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Monty Biggins is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, music producer, composer, audio engineer, teacher and student of music.

With over 1500 shows performed in the sea to sky and lower mainland since 2010, he has been a force of musicality in the area since embracing the Whistler music scene in 2010. Monty had actually been on the scene since 2001, playing open mic's on occasion as he came and left Whistler. It wasn't until 2010, the decision to stay for good in the Sea to Sky, that he decided to make a push and see what could happen.

This push put him on festival stages and into special events, opening for notable artists such as Julian Marley, Swollen Members and Del Barber. He has played private events, corporate and public parties, weddings, year end celebrations, New Year's parties, Cornucopia, Whistler's writer's festival, WAG's K9 Dine, Multiplicity, Showcase Showdown and even The Point's yearly Thanksgiving celebration.

His time working with Arts Whistler has enabled family focused moments, on stages, throughout the Whistler village. As a part of Family Apres in the winter, performing outdoors in all weather conditions, to summertime moments for Village Animation, he has found a love of engaging visitors from all over the world with his special brand of roots music and hot jazz themes.

Originally from Chilliwack, Monty was a youth jazz and orchestra student, earning national gold level awards in festivals on trombone, which he started playing when he was 12. He performed in countless jazz festivals, and workshopped with top Jazz musicians from all over the world. He was part of a youth jazz crew that included Juno Jazz winner Bria Skonberg, who was also Featured trumpet in Monty's Ska band as a teenager, The Good Life.
Monty is royal conservatory trained on piano, through the Chilliwack academy of music. He started piano lessons when he was 7 and fell in love with music. Royal Conservatory allowed him to discover the classical realms, which aided in youth orchestras. The free time he found, he spent writing music and performing in his own bands. He took up guitar at 13, and wrote in the grunge and punk styles of his youth until his playing matured and he found a love for many themes. He played with cassette recording devices as a youth which inspired him to go to the Centre for Arts and Technology Recording Arts and Music Business program for post secondary.
This lead to work for Electronic Arts, Prime Time Post, The Hive Studio and as an outside services education rep and Band Dept Manager for Long and Mcquade.
He also took on lead audio engineer for WMN Studio in Whistler from 2013-2016, working on all kinds of projects including recording a demo with UK pop artist Rita Ora, while she was in town working on a film.

Monty Biggins is a musical force. As a soloist, his style is rooted in vocal driven themes of the ages. He has a bluesy essence with traditional jazz roots. The music he chooses to share is happy music, easy to tap your toe and shake your hips to. This crosses over into duet and small ensemble situations. When a band forms around this sound he calls it "Little Biggs Band".

Monty also runs The Sociables Variety Act which showcases musicians in a revolving door of visitors from all over the world. Themes are RnB, Soul, Funk, Americana and Rock n Roll.

You will find Monty Biggins hosting Karaoke, as the resident host in Whistler, twice a week. He also frequents local jams and has hosted both jam nights at Crystal Lounge and Blacks pub. His outlook is that some of us are blessed with music, and are given the opportunity to express it. Others struggle to get out of their shell and so community music moments are very important to engage. Those who have the ability need to support those who are finding their way in it and the jams/karaoke bring all levels of those who simply want to give it a shot.
Monty does his best to inspire, to share and give the nudge of support to those who are unsure of their abilities. This is where the Sociables found its theme. By finding the gems at jams, seeing musicians grow over the years and offering them moments in an ensemble that has put 13, 15 and 18 people on a festival stage for WSSF 2014, 2015, and 2016 and on other stages. The group usually performs in a 5-7 piece situation, but when a festival stage is presented, Monty always aims to fill that stage with his friends from the community.

When Monty isn't performing, he has found moments to work in recording studios, to write music for local films and to support artist initiatives in a multimedia capacity. He has also run youth workshops under the banner "I Make Music" which offers local youth musicians a place to discover their ability to connect with other musicians and make music together, free of fear and judgment. Everyday is a music day for Monty.

Monty Biggins offerings for shows include:
Soloist - Vocals and Guitar
Soloist - Piano (Jazz)
Duet - Vocals, Guitar and Featured Instrument or Percussion
Trio - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion Bass
Quartet - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Bass, Featured lead instrument.
5 piece - 15 piece band is based on events, needs and desires. The sky is the limit, and Monty has a roster of talent all over the sea to sky and lower mainland to connect with. The larger band formats are Funk and Soul music offerings.

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