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Hi there!

My name is Yulia Gladysheva. Originally from Russia I am currently based in Canada, Whistler. I'm photographer specializing in kids and family photography and I take pictures about 7 years. To tell you truth... I love what I do!

I am a mum to 2 gorgeous, spirited, amazing girls. And I have a lot of our family pictures. One day I was thinking that I would like to share my passion with other families and gift them "stolen moments". These moments have such a huge value for families. You know "why?". Because they are genuine! I am really interested to take pictures of people going on with their day to day lives. With real emotions, daily things, true relationships.

You don't have to pose or do anything specific to look good on a picture. What I want to show is you, your kids, your husband, your friends, real people, beautiful people. This is exactly what I would like to offer you out of a photo session! This is exactly why I like kids and family photographies, because there are a lot of life, feelings, relationships and emotions. Through my lens I see it better than without. And I really enjoy when I take pictures and witness all kind of emotions. And I really enjoy your smiles and excitement later when you are viewing the images.

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