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Mark Richards was born in Ottawa and has been involved in the art world since childhood. Growing up in his father’s studio (owner of the renowned Montague Art Gallery in Nova Scotia) enabled Mark to develop his artistic senses at an early age. This, coupled with a love for the great outdoors, quickly evolved into the endeavour of capturing Canada’s great landscape and communicating its essence through beautiful artwork.

His work as an artist has led him to develop, in collaboration with his father, a unique style and technique for producing some of the most stunning landscape images seen today. By combining elements of photography and traditional mediums, Mark is able to provide the best qualities of both worlds. His artwork focuses on composition and embodies stunning dynamic range and colour. All his works are originals produced from start to finish using my own studio facilities and archival quality materials that will remain beautiful for future generations.

The pursuit of great Canadian landscape has led Mark to Whistler where the Coast Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean, creating a treasured destination by locals and tourists from around the world. He now has the pleasure of sharing his work with you in his gallery.

Mark has his own gallery in town

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