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Up here in Pemberton we mostly notice the mountains around us, but beauty is also at our feet every moment of the day.
My work is about the richness and patterns of nature at every scale and form - at every natural dimension we see, but don’t necessarily notice, every day. I’ve spend a lot of time wandering our valley, always discovering new beauty in the fields, forest, rivers and gardens. Nature’s colours and geometric shapes are incredibly interesting to observe through the different seasons.
My paintings are created on large surfaces of canvas or panel, covered with a combination of acrylic and oil paints. I start by painting a muted colour textural background, then conceptualize my ideas from a collection of sketches I’ve gathered in journals of vistas I love, or from photos I’ve taken of beautiful cloud formations. I always have an abundance of natural barks and grasses as reference to interpret colours that closely resemble the truth. I use my large brushes to rough in my vision and then finish with fine detailing ones.
I often find my artistic development through my children and through teaching others to paint. Children are such great observers and love to spend time examining at nature’s most minute details.
While I’m very interested in abstract painting and often go through abstract phases, my greatest enjoyment comes from expressing nature’s fundament though art.

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