Artist: Kyle Graham

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When receiving my first camera at a very young age, it was wrapped and said “From: Santa”. This was the start of something greater than just trying something new, little did I know it then, but this was the start of a great passion. Photography isn’t just about capturing a moment, but creating a moment. To provoke emotions, to empower people to, as the classic line goes, "Be all you can be.”

Moving from the outskirts of Toronto, to the West Coast directly after college, Whistler has been my home since, pretty sure I knew I would be moving here before I ever even saw a picture. Mountains are in my blood, and have provoked a great deep passion. Have a love for the outdoors, if I am not behind the lens, can probably find me on my skis, mountain bike, or heading for a hike deep in the woods. Chances are, that entire time I am thinking of various photoshoot ideas, the natural elements are a great inspiration.

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