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As a lifelong creative-dabbler and perpetual fidgeter, I walk a fine balance act between outdoor adventuring and indoor creativity.

Though arts and crafting have been present in my life since childhood, I only took the (potentially inadvisable) plunge into full-time making and selling - through my Etsy Store ‘Alpenfire Designs’ - in spring 2019.

Continually inspired by the wild outdoors and these West Coast mountains where I live, work and play, I aim to instill a little bit of outdoor magic into every piece I make.

I'm an advocate of 'sustainable consumption' and try to act against our throwaway culture however I can. I firmly believe that buying and owning beautiful things can be sustainable if we make better use of everyday 'waste'.

All of my work uses salvaged wood otherwise destined for the scrapheap; artwork shouldn't cost the earth!

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