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Born in Dublin, Ireland. Moved to London, UK , then landed in Canada in ‘06 after completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at The London Institute of Fine Art, Camberwell. Upon my arrival to Whistler, I found myself a good Canadian boy, got hitched on Whistler Mountain in ‘07, & am now living permanently in Whistler, my new forever home.

To me the canvas is a portal, and the images are the vehicle to transport its viewers beyond realism into the abstract world. Painting a surreal landscape with a juxtaposition of diverse images, I aim to seduce the viewer and open them up to abandoning the way we view our daily surroundings.

Living in the mountains of BC I am enriched by nature's inspirations. Painting an intimate assortment of memories within the confinements of the canvas, I strive to capture emotions through movement of brush strokes and energetic hues, contrasting flat blocks of color with sumptuous textures, shapes and lines.

To me painting is an emotional process. The canvas invites you to unlock the secrets of boundless images bursting to get out of each one of us, and change the way we view the world around us. Change starts from within, is unlimited and the possibilities are endless.

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