HIS ECLECTIC SOUL: The Chili Thom Experience

HIS ECLECTIC SOUL: The Chili Thom Experience

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June 2 – 26, 2017

Maury Young Arts Centre is the hub of The Chili Thom Experience. The home of Arts Whistler, the Arts Centre, is also a gallery where Chili’s footsteps often tread. It’s where the B-Grade Horrorfest made it’s debut and where Chili’s originals once hung beside many of his peers and best friends.
This venue is also where Arts Whistler – his alumni in public service – lives and creates thanks in part to his magnanimity. It’s also where Chili’s active bottom often hunkered down for numerous Arts Council board meetings and looooong governance meetings, where he taught, inspired, aspired, and gave his voice for artists and members.
In this building Chili Thom’s eclectic soul will reverberate off the walls. We will take chances, like Chili did. We will not censor, but celebrate the brave, sassy, dirty, loving, and eclectic art Chili produced over the years. We will create a nest for Chili to rest in, and the world to visit.

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