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Olivier moved from Montreal to Whistler in 1992 after getting a degree in fine art. Since then he has been pursuing the dual life of professional snowboarder and artist. He has been working in many different styles and medium both classic and digital. His portfolio contains work for companies in the USA, Europe, and Asia. The highlights include: the notorious Boarder Bob comic strip for Snowboard Canada Magazine, an illustrated kid snowboard book and board graphics for Option and Prior Snowboard. Currently, Olivier resides in Squamish and works as an artist, freelance graphic designer and snowboard coach.

Some of his most recent work on canvas showcases the Organic Abstraction style: This approach, formulated by the artist, takes recognizable shapes, mostly landscapes of the area, and gives them surrealistic colours and realistic organic-like texture. What kind of organic form it is up to the viewer to decide.

You can look for his artwork on Prior snowboards and skis in stores right now.

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