially qualified families to a maximum of $200 per child, aged 5-18 years. Exceptions can be made for younger children.

What expenses qualify? 
Grants can be used for registration fees in qualified workshops or lessons, camps, or rental of musical instruments. Funds cannot be applied to language or cooking classes, travel, or purchase of equipment or art supplies. Fees will be paid by WCSS directly to the qualified arts organization or teacher on behalf of the grant recipient.

Who qualifies? 
Financial eligibility will be determined by WCSS. To determine whether your family qualifies, contact the WCSS.


Arts education programs
For the purposes of this program, the definition of arts education is quite broad, including:

  • performing arts (theatre, music, dance)
  • creative writing
  • visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture/carving, photography, film & new media)
  • fine-arts crafts (pottery, weaving, textiles, mosaics, jewelry)

Qualifying arts education programs
Educational programs in the visual, performing, literary or media arts offered through a credible institution, or from a recognized mentor or artist, either within or outside of Whistler. Programs must be comprised of structured classes with key learning outcomes that provide a depth of experience. They can either introduce students to an art form, or build upon existing interests by offering opportunities for creative expression and exploration that can be continued after the program of instruction ends.

Public sector institutions
Non-profit societies with a clear mandate to advance arts and arts education. For a current listing of available programs, click on the websites below:

Private sector
Music, dance & theatre teachers must have professional certification, peer recognition for their expertise, and/or a proven track record in teaching. Examples of Sea to Sky opportunities include:

Whistler & regional music teachers include (but are not limited to):

  • Katherine Fawcett (piano, violin, voice)
  • Alison Hunter (harp & piano)
  • Joanne Hepner (piano)
  • Julia Thomas
  • Margot Blum (flute)
  • Randy Shaw
  • Laurie Lister (percussion),
  • Yuko (violin)
  • Heidi McPherson (piano)
  • M.J. Mullin (guitar)
  • Sue Stearns (guitar – Pemberton)
  • Colleen Coop (piano – Squamish)
  • Anita Burleson (voice)

(Note: this listing of music teachers has not been sanctioned by any authorized body. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to determine if the selected teacher is appropriate for their child.)

If you wish to enroll in a program not listed below:
Please contact Arts Whistler 604.935.8410

If you are a arts educator, teacher or organization wishing to be included on our list:
Please contact Arts Whistler 604.935.8410

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