Artist Conversations: Kylie Millar

Artist Conversations: Kylie Millar

Getting to know local artist Kylie Millar

We sat down with this artist, creator, and instructor to discover her artistic process and unique style. Kylie Millar aims to cultivate creative connections with her audience. Her preferred artistic medium is a mixture of pyrography (wood burning) and encaustic (wax painting). First Kylie burns a design into the wooden base and then adds encaustic, a wax based paint, to create her own unique artistic style. Kylie is also a yoga teacher. Her passion to teach art and yoga will always invite openness, experimentation, and creativity into any class she holds.

Tell me how you came up with combining wood burning and melting wax together?

In my final year at UBC Okanagan I worked in encaustic, teaching myself how to use this new and exciting medium. One major step is to fuse each layer as you go by heating it up. I accidentally burned the edges on one of my paintings but ended up loving the look. That was the beginning of me combining the two techniques together.

This could get messy, do you have a designated creative space?

Right now, I have been able to commandeer a spare room in my house. Everything is covered in old sheets so that I can create without worry of messing anything up too much. I used to work in a Pop-Up studio in the Westin, which was so much better with other artists around.


How does yoga play a part of your art process?

Yoga is a huge part of my life, it helps me to settle, to clear my mind, and to heal my body. What I didn’t expect out of my teacher training was how creative instructors can be when they put together their classes. It is its own form of art and I’m sure the spirituality of it will start to appear in my artwork as well.

You also work at the Audain Art Museum, how does this influence your art?

I’m so lucky to be a part of the Audain Art Museum. The artwork and staff are so inspiring all on their own. I do think that I get the biggest influence from the children and families that come through our family programs. They are always experiencing something for the first time and renewing my energy!

You studied fine arts, how has this helped?

Studying at UBC-Okanagon helped my confidence in creating and tackling projects that I’ve never done before.

When did you decide you were an artist, or when did you start creating art?

I started creating when I was very young.  I loved art in high school. I decided that I was an artist a couple years ago, when I was ready to commit to the label.

Who are your top artists on Instagram that you would suggest following?

My favourite encaustic artists are: @artchickjaya @ankeroder @honeycombdaughter  I would also suggest following @shawn__hunt as his work is incredible


What keeps you inspired to create?

It’s an internal urge to make something, however I often struggle with the idea of creating for the sake of creating and will often wait till I have a goal or a solid idea before I start.

What do you envision for the future of your artwork?

I have many ideas but my next goal is to have a solo show. Once I’ve ironed out the kinks of the theme I’m working on, the artwork will start to appear simultaneously.



For more of her artwork check out Kylie’s website or give her a follow on instagram @kylietmillar

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