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Michiko moved to Squamish in late 2004 from Osaka, Japan.

Inspired by our beautiful, natural surroundings, she resumed painting months after arriving here, following a 12-year hiatus. Michiko realized how much she had missed and needed to paint. While she has been drawing and painting since she was a child, it was here that she began interpreting landscape for the first time.

Michiko paints several hours almost every day starting in the quiet of the morning. Her style of painting has evolved significantly since moving here. She explains, “I focus more on translating what I feel from what I see with thin layers of paint on canvas. I used to like painting with very thick texture.”

From the age of 18, Michiko has been involved an art group in Osaka where work is exhibited in a private gallery once a year.

“We did so far 25 consecutive years before we took what turned out to be an 18-year break. We resumed our show every 2 years and we have started in 2009.”

Michiko is also an active volunteer and member of Visuals since 2009.
She regularly participates in shows around Squamish.

“Art is very important to me. It is a passion I feel blessed to be able to pursue.”

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