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With whimsical movement and vibrant tones, Vanessa Stark’s work reflects her lifestyle and environment. When away from the paintbrush, the Whistler/Pemberton artist can be found in the mountains. Snowboarding and mountain biking bring inspiration and balance to her life.

Nes’ art portrays a love of nature, animals and freedom of thought.

In her words:

My creative process includes drawing from the natural world.  My passion for snowboarding has shaped my life. Visual and spiritual epiphanies often occur when I find myself immersed in the powerful realm of nature. These inspiring moments are also ignited in moments of high intensity while connecting to the natural environment through a board or bike.

My creative inspiration is alive when I become miniature amongst a cathedral of majestic mountain peaks or through the feeling of surfing snow through the magic of mossy, old growth trees.

My painting style has formed organically from living between mountains and experiencing this life-spiration. It is a distinct style that can be seen emerging from other mountain and surf communities. At this time, this is an un-named genre. I refer to it as “Mountain-Style”.

Artist Conversations: Vanessa Stark

Vanessa was our cover artist for Winter Art Scene 2018

Vanessa was part of the innovative "Through the Looking Glass:An Artventure" exhibition

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