Tobias Douglas Hollow Tree

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I created Hollow Tree to be something about our lives here in the Pacific Northwest. To create an experience through scent about where we live; our surroundings and our environment. I wanted to evoke feelings of joy, a sense of adventure - through the art of scent. A venue to share stories of nature, the flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest, to inspire conversations about conservation - wolves, bears, ravens and whisky jacks. To tell stories that move you - the reader, while using a candle as a conduit, transporting you to a place, a scent, a memory - every time you light a Hollow Tree candle. A life of endless discovery through the art of scent.

Tree ring by tree ring, Hollow Tree was created out of a love for British Columbia. A love cultivated by decades of exploration, adventure, and a never-ending wonderment in the Forests of BC.

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