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Dee-Ann creates mixed media and digital art from her home in Squamish, BC, Canada. Her acrylic mixed media paintings and her digital patterns both begin as exercises to tap the unconscious, freeing her up from overthinking.

On canvas, she begins by underpainting, and then uses techniques such as blowing ink around with a straw to build the base of the work. Once that process feels complete, she repeatedly rotates the piece until she decides what the image tells her, and then begins building the rest of the painting from there.

Completion of a physical painting leads to taking a photograph of the work. She manipulates the digital image from there, creating color variations to draw different moods and stories out of the piece. After that, she takes a small piece of the work and creates digital patterns as a base, then alters them until the base of a new image is formed. Processing it from there leads to patterns full of texture and hidden images, different areas standing out from variation to variation.

Ultimately, Dee-Ann strives to keep a sense of play in her process. She firmly believes that art should be fun at some level, and loves to see what she can discover by just “playing around” and experimenting. Who knows what comes next?

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