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Jessa Gilbert’s paintings and drawings emerge from her experiences in the outdoors exploring and engaging with new terrain, blending and merging art and adventure. Her drawings, created outside during her journeys along the roads, paths, beaches, and cliff sides, capture the spirit of spending time within wilderness, while serving as studies for large scale, full-color paintings.

Her artworks draw from her experiences in the backcountry and explore how to evoke in paint and ink the experience of being in the outdoors – the shifting of light, the passing of time, the movement of the elements, and the energy of transitioning through these spaces. Jessa grew up in Upstate NY before moving to Vermont to study Art, Art History, and Sociology at the University of Vermont, and to compete nationally in freestyle snowboarding. Jessa is currently residing in Squamish, where the union of Art and the outdoors is part of her everyday life.

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