FULL SPECTRUM: Whistler Secondary School Show

FULL SPECTRUM: Whistler Secondary School Show

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March 1 – 30, 2018

Visual Art students from Whistler Secondary School have been showing their artwork at The Gallery at the Arts Centre for over a decade. The title of the 2018’s show was Full Spectrum and reflects the variety of talent and subject matter that runs the gamut and hints at the fact the creative process has come full circle, from concept to reality. The pieces on display were created in a variety of mediums and including a wide range of subject matter, each one with an individual message to share. For many students, this is their first gallery show and their hard work and effort shine through in this month-long show.

When asked about the opportunity, here’s what some students had to say

“I feel pretty proud of myself. I didn’t think I could do something like that. I’ve never put my art up to let everyone see. It’s pretty new to me.”

“I’m kind of excited. I’ve done pretty well on my piece so I’m happy to show it. ”

“I’m not sure about selling it because I really like it. I think I’ll charge (a lot) for it because I don’t really want to let it go but for that much I’d sell it.”

“This is something new for me…a new experience and that’s kind of cool”

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