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Steve is a specialist in realistic tattooing & loves to mix different styles to create his own original tattoos & artwork.

After 10 years building a successful design career in the U.K, I decided it was time for a change. I enjoyed my work, but always had a feeling there was something else out there for me. I started working in design at age 19, while a lot of my friends were taking their first trips travelling the world.

Lets fast forward a little now. We moved to & from Canada & the U.K. a couple of times, but when our first daughter was born we decided to move back to Whistler & I have been based here now since 2013.

After talking to Dave Petko at Black Ohm Tattoos, he invited me to help him tattoo for the ‘Trees for BC’ fundraiser, organized by Kelsey Bareham owner of The Whistler Tattoo Company. The fund raiser went really well & Dave offered me a permanent position at his studio. From there I met some of my first clients, who I still tattoo today & the past years have been a constant journey of growth for me. My style & techniques are constantly evolving. I still take notes on every tattoo & refine my process in every way to ensure I am creating the best tattoos, with the least possible damage to the skin. This is all part of my aim to provide the best possible tattoo experience. This also includes the way I approach conversations, emails, consultations & the whole tattoo design process.

These days I am enjoying my work more than ever. I combine my design experience with my love of drawing to create art using a mix of styles. I love to use photographic elements in collages with hand drawn elements. Design software with pens & pencils fill my drawing table where I feel I have endless ways to create art.

I now have two children at school here in Whistler. I feel so lucky to wake up surrounded my my girls. I look out over mountains every day, take time to meditate every morning, then spend the rest of my day creating art for awesome people. I now have clients travelling here to get tattooed & wearing my tattoos all over the world!

Much love to all my clients past, present & future, for helping me to make my dream into a reality!

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