Dee Raffo & Alana Irvine – Mountain Monsters

Mountain Monsters is the creation of good friends, Dee and Alana, with a little help from Dee’s dad. Combining funky design, with beautiful fabrics, and a touch of mountain magic, we make characterful stuffies we hope delight little kids and big kids alike.
Each design is original, hand sketched by Dee’s dad, David, and then turned into a stuffie pattern. The material palette is a key part of the overall look and we take our time sourcing unique pieces that work well together. We use cotton, felt, and leather patches to add a range of texture, we play with different thread thickness, and hand stitch certain details to individualize each one.

Taking these designs, Dee and Alana also print cards, and kids t-shirts and onesies.

You can find Mountain Monsters in our Gift Shop

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