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As a native Albertan farm kid, surprisingly coming to Squamish felt like I had found my roots. This incredible place instantly captured my heart and soul. It was somewhere that was immediately home, and has been since a October 2019. It’s a place to live my passions of climbing, and outdoor pursuits, as well as, the freedom to create art. Inspired by the extreme contrast and colours of the coastal rainforest, my mixed media art reflects everything I surround myself in.

With my art, I aim to creativity infuse my avid love of climbing and passion for the mountains into each piece. My artistic creations range between three unique styles:
• Rope Art: creating pieces by recycling and repurposing old climbing materials such as retired rope, slings, harnesses, etc. into landscape art. With this style, it is a goal to raise funds in order to give back to the community!
•Watercolour splatter with mountain scape ink line designs
•Hand cut paper collaged mountain landscape greeting cards

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