A designer, photographer and creator, these are a few of my favourite things: dogs, bikes, snowboarding, adventures, camping, endless FSR, bonfires, printing, fun, friends, good people, wine, designing, creating, learning, exploring, sharing, wondering and finding out what's next.

Adobe was something I grew up with, like a childhood friend or an old toy. I started using Photoshop at the age of 8, the oldest version cover I recognize is Adobe Photoshop 4.0 from 1995. I remember my Dad had books and books of CorelDraw clipart I would scroll through, I was using vectors before I even knew what a vector was. As a young kid I thought I would be a fashion designer, I would scan all my drawings and revamp them in Photoshop – hundreds of layers of unfashionable crop tops. In highschool I had the coolest myspace page, full of high contrast emo selfies photoshopped to oblivion and beyond, custom HTML and CSS, I was really crafting my own look by then. After highschool I graduated from a NewMedia and Publications program. I worked at my local ski hill where I had a number of rolls, but was known for taking photos of local riders. As a young adult I started to take pictures of all my friends and documenting trips or everyday life. I photographed a few weddings, I worked in the government in Desktop Publishing. I worked as an in-house designer. I did a few cool things… and then I moved to Whistler.

Most local’s will know me as their “sign girl” as I have worked at Cutting Edge Signs since arriving in Whistler and have really enjoyed helping our local businesses. A lot of people don’t realize that I can offer much more though! With my background in graphic design, a passion for photography, and a keen desire to learn and create all the time, my goal is to help make these skills accessible to established, startup, individual, local or global companies. I love to create for myself, but I also love to create for you!

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