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In between expressive brushwork, I dwell on themes of the temporal, longing, suffering, vanity and memory, which contrasts against my intentional use of the vibrant and illuminating medium. My more recent work shifts into a comfortable tolerance towards mystery and unknowing as I strive to render high-detail accuracy against more abstracted and vague forms. For me, my style gives the nod to the brushwork and ethos of my Chinese heritage and my Western education, which had been a point of contention and catalyst of distress in my early childhood.

I embraced the watercolour medium - an effort to reconcile my former academic notions of visual arts with my new life. After a 13-Year Hiatus from my former practice involving abject mediums like my own teeth, nails, hair and scabs, I use the brush to grapple against my feelings of “in-between” - like own inclined notions of conceptual art fostered in my Fine Arts degree.

Today, I work from a place that is firmly seated in a position of simultaneous sadness and deep-rooted joy.

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