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Canadian artist Mathias Horne's artwork and activism is related to the preservation of threatened wildlife populations and the natural world, by capturing both the beauty and the crisis of affected populations, endangerment and their changing environments.

Horne’s work focuses heavily on contract and is curated in black and white hues only as these shades possess a unique aesthetic, accentuating a timeless aspect that imagery in color does not capture. Monochromatic realism though portraiture and landscapes possesses a photographic look and creates an impression that the collections may be depicting an earlier time period; as if the paintings have captured wildlife and places that are already long gone.

In Horne’s artwork, you will find outlets for productive dialogue and thought through different affected species in our rapid world of industrialization and development. One of Mathias Horne’s most recent and notable works addressing these issues includes the Grizzly Bear Project; a collection of paintings in partnership with The Grizzly Bear Foundation where 20% of all proceeds supports the conservation work and protection of grizzly bears in North America.

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