Carin Smolinski: Living the Dream – Then and Now

Carin Smolinski: Living the Dream – Then and Now

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October 18  –  November 13, 2018

Ever wondered how far some people are willing to go to “Live the Dream” in Whistler? As Carin Smolinksi has found, people may be willing to live anywhere to make that dream happen. Almost a decade after her first installment of photographs capturing images of the unique and often creative living situations of Whistler locals from squatter houses, overcrowded bedrooms, closets and campers, Carin was back with an update! The first series of photos was shot in 2010 and exhibited in 2011 and now the updated 2018 version had been showcased alongside the originals, complete with surveys that include information about pay and rent rates, occupations and number of roommates. Do you think almost a decade has made a difference?

Art Opening | October 19, 2018 | 7-9pm

The evening featured remarks from Carin, comments from Whistler Community Services Society, as well as a selection of hilarious and insightful short films on housing from the 72-Hour Filmmaker Showdown.

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